Ross Gets A New Dean

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Last week the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan announced Alison Davis-Blake will become the first female dean of the school, effective August 22. For Ross, the announcement came after a ten-month-long search to find a replacement for...

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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: The Interview Final Touch

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Over the last months, we’ve focused on helping applicants prepare to answer the various questions they’ll be posed during their interviews, but there is one in particular to which we have not paid much attention. Today, we wanted to...

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2011 NYU Stern Langone MBA Essay Tips

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The NYU Stern Langone essay questions reflect two contradictory qualities: on one hand short and focused; on the other hand comprehensive and broad, due to the nature of the third essay.  One key challenge: portray your career and current work vividly and engagingly.  This picture...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 24): Coordinate Geometry and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) The vertices of a triangle have coordinates , , and where and . What is the area of the triangle? 1. 2. Angle at the vertex = angle at the vertex OA...

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GMAC Reports Improved MBA Job Stats; BW Questions Validity

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Photo by MoneyBlogNewzGMAC press release offers some optimistic news on the MBA job-front: The median salary for b-school alumni who graduated in the past ten years is continuing to grow as the global economy improves. In 2007 the median base salary was $89,000; in 2010...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 23): Word Problem and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS) A smith received an order to make a 1 million liter cube-shaped tank (note that 1 cubic meter = 1,000 liters of water). If he has only 4 meter by 2 meter sheets of metal that can be cut, how many metal sheets will...

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Knewton RC Challenge: Efficient Market Hypothesis (with video explanation!)

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Dense, technical passages can be especially tough on the GMAT. Here’s an example of an RC question that over 50% of students miss. Try it out for yourself, then check out the video explanation at the bottom of the post for a full explanation. Ready? Get...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 22): Algebra and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS) If and , which of the following must be true, assuming ? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) OA and Explanation GMAT Daily Deals § Manhattan GMAT’s biggest SALE ever-15% off books, online resources, Self-Study Pkg: use code GCLUB15BOOK – Learn more § GMAT Club...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 21): Rate Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) Water flows into an empty tank of 54 liters via 12 small pipes. The rate of each pipe is 1 liter per hour. However, water flows out of the tank via several big pipes at the rate of 1.5 liter per hour. If after...

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MBA Life on Youtube: NYU Stern Students Do Business in Italy

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Warning: this installment in our Youtube MBA tour may make a you a little jealous. The video, from NYU Stern, showcases a trip a group of MBA students took to learn first-hand about the luxury marketing industry — in Italy. This video is proof of some...

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