GMATPill Interviews Stanford MBA

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GMAT Question of the Day (Apr 19): Overlapping Sets and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS) In a certain office 25% of the computers are equipped with built-in modems and infra-red ports. What percentage of the computers are not equipped with either of these devices? 1. Half of the computers that are equipped with built-in modems do not have infra-red ports 2....

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After the MBA: Consulting

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This is another post in our After the MBA series, in which we chronicle a variety of post-MBA career opportunities to give you a sense of which might be the best fit for you. Whether you’re looking to make a career change or want to...

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Kaplan GMAT Challenge Problem: Combined Work

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Work problems are definitely not as common on the GMAT as, say, solving simultaneous equations might be; but many test-takers are wary of these problems since they are not as commonly used in everyday life as averages are, for example.  The key to most of...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Apr 18): Arithmetic and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS) Is ? 1. 2. OA and Explanation GMAT Daily Deals In the spirit of Earth Day, save $240 on Knewton’s full GMAT Prep Course. Study anytime, anywhere. Sign up! offers “Excellence at an Very Affordable Price”. For a GMAT Club...

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MBA Reapplication: Is it for You?

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Most likely, if you’ve been dinged from all your top choice business programs, you’ve already considered reapplying next year. Step #1: Analyze why you were rejected first time around and determine what you will do to change the outcome. Can you change your...

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Hone Your MBA Admissions Goals!

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“Begin with the end in mind” intones Stephen Covey, management guru. Indeed a solid MBA goal should drive many of the decisions surrounding your MBA application and education. Watch this video, Hone Your MBA Admissions Goals from Accepted’s Eye on Admissions series, to...

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MBA Admissions News Roundup

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Financial Times ran an interesting article on a social media gaming start-up founded by some Harvard Business School alumni. It details the evolution of the company and states that the founders attribute their success to their experience at HBS. However, they also...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Apr 15): Arithmetic and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) Which of the following is closest to ? (A) 0.50 (B) 0.89 (C) 0.98 (D) 1.02 (E) 1.05 OA and Explanation GMAT Daily Deals Get your GMAT Tax deduction-save $240 on Knewton’s full GMAT Prep Course. Study anytime, anywhere. Learn more Need to amp up your GMAT studies? Enroll now to receive...

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Darden Introduces Concentrations

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According to a Darden press release, the UVA business school has formally instituted concentrations within its full-time MBA program. MBA students will choose from the following career or theme tracks: Career Tracks: Asset Management/Sales & Trading Corporate Finance/Investment Banking Entrepreneurship Consumer Marketing Business To Business Marketing Supply Chain Management Theme...

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