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About myEssayReview

Founded in 2011, myEssayReview (MER) is a simple, dedicated, effective, and personalized B-school essay-review service that believes in the principle that all applicants possess unique perspectives and life experiences that set them apart. Because of this personalization, 90% of MER students have been accepted into majority (not one, but majority!!) of the schools of their choosing. MER students with scores between 610 - 680 have secured admission to schools such as Kellogg, Booth, ISB, CMU, Manchester, HAAS etc. Similarly, MER students with high GMAT scores (typically 700+) have not only secured admissions but also fellowships from Darden, Ivy Richards, Emory, Tippie, Cornell, CMU, etc.

School Name GMAT Score Received Admit
Wharton 760 Yes
MIT 760 Yes
Kellogg 660, 720, 720 Yes (Multiple)
Booth 660, 720 Yes (Multiple)
Darden 680, 760 Yes (Multiple), with scholarship
Tippie 720 Yes, with scholarship
LBS 680 Yes
ISB 620 Yes
Ross 670 Yes
HAAS 720 Yes
UCLA (MISM) 630 Yes
Kelley 680 Yes, with scholarship
UNC Kenan Flagler 680 Yes, with scholarship
Emory 680, 700, 720 Yes(multiple), with scholarship (multiple)
Tepper 680 Yes, with Scholarship
Ivy Richards 620,720 Yes (multiple), with scholarship
Cornell 720 Yes
Georgetown 700 Yes, with scholarship
Tepper 620 Yes, with scholarship
Manchester 610 Yes, with scholarship
Schulich, Rotman 620 Yes
UC Davis 710 Yes, with scholarship
Rice 650 Yes, with scholarship
Rochester 650 Yes, with scholarship
RSM 590 Yes
Purdue 620 Yes with scholarship

After taking their GMAT, a number of students are confused as to which school to apply to. Hence, I compiled a list of schools where my recent students have been admitted to. The above list can help you with the following:

  1. Understand the role that a good application plays in getting you scholarships (and not just admission). Please note that a majority of scholarships are 50% or higher.
  2. Narrow down the list of schools that you think is feasible, given your GMAT score. While the above list is not comprehensive, it gives you an idea of what is feasible. For example, even with a GMAT score of 660, a great application package can help you get into top schools such as Kellogg, Booth etc.

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The Secret to My Students' Success

Successful applications showcase coherent and compelling stories that make an applicant stand out in the crowd of other applicants. I believe that most people have compelling stories to tell which they can translate into winning essays if they introspect and evaluate their achievements and skills. I specialize in translating applicants’ uniqueness into compelling admission essays. (Click here to check out blogs.)

When you work with myEssayReview, you don’t just work with a good consultant, you work with the best–-the founder and CEO of the company. In fact, most MER students get into so many good schools (INSEAD, MIT, Kellogg, Booth, GT, Emory, Kelley, UNC, Ivy Richards, Cornell, Rochester, UC Berkeley etc.) that it becomes a challenge to decide on the school that they will finally attend.

Want to get into your dream school but do not want to spend thousands of dollars? Try myEssayReview.

Spend only $999 for 1-school package that includes resume construction, up to four detailed critiques and edits of your essays, and free review of two recommendation letters. This personalized and dedicated service will definitely motivate you to work with her again. This is one reason why 95% of the applicants who work with Poonam, come back to her to avail her services for multiple schools.

Why choose myEssayReview?

myEssayReview Admissions Consulting More Personal: Poonam strives to know you completely to ensure that your best stories are selected for your essays. Hence, in the first conversation, she does a thorough review of your resume and asks pointed questions to uncover the ‘hidden gems’ for appropriate positioning in your essays. Also, if she has bandwidth, she can even complete your application in a week at no extra charge. Last year, she helped one customer turn around his application in 3 business days (and yes, he was accepted).

