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We are passionate about helping talented individuals figure out how to better utilize their strengths and passion to make greater impact.

What We Do

At Marvel Admissions, we are passionate about helping talented individuals figure out how to better utilize their strengths and passion to make greater impact. We work with our clients to clarify their career goals based on their values, interests, and skills, and help them realize their dream of attending the world’s best business schools. Those who have worked with us know that the benefits of our services extend through their years in business school and beyond.

Why Marvel Admissions

Career propelling - We help our clients assess their strengths, values, and interests in order to clarify their goals and motivate them to start taking action. We also coach our clients to enhance effectiveness and impact within their current workplace, which makes them stronger candidates for the business school applications – whether it is taking on a challenging new assignment, asking for a promotion or a raise, managing a project, leading a team, dealing with a difficult boss or colleague, etc.

Personal – We believe in taking the time to get to know our clients, key influences in their life, and challenges they’ve overcome, then letting the process of joint discovery unfold, rather than forcing the same formula onto our clients.

International – We are active leaders within the alumni network of top business schools and have in depth knowledge of schools in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Our founder, Christine Lin, serves as the President of London Business School Alumni Club in Los Angeles, and is also a member of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Southern California.

Round 3 Guarantee:

If you decide to get comprehensive service with us for Round 3 and end up not gaining entry, we will help you with the reapplication for free in Round 1 for the same school and program.

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"I've been thinking about you so much lately during this time of completing my two years at USC, and for how influential you were for me through the entire MBA application process. I definitely couldn't have done it without you."

T.Y. – United States, for comprehensive MBA admissions consulting

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