GMAT Prep Tip @Knewton: Conquering Test Anxiety

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By Nate Burke The GMAT is an important exam, one that has the potential to make or break your business school applications—and accordingly, your resume, earning potential, and educational opportunities for the next few years. As such, you’ve prepared diligently for months, perhaps even years, for...

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Veritas Prep GMAT Tips: Data Sufficiency The Steve Jobs Way

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Few businessmen have a stronger reputation as an innovator than does Steve Jobs.  Jobs, a co-founder of Apple and its current CEO, is recognized with some of the most forward-thinking ideas in business: the personal computer, the iPod, the iPhone, the iTunes music distribution platform,...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jun 3): Word Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) If the farmer sells 75 of his chickens, his stock of feed will last for 20 more days than planned, but if he buys 100 more chickens, he will run out of feed 15 days earlier than planned. If no chickens are sold or...

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Demonstrating Professional Growth in a Flat Organization

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A recent response to my blog post on assessing your profile as prelude to selecting schools posed an important question: if you work in a flat organization, how do you demonstrate advancement and growth?  After all, your progress will be compared to that of other...

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MIT Sloan Announces New EMBA Program

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Yesterday MIT Sloan announced in a press release the launch of its new Executive MBA Program, a rigorous part-time, 20-month program for high-potential executives. The program is designed to “expand their management capabilities and increase their impact on their organization and the world at large.” This...

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MIT Sloan Full-Time MBA: A Current Student Interview

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What’s the best way to plan for the two years at Sloan so that you get the most out of it? Speak to current students ahead of time to see what activities they engage in and how they spend their time.  Check out the club websites...

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Top 20 Best GMAT Books – GMAT Club Ranking for May

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May 2010 popularity index of Best GMAT Books as determined by GMAT Club members. (We measured how often our members referred to each of the books in their posts from the past month and assembled the GMAT Book popularity index below). You can also visit...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jun 2): Absolute Values (Modulus) and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) Is ? 1. 2. OA and Explanation Verbal (SC) Teratomas are unusual forms of cancer because they are composed of tissues such as tooth and bone not normally found in the organ in which the tumor appears. (A) because they are composed of tissues such as tooth...

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Learn Vital Self Assessment Tricks to Help You Apply Right…and Get Accepted

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A few weeks ago Natalie Grinblatt Epstein, editor and consultant and former b-school admissions dean, presented the popular webinar, Reality Check, hosted by the Association of International Graduate Admission Consultants (AIGAC). In Reality Check, Natalie provides soup to nuts advice on how to measure b-school...

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Free Essays that Stick Webinar Recording Up and Running!

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A few weeks ago Linda presented the packed-to-capacity presentation of Essays that Stick for AIGAC’s Graduate Admissions Summit. The first-run, “sold-out” webinar was followed by a second heavily-attended presentation. People just couldn’t get enough of Linda’s helpful tips and advice on how to create application...

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