London Business School MiM Admissions Q&A This Week!

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Do you have questions about London Business School's Masters in Management program? Do you want to hear more about the ideal MiM candidates—about their academic records, how much work experience they have, and what sorts of goals and careers they see in their futures? Are...

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MBA Admissions Tip: Handling a Low GMAT Verbal Score

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Yesterday I talked about overcoming the challenge of a low GMAT quant score. Today we’ll discuss how to handle a less-than-perfect verbal score. With such a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication in b-school (and for the rest of your life as a successful...

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Indian School of Business: Thoughts after my visit to Hyderabad

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Teeming, packed, noisy streets connecting the serene, sprawling, park-like campuses of Infosys and the Indian School of Business. Slum hovels just yards/meters away from beautiful apartment buildings. These are a few of the images from the busy three days I, and roughly 16 other MBA admissions...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Mar 7): Probability and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) A basket contains 3 blue marbles, 3 red marbles, and 3 yellow marbles. If 3 marbles are extracted from the basket at random, what is the probability that a marble of each color is among the extracted? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) OA and Explanation GMAT...

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MBA Admissions Tip: Handling a Low GMAT Quant Score

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A low quant score on the GMAT (at the lower end of the school’s 80% range) is never good news, but it doesn’t equal immediate rejection. As I mentioned last week, no single score is scrutinized independently, but rather your entire profile is...

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Knewton Video on Demand: How to Weaken a GMAT Critical Reasoning Argument

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// In this video, Jen and Dave run through the basics of "weaken" CR questions. As they explain, two of the most common ways an answer choice will weaken a CR argument include: Invalidating an assumption on which the argument depends Providing a piece of evidence that...

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MBA Admissions Tip: Approaching the Quant Aspects of Your Application

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A low GMAT score or a low GPA is not necessarily an MBA deal breaker. No adcom is going to admit or dismiss a candidate based solely on one semester’s poor GPA or a low verbal GMAT score without also reflecting on...

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Getting to Know Tulane’s Freeman School of Business

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I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Bill Sandefer, MBA Admissions Director at Tulane's Freeman School of Business. He filled me in on the latest Tulane b-school happenings and general info and tidbits about the Freeman School. Highlights from our conversation follow. Linda Abraham:...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Mar 4): Statistics and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) Set consists of distinct numbers such that the difference between any two different elements of set is an integer. How many elements does set contain? 1. The difference between any two different elements of set is 2 ...

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MBA Admissions Tip: Lack of Extra-Curricular Activities

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It’s around this time of year when MBA applicants who plan to apply to business school this fall begin to evaluate their profiles. So it’s no wonder that right around now is when the extra-curricular questions start to fly my way: “If...

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