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The Essentials of Applying to Harvard Business School

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Applying to Harvard Business School is intimidating. As reported by the school's website, HBS received almost 10,000 applications last year and only 11% made the cut to be admitted. Applying to Harvard means going head-to-head with the best and brightest around the world. Chances are...

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Harvard Business School: Analytical Aptitude And Appetite

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So HBS wants “analytical aptitude and appetite.” What is there to add? I mean, it’s pretty obvious. We didn’t really need HBS to say it. Yet they did say it. Maybe it’s not as obvious as it sounds. Let’s take a look. Analytical: This concept encompasses a...

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The Habit of Leadership

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Thank you, Harvard Business School. IMHO, that’s what applicants should think when they visit the program’s website and find “habit of leadership” on its “Who are we looking for?” admissions page. It’s common knowledge that HBS values leadership, but with this phrase, the adcom succinctly expresses...

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Applying to Harvard Business School – A How-To Guide

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If you’re seeking expert tips on how to apply successfully to Harvard Business School or another top-ranked MBA program, then you’ll want to attend Accepted’s upcoming webinar, The Accepted Guide to Getting into Harvard Business School. During the webinar, Linda Abraham, Accepted’s CEO and founder, will...

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Harvard Business School 2014 MBA Application Tips

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Harvard Business School MBA Admissions Director Dee Leopold is once again shaking up the admission world. With the 2013-14 Harvard MBA application she is simultaneously demanding less and much more of applicants: Fewer essays. Fewer words. Fewer characters. More thought. More brevity. And as much...

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Some Thoughts on Harvard Business School’s New Application

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HBS has announced a new essay-optional application. But according to Businessweek, this “optional” question will be optional in name only. In other words, if you’re applying to Harvard, you’d be silly to pass on this singular opportunity to give Harvard more reasons to admit you. To...

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Harvard Business School MBA Essay 2013-2014: Tips and Assessment

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Today, Harvard Business School caused a lot of buzz by reducing the number of its MBA application essays questions to one – and one with no word limit! This is the essay question: “You’re applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, school transcripts,...

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