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Cliffs Notes GMAT Cram Plan is available for pre-order from Amazon

By - Jun 27, 17:02 PM   Comments [0]

Originally to be published in January 2010, CliffsNotes GMAT Cram Plan has been released for pre-order today on Amazon. This usually means a month or two until the book comes out. It promisses to offer 2 month, 1 month and 2 week study plans –...

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Princeton Review 1,012 GMAT Practice Questions Book Review

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Princeton Review 1,012 GMAT Practice Questions (Look up details on Amazon) The book indeed contains 1,012 questions – counted myself . It starts with a diagnostic test (37q and 41v questions). There are a total of 55 different “drills” targeting various interesting and often neglected...

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Princeton Review Discount $200 off Classrom or Online Courses

By - May 30, 14:29 PM   Comments [0]

Princeton Review Discount on GMAT Classroom or online courses: Only if you enroll until June 23rd! Princeton Review Discount Codes Special Offer From The Princeton Review – Enroll by June 23 $200 off GMAT Classroom Courses, Online or LiveOnline Courses. Use these promotional codes when enrolling. This means savings of...

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GMAT Score Calculator – Estimate GMAT Score based on Practice Test Results (GMAT Prep, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review, or Kaplan)

By - May 15, 14:23 PM   Comments [0]

GMAT Club has a new tool out – GMAT Score Estimator. It is based on performance of GMAT Club members and will provide an estimate of the final GMAT Score based on sample GMAT practice test scores: GMAT Prep, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review, and Kaplan....

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GMAT Prep Courses and GMAT Prep Classes – Worth It?

By - May 12, 16:38 PM   Comments [0]

GMAT Prep Courses and GMAT Classes – help with selection and reviews by GMAT Club members To Discuss or Ask Questions, please visit GMAT Prep Courses Review Discussion Background information on GMAT Prep Classes: So should I take a course or not? Should I enroll in...

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Rankings (Part 5 of 5): 8 Flaws in Rankings

By - Apr 23, 10:43 AM   Comments [0]

How NOT to use the rankings Don’t give them too much importance. Don’t replace research and self-reflection with school ranking to determine where you apply or attend. Using them mindlessly could contribute to an expensive, time-consuming mistake. Blinding yourself to the rankings’ flaws leads to poor decisions....

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How Should You Use Rankings? (Part 3 of 5)

By - Apr 21, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

How should you use the rankings? For initial research and data mining. And maybe a little reputation checking if you are lucky enough to receive multiple acceptances. First for that initial research: Let’s say you are looking into the schools you will apply to. You recognize...

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New GMAT Test Format in 2013

By - Apr 2, 23:24 PM   Comments [0]

According to The Economist, the GMAT Entrance test is to be transformed by 2013 as the result of criticism related to its evaluation weaknesses, pressure from GRE, and GMAT Cheating: The GMAT—the contentious entrance exam required by most important business schools—is set for an upgrade. Dubbed...

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The Official Guide for GMAT Review 12th Edition Update – 30% Are New Questions

By - Mar 20, 11:28 AM   Comments [0]

The first reports about the The Official Guide for GMAT Review 12th ed are coming in: The book is said to have about 30% new questions, including some bold CR’s. Overall the format remained the same and some of the older questions have been replaced with...

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The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition is out on Sept 8th, 2009

By - Mar 20, 00:42 AM   Comments [1]

Preliminary Book Release: Many of your are aware that GMAC is releasing the 12th edition of The Official Guide for GMAT Review, we wrote about this a bit earlier, however, another piece of news is that the new Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review (Math Guide),...

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