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Prep MBA Admissions Consulting

Prep MBA Features:

  • A Boutique Admissions Consultancy
  • Work One on One with a Harvard MBA
  • Industry Veteran/Harvard Lecturer
  • 10 Years of Results and References
  • No Junior Consultants or Contractors

Prep MBA Comprehensive School Packages Include:

  • School Selection
  • Application Strategy /School Specific Strategy
  • Career Goals Coaching and Identification for Essays
  • Essay Brainstorming and Editing
  • Interview Preparation
  • One Mock Interview and Evaluation
  • Reference Selection and Editing
  • Application Form Guidance
  • Crafting and Editing Resumes
  • Coordinating School Communications
  • Wait List and Deferral Strategy
  • Re-Application Expertise
  • Specialty Schools and Programs (Harvard 2+2, Stanford Deferred…)

Other Admissions Consulting Services

Hourly Coaching

The vast majority of my clients work on comprehensive school packages. In some cases, I work on an hourly basis for more limited needs. Please contact me directly for hourly rates.

Mock Interview and Analysis

The MBA admissions interview is where you close the deal and win a spot in the next class. Many applicants “wing” this opportunity, as they have never had formal interview training or rely on past job interviews.

The MBA interview is a different experience under strict time pressures, and I will prepare you with school specific questions from actual interviews. A “mock interview” will be followed by a feedback session with tips on improvement tailored to your individual performance and needs.

Please contact me directly to schedule your mock interview.

Completed Application Analysis

I offer a one-time sanity check for those with completed applications looking for expert feedback. After reading through your completed application, I will send you written analysis and recommendations on areas for improvement. This service also includes a 1 hour phone consultation to cover my comments, your questions, and promising directions for improvement. Next draft work can be handled on an hourly basis.

Rejection/Ding Analysis

The application process can be quite frustrating when it ends in rejection and there is no feedback mechanism from your targeted school. Getting constructive analysis can make the difference in re-application.

I offer a “ding analysis” on a per school basis. After emailing me your resume, GMAT scores, available reference letters, GPA, and all essays in one MS Word doc, I will review your application components and send you detailed comments on each essay. In addition to written feedback, you will receive a 1 hour phone consultation to discuss your essays and how to improve your next submission. You will also get directional feedback on the other application components. Feedback is based on my extensive experience as an industry veteran and conversations with admissions officers and ex admissions officers.


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