Recommenders and Recommendations

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Some applicants have this idea that if they can just get their company CEO, whom they have never met, to write their business school recommendation, then the admissions committee will cower in awe and immediately accept them. It’s not a new idea; applicants have asked...

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‘May’ vs. ‘Must’ on Quant Items

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Suppose you see the following in the stem: If x/y>0, and y<0… Given these two inequalities, you might (correctly) guess that you are supposed to deduce a fact about x. In fact, since x/y is positive and y is negative, we know that x must be positive.

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Kellogg Applicants Encounter Video Technology Snags

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The video essay, which Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management introduced as a mandatory component of the 2013-2014 MBA application, has hit a few technical snags for some candidates this season. For the video essay, applicants use a Skype-like platform where they are asked a short personal...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 23): Algebra and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) Is divisible by ? 1. 2. is an even prime number Question Discussion & Explanation (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Correct Answer - B - GMAT Daily Deals Over 4 M students achieved educational & career goals thanks to Kaplan’s unparalleled test...

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HBS Students Offer Interview Tips

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When Harvard Business School sent out Round 1 interview invitations last week, the Harbus's general manager La Keisha Landrum posted an article that afternoon letting those lucky recipients in on some of the secrets of a successful admissions interview. Here are the key takeaways from...

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A “Four” by Any Other Name

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As a young child, I thought my mother’s given name was “Mom.” I could never figure out why other people didn’t call her by name. To make matters worse, her close friends called her by a nickname that didn’t sound anything like her “real” name.

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Wharton Applicants: It’s Time to Get Accepted!

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We invite all Wharton MBA applicants to attend our upcoming webinar, What's Right with Wharton (and How to Get In), in which CEO and b-school admissions expert, Linda Abraham, will teach you how to create a standout application for this world-class, highly competitive business...

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IE 2014 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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With a vast array of electives under numerous business disciplines and a succinct core, the IE MBA program requires students to exercise self-knowledge and excellent judgment to get the most out of it. The adcom’s approach to the essays will push to the surface those...

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Tuesday Q&A: Can My Career Goal Change as a Reapplicant?

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Question: Can my career goal change as a reapplicant? My long-term goal has changed since the last time I applied. Is this okay? Answer: So, first thing to be aware of here: the reapplication process is different in a number of ways. Some schools will have you do...

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Michelle: Lessons Learned from the MBA Application Process

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Allegedly, I’m supposed to get some satisfaction out of this whole b-school app process. People love to talk about how you’ll go through these intense periods of life-altering introspection as you craft your essays. Well, in less than a week,...

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