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  • Focuses on efficient thinking process. Our philosophy remains that scoring above your current GMAT range requires you to think in a different way. And the best way to learn thinking process is by having a tutor show you his thinking process - and that's what we do at GMAT Pill.
  • Offers 24/7 email support. If you have a question, send it over and I (Zeke Lee) will personally respond.
  • Avoids bells and whistles. Other prep companies may offer 1000s of questions, CAT tests, fancy performance metrics, etc., but we maintain our philosophy that a higher score comes from a smarter thinking process and not from going through a database of questions. It's like The Fast and the Furious: It's the ENGINE to a sports car that matters most. Not the bells and whistles decorating it.

Why GMAT Pill?

The GMAT Pill Study Method has spread through word of mouth as one of the most effective and efficient 1 month programs on the web. It is the only program that is taught from the consistent perspective of a single individual, Zeke Lee--rather than from various teachers within a large company. Zeke Lee is most known for explaining GMAT concepts in a very easy-to-understand approach without using fancy vocabulary like "rhetorical construction" or "participial phrase" that other programs use. His strategies have helped hundreds of students answer GMAT questions correctly without even reading the whole question, saving valuable time for MBA candidates. These are the exact strategies he used to score in the 98th percentile with only 2 weeks of preparation.

"Remember, it's not about how many thousands of questions you do or how many books you go through---doing well on the GMAT is all about THOUGHT PROCESS. Learn how to think like the GMAT Pill and youl'll get the results you want in as little time as possible." -- Zeke Lee

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