MAP Your Way to a Winning MBA Goals Essay

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Here at we often refer to the process of writing an MBA goals essay as "mapping." By mapping, or using the "MAP" strategy, we are referring to two things. First, to the idea that the adcoms are looking for a sort of...

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GMAT Question of the Day (May 25): Arithmetic and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) What is the value of ? 1. is odd 2. is even OA and Explanation GMAT Daily Deals Prepare for the GMAT fast! Take $248 off the GMAT Pill video series. Guaranteed Score Improvement. Sign up! offers "Excellence at an Very Affordable Price". For a GMAT...

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How to Write the Qualifications Summary for Your Résumé

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The Qualifications Summary section of the résumé is, in theory, the first section of the document that the reviewer will read: it sits at the very top after the applicant’s name and contact details, exactly where the eye is naturally drawn. However,...

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Test Your B-School Knowledge: MBA History Quiz

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If you’re planning on getting an MBA, don’t you think you should know a bit about the illustrious history of the degree? Take this MBA history quiz to test your knowledge of b-school’s bygone past, then check out the answers at the bottom of the...

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GMAT Question of the Day (May 24): Probability and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) The probability that a visitor at the mall buys a pack of candy is 30%. If three visitors come to the mall today, what is the probability that exactly two will buy a pack of candy? (A) 0.343 (B) 0.147 (C) 0.189 (D) 0.063 (E) 0.027 OA and Explanation GMAT Daily...

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Manhattan GMAT Releases New Books in Quant and Verbal

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Manhattan GMAT is readying two new strategy supplements to expand their existing catalog of prep materials: Foundations of GMAT Verbal and Advanced GMAT Quant. Inspired by the success of Manhattan GMAT’s Foundations of GMAT Math strategy supplement, these two new books are intended to...

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Columbia 2012 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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This Columbia MBA Application tip post is one of a series of posts providing MBA application and essay advice for applicants to top MBA programs around the world. Check out the entire 2012 MBA Application Tips series for more valuable MBA essay advice....

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MBA Admissions News Roundup

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A recent article in Graduate Management News (“Demystifying the GMAT: Scale Scores”) offers a useful reference for understanding the GMAT.  Lawrence M. Rudner, vice president of research and development at the Graduate Management Admission Council, explains how the key to understanding GMAT...

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GMAT Question of the Day (May 23): Word Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) A 10 liter mixture of cranberry juice and water contains juice and water in the ratio of 3 : 2. 5 liters of the mixture are removed and replaced with pure juice and the operation is repeated once more. At the end of the...

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Should You Write the Optional Essay?

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…it depends. (You didn't think we'd actually give you a straightforward "yes" or "no" answer, did you?) You may be exhausted after writing the required 3-5 essays that your target business school requires, but that doesn't give you an automatic "out" from the...

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