GMAT Question of the Day (Aug 16): Mixture Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) To make lemonade, a recipe requires 4 lemons, 30 ounces of sugar, and 2 pints of water. One can squeeze out 0.4 cups of 5% citric acid from an average lemon. Marta does not have lemons, but wants to make lemonade from 4 cups...

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Letters of Recommendation: The Rule of 10%

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By the Amerasia Consulting Group When it comes to recommendations, the first thing that any applicant needs to understand is how they work and, therefore, how they should handle them as part of the process.  We sum up this analysis with something we call "The Rule...

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U.S. Veterans – Now’s the Time to Apply to B-School!

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According to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, if you are a returning military veteran who wants to apply to b-school, then "now is a good time to be you." Numerous business schools, including top schools like Dartmouth Tuck and Notre Dame Mendoza, are recruiting vets and...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Aug 15): Combinations and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS) 10 business executives and 7 chairmen meet at a conference. If each business executive shakes the hand of every other business executive and every chairman once, and each chairman shakes the hand of each of the business executives but not the other chairmen, how...

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GMAT Pill HD: The First On-the-Go iPad App

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  GMAT Pill released the first iPad app that lets you download GMAT prep material directly onto your iPad so you can view them later without an internet connection. "GMAT Pill HD" empowers users by giving them the ability to download specific videos or a group of...

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UVA Darden 2013 MBA Application Question, Deadlines, Tips

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UVA Darden prides itself on producing successful, ethical, community-focused, leadership-driven MBAs. If you want a spot in next year's Darden class, you'll need to prove that you have the skills and the drive to commit to this top b-schools ideals and goals. Exhibit your skills...

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In Your MBA Application, Be Authentic

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This post originally appeared on Stacy’s “Strictly Business” MBA blog on Yes, you're applying to business school, but you don't need to look like a business tool. If you've doubled sales, you need to discuss that. If you've helped get a new technology to market, by...

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SBC Scoop: New Job, No Recommendation

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*Please note that no client details are ever shared in SBC Scoop or otherwise without complete sign off from client. Our client Sandra was stuck without a current supervisor recommendation to round out her MBA application. She had spent a few years with an ad agency...

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Worried About the GMAT’s New IR Section? Don’t, Says Stanford GSB

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In a recent update to its MBA admissions blog, Stanford Graduate School of Business attempts to ease the concerns of some applicants wondering how the school will view their scores in the GMAT's brand-new Integrated Reasoning section. "Rest assured that IR is is new to us,...

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Dartmouth Tuck MBA Essay Tips

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The Dartmouth Tuck School of Business has a small student body and a rural location, combined with world-class faculty and academic focus. As you approach your Dartmouth Tuck MBA application it will be important to consistently show how you will fit into the school values...

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