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Record number of GMAT Test takers – GMAT Volume is growing: 267K Test takers in 2009

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GMAC posted latest stats for the 2008-2009 year. Test volume is up, though slightly: 2,300 more tests were taken in 2008-2009 than 2007-2008 years. The full article is available here. Some interesting facts: Beyond growing larger, the GMAT testing pool is becoming more international and increasingly diverse....

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Improving your Quant from 44-46 to 50+, Quant Notes for PS & DS, Standard Deviation, Who vs Whom, How to get 6.0 AWA, 760 in 5 Weeks

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Math: Improving your Quant from 44-46 to 50+ - Learn the most common mistakes to improve your score Math: Quant Notes for PS & DS - A Helpful Compilation of Resources Math: Standard Deviation - A Detailed Overview Verbal: Who vs Whom - Know the Difference Verbal: How to get 6.0...

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MBA Admissions News Round Up

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Last week was packed with MBA admissions-related news. It's time for a round up! This MBA Podcaster video includes valuable information on Stanford's MBA application and b-school experience, including an interview with Linda Abraham, Accepted’s founder and president, about the application process and Stanford's essays, as...

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Coordinate Geometry, ‘Distance/Speed/Time’ Word Problems Made Easy, Remainders – a compilation of tips and tricks, ‘Work’ Word Problems Made Easy, Less Than Vs Lower Than – Sentence Correction, GMAT Club’s Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide, 780 (Q50, V48) debrief

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GMAT Math: Coordinate Geometry - Comprehensive Overview Math: Distance/Speed/Time Word Problems Math: Remainders - Tips and Tricks Math: "Work" Word Problems Made Easy Verbal: Less Than vs Lower Than - Sentence Correction Practice Verbal: Reading Comprehension - Tips, Strategies and Books GMATClub: 780 Debrief - What did he do to get this score?

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Knewton Tips on How to Write a Perfect GMAT Essay

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Many argue that GMAT essays are a waste of GMAT preparation time, but don’t forget that the essays can be a determining factor in the increasingly competitive admissions process. An extremely low score could set off flags, and raise doubts about your ability to complete...

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Knewton Discount $390 Coupon for Knewton GMAT Class

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$390 Knewton Discount on Knewton Live Online GMAT Class - Holiday Offer 50-point GMAT improvement guarantee or money back - great if you are retaking GMAT or have 670 and want to get over the 700 hump. You are not losing much to take the class Online...

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GMAT Math Book, Probability, Polygons, Series and Sequences, Word Problems, GMAT Test Center Environment, GMAT “Question of the Day” Automatic Email

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Math: Math Book - GMAT Club Open Project lead by Walker and Bunuel with many helpful posts - Math: Probability - everything you need to know for GMAT - Math: Polygons - know which polygons will be on GMAT - Math: Guide to Series & Sequences (arithmetic and geometric) - Math: Word Problems Made Easy! GMAT Test...

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The GMAT and India

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Jose Ferreira is the founder and CEO of Knewton. He has been helping students with their GMAT prep for 18 years. I wanted to take some time to dispel a fascinating—but unhealthy—rumor about the GMAT. This rumor is best summarized by a concerned Knewton student who...

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The GMAT, Jobs, and Admissions

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BusinessWeek recently published an excellent article, GMAT: The MBA Job Seeker's Best Friend, exploring the impact of GMAT scores on post-MBA job prospects and the reality that some business school are encouraging accepted students to retake the GMAT to improve their chances of getting desired jobs. What is...

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