From Psychology to the Media Industry, Strat and Harvard B-School

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We’d like to introduce you to Jyll Saskin, a graduate of Harvard Business School’s inaugural 2+2 Program. Read our interview to learn about some of Jyll’s favorite things about HBS, as well as advice for incoming and future b-school students. Thank you Jyll for sharing...

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Two Ways to Reveal Leadership in Your Applications

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Leadership is one of the of the most valued attributes in admissions. In this short video, Linda Abraham discusses two main ways you can show the adcom that you are a leader. For more tips on revealing leadership in your applications, check out: •  Leadership in Admissions,...

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Alumni Help: What If I Don’t Know Any Alumni?

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We at mbaMission find that because the overall pool of MBA candidates is so anonymous, many applicants believe that any negative difference, however minimal, that exists between them and other candidates could represent a huge disadvantage. For example, a candidate who has no alumni connection...

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Your GMAT Study Plan: Get More Right Answers in Less Time

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I got a call yesterday from a prospective client who sounded equal parts awestruck and discouraged. He explained that he had shown one of the sample GMAT math problems from my YouTube channel to his colleague who looked at it and proceeded to answer it,...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 25): Statistics and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) Set consists of distinct numbers such that the difference between any two different elements of set is an integer. How many elements does set contain? 1. The difference between any two different elements of set is 2 ...

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How much should you study for the GMAT?

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This post covers a question we often receive from students: “How much should I study for the GMAT?”

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How to get started with your GMAT studies

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One of the most common questions we get from students who are just start starting out in their studies is “where do I begin?”

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Getting started with the GMAT: What is the GMAT?

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In our last post, we kicked off the “How to get started with your GMAT studies” series, and outlined how to begin studying.

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Student Stories: How to improve 80 GMAT points

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80 GMAT points is a lot to improve, but Casey from Georgia set her goal, put her mind to it and then achieved it! She’s currently a senior at the University of Georgia and on track to enter a Masters of Accountancy program.

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The GMAT as a first date

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The GMAT is like a first date: first impressions matter, but you must be on the top of your game throughout the entire time.

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