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Quite simply, we help applicants gain admission to top undergraduate and graduate programs worldwide. As competition increases year after year, so too does the need to stand out from the rest of the pack. Competitive test scores and top ranks no longer secure admission. Applications need to resonate.

Initially, we are diagnosticians. We assess each candidate's profile. By asking the right questions, we begin an ongoing process of constructing a picture of the candidate. Over time, through targeted feedback on written work as well as ongoing high-level strategy sessions, we help candidates develop sharp, memorable applications that they can submit with confidence.

Why Admissionado

Why Choose Us
Having consulted on well over 12,000 applications over the past five years, formerly operating as Precision Essay, Admissionado believes that masterful mentorship requires more than a degree from a premier school. For us, it is a rare combination of two things: an intimate understanding of the admissions landscape plus the talent to impart that knowledge and inspire clients. The first part is somewhat measurable. Generally, folks who themselves have earned admissions to top programs tend to know a thing or two about how to successfully mount a winning application. Most of the consultants who approach us to work with our team have graduated from the world's finest and most competitive universities. It's that second piece which is more difficult to measure: raw talent.

The Admissionado Advantage
This is where the real difference lies. The hard-to-define spark that a person either has or doesn't have, that makes their potential as a consultant go from good to great. What is this talent exactly? It's several things at once. It's the ability to ask the smartest questions to help a student explore unmined aspects of their profile. It's the ability to understand what a candidate is trying to express, and providing paths to help them find better ways to express it. It's the ability to do more than simply receive input and generate intelligent responses; the Admissionado Advantage is the ability to inspire and inflame and challenge the candidate to raise the bar constantly.

Boutique Service
The hallmark of our service can be summed up easily: personal attention. Simply put, getting to know our clients helps us do our jobs better. The personal connections we establish with you form the backbone of our success. The only way that a mentor and client will gel as a team is if they forge a connection of understanding. Our entire process has been developed to foster exactly this kind of bond. After all, it is by understanding each individual's story that our consultants seize opportunities to make every application sparkle.

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Admissionado Testimonials

The Admissionado team pushed me to dig deep while keeping my work original. Thanks to them, I was accepted by Wharton and Chicago with scholarship, and Yale!!!
M.M. - China

One of the most amazing things about Admissionado is their five-star consultants! You will NEVER find such high quality consultants elsewhere!
J.D. - China

Jon has been a great help in putting together the best application I could possibly submit which helped me get into my dream school – Chicago GSB.
A.G. - India

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