The Berkeley-Haas EMBA 2015 Application

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From The Staff of MBA MBA Proudly, one of the most affordable MBA admissions consulting companies. Visit MBA for our current discounts! Email:   The Berkeley-Haas EMBA 2015 Application Berkeley-Haas’ EMBA application rings similar to last year’s application, and even similar to the full-time MBA application. The Haas...

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Round 2 Deadline at Harvard Business School

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Today is the Round 2 deadline at Harvard Business School, and Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Dee Leopold updated her blog with a brief re-cap of what will happen. As a reminder, the deadline is at noon EST, and you can expect traffic on...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jan 6)

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Math If vertices of a triangle are A (5, 0), B (x, y) and C (25, 0), what is the area of the triangle? (1) (2) ...

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Helpful Proofreading Tips for Non-Native Applicants

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Round 2 applicants! I am sure you must have spent the last couple of weeks writing, rewriting, revising, and editing your essay multiple times making sure that you have addressed the essay question effectively and persuasively within the prescribed word limit, and are now all...

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Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming 2015 MBA Tour Events

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Looking to learn more about the top MBA programs on your list? Reserve a spot at one of these upcoming MBA Tour events! And while you’re at it, check out What to Do at an MBA Fair, a podcast in which Linda Abraham interviews MBA Tour...

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Help! I can’t score higher than a 580 on the GMAT

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I feel like I’ve hit a wall and I need help!

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Are You Applying for B-School in Round 2?

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Today is the Round 2 deadline at several top programs—Wharton School, Michigan Ross, Duke-Fuqua, Georgetown McDonough, London Business School—with several more in the coming week, and we want to congratulate all MBA hopefuls who, despite the distraction of the holidays and end-of-year festivities, have managed to...

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Late Deadlines for September 2015 / January 2016

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Dear all, Here is an option that many candidates aren’t aware of – we decided to update you about this: From Mid-January, there are about 40 deadlines (that are not last rounds deadlines!) for some of the world’s top MBA programs (Top 25 programs, including Columbia, INSEAD,...

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Master These GMAT Math Skills

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Accept the challenge to master GMAT math. Start the year off strong by diving in to your GMAT prep with vigor (or renewed vigor, as the case may be.) The math section is often the most feared, but the quantitative content on the GMAT is definable...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jan 5)

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Math A circle is inscribed right in the middle of a semicircle with a diameter of as shown below. What is the ratio of the area of the semicircle to the area not covered by the inscribed circle? ...

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