New Program Funds Current, Future Entrepreneurs at UT McCombs

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The launch of their Big Idea doesn’t have to wait until after graduation for entrepreneurially minded MBA students at UT McCombs School of Business. Recently, the school’s entrepreneur initiative Texas Venture Labs announced a new scholar program which will award scholarships for students to pursue...

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R1 Interview Update From UM Ross Michigan MBA Program

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The UM Ross School of Business issued its first wave of Round 1 interview invitations last Tuesday,  and the admissions director of the Michigan MBA program, Soojin Kwon, has some advice and updates for students gearing up for their upcoming interview. For candidates who have already...

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R1 Update From Harvard Business School

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In her latest update to the Harvard Business School MBA admissions blog, Director Dee Leopold explained what happens for Round 1 applicants waiting anxiously for news of their status. To recap, potential candidates can expect to receive either an invitation to interview,  placement on the...

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GMAT Plugging In Strategy: Always Start with Answer Choice C

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Learn this powerful math trick for GMAT Problem Solving questions.  First, try these two practice GMAT Quantitative section Problem Solving questions. 1) Bert left the house with N dollars.  He spent 1/4 of this at the hardware store, then $7 at the dry cleaners, and then half...

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2013 Duke MBA—Cross-Continent Program Application Essays and Tips

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The current Duke MBA – Cross Continent Program essay questions cover broad ground potentially, although there are just two required. They give you leeway to identify and describe the experiences, skills, and other factors that will most advantageously represent your candidacy. Moreover, the fact that...

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Handling Wharton’s Team-Based Discussion

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If you’re applying to Wharton this year, then you are likely aware of the school’s new addition to the application process: the team-based discussion. Personally, I consider this new evaluation method an excellent idea, as much of business-school life consists of team-based discussion; it was...

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Europe Loses Appeal Among B-School Students

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A recent Economist article talks about the changing face of Europe’s business school scene. While many of the advantages of attending a European b-school still hold true – shorter and cheaper programs, more diverse student bodies, and often higher salaries for graduates – data from...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 29): Counting and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) In how many different ways can a group of 8 people be divided into 4 teams of 2 people each? (A) 90 (B) 105 (C) 168 (D) 420 (E) 2520 Click and drag your mouse to see the answer. Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - B - GMAT Daily Deals Veritas Prep: 99th...

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MBA Applicant Blogger Interview: Amit’s Journey

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Next up in our series of featured MBA bloggers is Amit, an MBA applicant who writes at My Journey to Destiny and plans on applying to top b-schools in 2013. Please enjoy reading about Amit’s application journey. Thanks Amit! Accepted: First, can you tell us...

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2012 Economist Global B-School Ranking

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The Economist’s top 25 full-time global MBA program rankings offer few surprises. Here are a few points to note: European b-schools in general dropped a few places from last year. Most notably, IMD, ranked in third place in 2011, and dropped to tenth place in 2012....

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