myEssayReview Admissions Consulting Proven: Since 2011, Poonam has been working as full time Admissions Consultant for B-school applicants, and 90% of her students have been accepted into top schools such as LBS, Chicago Booth, Darden, UCLA, MIT, INSEAD, Wharton, HAAS W.P. Carey, UC Davis, West Virginia, Babson, SCU, CMU, Tippie, Manchester, IESE and ISB, Kelley, Schulich, Queens Cornell, Emory, Geoge Town, Cornell, Kellogg, Rice, Kelley, etc. The admits for Darden, UC Davis and Tippie were accepted with 50% and 70% scholarship, the admit for Babson was granted 100% fellowship, and recently, the admits to Ivy Richards, Emory, Cornell, Georgia Tech , and Rice have been accepted with 30% scholarship. Also, her students have been accepted into prestigious LBS, Chicago Booth, Emory, Kelley, UNC, Kellogg, HAAS with GMAT scores of 660-690 and into Manchester, ISB, UCLA and CMU with GMAT scores as low as 610 and 620.

myEssayReview Admissions Consulting Simple: Poonam believes that every customer deserves the best. Hence, unlike some of the other companies, she does not segment the packages into Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You will get the same level of service regardless of whether you purchase a single essay or a 3-school package.

myEssayReview Admissions Consulting High Value: At $999 for one school package and at $1799 for three schools, MER offers unbeatable value, any way you look at it. The contrast becomes more prominent when you consider that it offers better service than the expensive Gold packages offered by some companies. This has been made possible by minimizing technology and personnel overhead.

myEssayReview Admissions Consulting The best: As stated earlier, every customer works directly on a one–on-one basis with Poonam, the founder and CEO of myEssayReview. Unlike other consultants, she works full time on her business and takes a lot of pride in her work. She would go above and beyond to ensure that your application reflects the quality that she is known for.

How does MyEssayReview stack up against competition?

Surely, you have choices and we thank you for considering us. To help you decide, we have compared some of the key features of our offering with those of others.

Feature myEssayReview Admissionado MBA Prep Amerasia
Phone support Unlimited Only for Deluxe package ($3600/school) x One phone consultation
Unlimited email support Only for Deluxe package ($3600/school) x x
Free oral feedback on resume
Rush Service without Extra charges x x x
Pricing (1 school package up to 4 comprehensive edits of essays & resume, 1 review of 2 recommendation letters) $999 $1575 Junior Deluxe; no phone support; doesn’t include LOR $3750 USD (incudes résumé editing & mock interview) $1800 (individual service; include résumé)

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About Poonam

A Ph.D in English and a teacher with 30 years of teaching experience in both India and the US, Poonam has helped 500+ students write/refine their academic and personal statement essays that have earned them admittance in prestigious undergraduate colleges with fellowships. Poonam’s life-long association with students in India and the US has provided her with a unique insight into strengths and weaknesses of applicants from diverse ethnic backgrounds. She strives for excellence and demonstrates an extraordinary ability and patience to ensure that her students/applicants settle for nothing less than the best. She will make you think hard and get those interesting stories out of you to ensure that your candidacy shines through your application. With her vast experience, she will help you convey your ideas clearly and succinctly and ensure that your essays stand out in the crowd and stick with the Admissions Committee. Working with her will remind you of your experience of working with your most favorite teacher who had a genuine interest in ensuring your success and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the same.

Beginning 2011, she has been working as a full time Admissions Consultant for B-school applicants, and 90% of them got accepted into top schools such as LBS, Chicago Booth, Darden, UCLA, MIT, Kellogg, W.P. Carey, UC Davis, West Virginia, Babson, SCU.CMU, Manchester, IESE, ISB, HAAS, Tippie, Kelley, Emory, Rice Rochester, Cornell, Georgia Tech and Mays. Also, Poonam is one of the few certified admission consultants of AIGAC (Association of International Graduate Admission Consultants).

In her spare time, Poonam pursues her passion of writing. She is an enthusiastic traveler and revels in documenting her travel experiences. Since 2011, she has been contributing her travel pieces and articles on other subjects such as education and language to Arizona’s leading newspaper for Indian communities, Valley India Times. To check out her writings on subjects other than business school admission essays, you may also visit her blog Poonam’s Reflections.

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