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Pushing back acceptance deadlines for deposits, asking for a scholarship – GMAT Club

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Will schools allow you to push back acceptance deadlines for deposits? Read more. Can you ask for a scholarship? Will it get you anywhere? Read more.

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Weather/climate impact, great accomplishments vs. great story – GMAT Club

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Is weather/climate an important factor while choosing a Business School? Read more. Great accomplishments vs. great story in your applications. Read more.

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Productivity at work during application season, ladies at GMAT Club – GMAT Club

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What was your productivity at work during the application season? See the results of the poll. Ladies applying to Business Schools are welcome to this thread.

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Applying after getting an admit, b-school verification process – GMAT Club

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Are you still applying in R2 after getting a R1 admit? Read more. Business School verification process – how serious is it?

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Very good recommendations, do adcoms read forums? – GMAT Club

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Is it OK to have very good recommendations? Read more. Do adcoms read forums? What is the probability of adcom X finding you posts in forum Y? Read more.

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Positioning yourself, optional essay question – GMAT Club

By - Jan 2, 15:13 PM   Comments [0]

Positioning yourself in your essays and interviews is an important part of your application process. Read more. Should one write an optional essay explaining a low GMAT score? Read what our members advise.

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PT vs. FT MBA career opportunities, B-school journey lessons – GMAT Club

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Part-time MBA versus Full-time MBA career opportunities. Read more. Business School journey lessons learned and valuable related advice is in our forum. Happy New Year, GMAT Club team

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B-School application guide by Wharton admit, New York City meetup – GMAT Club

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Brand new guide to application process from a Wharton admit is available in our forum. GMAT Clubber’s New York City meetup will take place in January. Read a discussion here. GMAT Club server will be unavailable starting 8 PM Pacific Time on 12/31. We hope to get...

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B-school application interview, advice on textbooks – GMAT Club forum

By - Dec 24, 13:52 PM   Comments [0]

Is interview the most important part of Business School application process? Read what our members think about it. Do you need textbooks for studying? What is the best way to find cheap textbooks? Find answers in our forum. Happy holidays, GMAT Club team

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Top 1% GMAT scorers, INSEAD January 2010 intake – GMAT Club forum

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Where do the top 1% GMAT scorers end up? Read a discussion. INSEAD January 2010 intake. Read more.

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