Precision Essay Review

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I started to focus my search on essay editing companies (and with quick turnaround). most of these companies (including the services that SB offers) only edit for grammar while i wanted someone to edit my content and flow. i received a free essay edit from...

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mbaMission Review

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My thoughts on why my consultant helped so much: 1. She knew where the land mines are in the application 2. Helped me NOT say stupid, arrogant, offensive, or other app-killing things. Believe it or not, this is SO VERY easy to do if you don't have...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Nov 2): Word Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) A plane takes off from a hill at 750 meters above sea level and lands some time later in a town located at 50 meters below sea level. During the first part of its flight, the plane gained height at a rate of 50...

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2012 Columbia Executive MBA Admissions Tips

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This set of executive MBA essays requires a range of skills: succinct expression, self-reflection and self-understanding, synthesizing threads of your experience and knowledge, and organizational understanding. The questions are not only on different topics, as would be expected, but also different types – it’s as...

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By Lucas Weingarten Regardless of your politics, it is imminently clear that the environment and business collide in various ways. On the one hand, companies and their managers operate with the best of intentions with the ultimate goal ever-present in the decisions that are made,...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Nov 1): Geometry and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS) If , , and are points on the plane, is ? 1. 2. Area of triangle GMAT Daily Deals Last chance before price goes up for Incredible GMATPill Deal: Originally $560, now $312 (Save $248 + extra $250). Enroll now before prices...

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How To Use Your Strategy Guides

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This article, written by Abby Pelcyger and Stacey Koprince, was adapted from our upcoming book, The GMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day. The full book will be available mid-November. If you wanted to meet every neighbor on your block, you wouldn’t re-introduce yourself to your...

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Economist Which EMBA Fair, Nov. 11, 2011

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The Economist's Executive MBA Fair - online November 11th 2011 – FREE: Meet Executive MBA admissions officers from programs around the world at this FREE online fair. Gain insight into the MBA experience by chatting with alumni, watching webinars and videos, and downloading resources. Sign up...

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3 Treats that Will do the Trick in Your Personal Statement or Application Essay

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In my meanderings on the web, I stumbled across a short video on screen writing. The presenters are two Emmy-winning screen writers, and they know a thing or two about telling a good story. They boil the story-telling stew down to three words -- actually 2...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 31): Combinations and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS) 4 women and 6 men work in the accounting department. In how many ways can a committee of 3 be formed if it has to include at least one woman? (A) 36 (B) 60 (C) 72 (D) 80 (E) 100 GMAT Daily Deals Be prepared. Not surprised. Take Kaplan's Free GMAT...

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