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Top 20 Best GMAT Books – GMAT Club Ranking for November

By - Dec 2, 10:26 AM   Comments [0]

November 2010 popularity index of Best GMAT Books as determined by GMAT Club members. (We measured how often our members referred to each of the books in their posts from the past month and assembled the GMAT Book popularity index below). You can also visit...

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Common Wrong Answers on the GMAT: True, But Not the Right Answer!

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There’s nothing more frustrating than preparing thoroughly for the GMAT Critical Reasoning section -- poring over hundreds of complex arguments, wrapping your head around triple negations, learning to spot an assumption from a mile away -- only to end up losing points for something as...

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What To Do If You Bomb the GMAT

By - Nov 29, 10:20 AM   Comments [0]

Obviously, no one wants to get a low GMAT score. But at the same time, doing poorly on the test isn't the end of the world, and beating yourself up over your score isn't healthy, or productive. Instead, try to deal with your disappointment in...

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MBA News Roundup: The post b-school job market, application ethics, and a new online MBA

By - Nov 28, 10:29 AM   Comments [0]

In light of recent Class of 2010 job placement information, is now the best time to apply? Find out more about MBA job prospects and other business school trends in this week's roundup. 1. The State of the 2010 MBA Job Market (more…)

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Permissible vs. Sufficient: Picking Numbers on Yes/No Data Sufficiency Questions

By - Nov 26, 08:00 AM   Comments [0]

One of the hallmark points of confusion on the GMAT is the dreaded Yes/No Data Sufficiency question. In a Value question, such as “What is the value of ?” the question of sufficiency is a familiar one: if you can solve for , you...

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Knewton GMAT Prep Q&A: Tackling a Tough Sentence Correction Question

By - Nov 25, 10:15 AM   Comments [0]

We get a lot of interesting questions from Knewton students about GMATPrep® problems. Today, we'll take a look at a particularly tricky Sentence Correction question dealing with comparisons, modifiers, and pronouns. The stars, some of them at tremendous speeds, are in motion just as the planets...

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Using The Official Guide to GMAT Review alongside a GMAT

By - Nov 23, 06:43 AM   Comments [0]

Most students, upon determining that they need to take the GMAT, go out and purchase a copy of The Official Guide to GMAT Review. In fact, if you have not done so already, you should go buy a copy (though remember, if you are...

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GMAT Volume Dips Slightly

By - Nov 17, 09:42 AM   Comments [0]

GMAT volume dipped less than 1% this year from its all-time record high of 265,613 last year, reports a Graduate Management News article. This slight drop follows four years of growth. Here are some key statistics from this year: 5,900 more women took the GMAT this year...

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Data Sufficiency: Before you pick C…

By - Nov 15, 09:00 AM   Comments [1]

To succeed on the GMAT, there is a general rule of Algebra that you should know: to solve for all variables in a system of equations, you need as many distinct linear equations as variables. So if you get 2 variables, you need two...

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GMAT ToolKit and LSAT ToolKit are featured in the iTunes What’s Hot lists

By - Nov 12, 17:24 PM   Comments [0]

Our best selling GMAT Prep iPhone/iPad app GMAT ToolKit was featured in the iTunes What's Hot Education Lists in 14 countries. Moreover, our new app LSAT ToolKit was featured in the iTunes What's Hot Education list too! We want to thank our customers for useful feedback...

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