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How MBA Adcoms Evaluate Your GPA

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“But my undergrad school was highly competitive!” “But I worked 20 hours a week during college!” “But I was a varsity athlete at a Division I school.” “But even though it took me a couple of years, once I got it together I made dean’s list every semester!” “But...

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Does Grade Inflation Create Winners?

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A recent Inside Higher Ed article, “Questionable Admissions,” reveals research that indicates that graduate schools prefer students with higher grades from an institution where everyone earns high grades over applicants with lower grades from an institution that’s cracked down on grade inflation and judges student...

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Don’t Ignore a Low GPA in B-School Applications

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MBA candidates have anxiety over many facets of their applications, from less-than-stellar GMAT scores to weak quantitative profiles to blemishes on their academic records. One common weakness facing MBA hopefuls is a low undergraduate GPA. Keep in mind that a 3.5 or better undergraduate GPA isn't considered low for the...

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Is My GPA Too Low?

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Many candidates write to me worried about their undergraduate GPAs and ask, “Do you think my GPA is too low?” There is no stock answer to this question. Certainly, stats about each business school’s average GPA for matriculating students can help you gain a sense of...

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SBC Scoop: What Does My International GPA Mean?

By - May 31, 09:45 AM   Comments [0]

By Stacy Blackman, President of Stacy Blackman Consulting *Please note that no client details are ever shared in SBC Scoop or otherwise without complete sign off from client. Our client Naveen was worried about one particular aspect of his application. He attended the Delhi College of Engineering...

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Academic Probation, Master of Management Studies at Duke, MS Accounting or Taxations Programs

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Academic Probation - should you bring it up in your application? Master of Management Studies at Duke - how is the new program? MS Accounting or Taxations Programs - united master thread for 2011 GPA - is undergraduate GPA more important than graduate GPA?

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What MBA Programs Should You Apply To Next Season?

By - Feb 22, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

It’s late February, already in the ebb of the current MBA admissions season.  As such, it’s the perfect time for people considering applying next season to break out of hibernation and start tackling a part of the process that is often shortchanged: school selection. In ten-plus...

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New Business Week rankings, low GPA applicants – GMAT Club forum

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So what do you think of the new Business Week rankings of Top B-Schools? Share your thoughts here. Your GPA is not very good and you want to apply to a Top Business School? This thread is a must read for you. Regards, GMAT Club team

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