B-School AdComs Still Iffy on GMAT IR

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According to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2013 survey of business school admissions officers*, 57% of MBA programs say that an applicant’s score on the GMAT’s recently launched Integrated Reasoning section is not currently an important part of their evaluation of a prospective student’s overall GMAT score. Despite...

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Which Schools are Good for PE/VC and VC-Backed Entrepreneurship

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Admit it: You love the ring of ‘venture capital’ and ‘private equity.’ Enter Pitchbook, the ultimate resource for those looking for a future in PE/VC (and those looking for VCs to fund their futures). Listen to the full recording of our conversation with Andy White, Senior Research...

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Is a Chicago Booth MBA in Your Future?

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If you want to answer that question with a resounding “yes,” then tune in to The Chicago Booth Challenge: How to Get Accepted in 2014, a webinar that airs in just a few days, on Monday, December 16th at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST. Reserve your...

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B-School Fundraising in 2013

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It seems we’re sharing news of major donations to top business schools on a regular basis lately—a great sign of economic recovery as donors invest in their alma maters to help create state-of-the art campuses and modernized learning environments. Bloomberg Businessweek takes a look at which...

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The GMAC Summit

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I spent last Friday at the GMAC Test Prep Summit in Los Angeles. The conference was mostly for test prep professionals, but GMAC invited admissions consultants and I decided to go. I’m glad I did. A few takeaways I’d like to share with you: I am...

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Making the Most Out of MBA Round Two

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Round Two is coming. Do yourself a favor and step away from the essays for a hot minute. That’s right. Put them down. Now step away. Slowly…slowly…good. Now is NOT the time to: Buy yourself a thousand bucks worth of lavender essential oils from Amazon in an attempt...

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Stanford GSB Round 2 Application Resource Round-Up!

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The Stanford GSB Round 2 App deadline is fast approaching, and to make your life easier (because, come on, we all know what the round 2 deadline crunch looks and feels like), we’ve decided to round up ALL our Stanford resources into one handy-dandy blog...

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Tuesday Q&A: What if I’ve Never Been Promoted?

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Question: I have over 10 years of work experience but no promotion to management. How does that affect my application? Answer: You may be familiar with this optical illusion: One of the lines looks bigger than the other because of the other lines/arrows around it. But really,...

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What Are My Chances? Adopted Vietnamese-American Teach for America Alum

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This blog post is one in a series of MBA applicant profile evaluations called “What are My Chances?” authored by Michelle Stockman. Michelle, who started consulting for Accepted in 2007 and worked previously in the Columbia Business School admissions office, will provide selected applicants with...

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Harvard Round 2 MBA Application Resource Round-Up!

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The Harvard Round 2 MBA Application deadline is careening towards you, and to make your life easier (because, come on, the round 2 deadline crunch can be super painful), we’ve decided to round up ALL our Harvard resources into one handy-dandy blog post for your...

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