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Stanford Wins First Place for Forbes’ “The Most Satisfied MBAs”

By - Jan 20, 13:41 PM   Comments [0]

Forbes took its survey findings from “The Best Business Schools” and compiled a second rankings report: “The Most Satisfied MBAs.” Stanford won top slot for both rankings. It is #1 for providing the best return on investment for its graduates, as well as for churning out...

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Are MBA Programs Breeding Inconsiderate Students and Graduates?

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This is a question asked by many when considering the role b-schools play in the global financial crisis. B-schools all over the US and Europe are being criticized for focusing too much on making money and not focusing enough on, what the Financial Times UK...

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MBA R1 Admissions Deadlines Approach

By - Sep 25, 13:43 PM   Comments [0]

Yes those MBA deadlines are approaching. Rapidly. Kind of like a train roaring through a dark tunnel. Do you see the headlight peering through the gloom, growing brighter and brighter? So what are my thoughts at the end of a hectic week? Accepted’s editors have noted a...

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Forbes ROI MBA Rankings for 2010

By - Aug 5, 12:30 PM   Comments [0]

Forbes published today its 2010 MBA rankings for US and non-US MBA programs. The Forbes ranking is based on ROI, specifically “the return on investment achieved by the graduates from the class of 2004.” Forbes surveyed 17,000 alumni at 103 schools and heard back from...

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INSEAD 2010 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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INSEAD 2010 (Sept) MBA Essay Questions JOB ESSAYS 1. Please give a detailed description of your job, including nature of work, major responsibilities; and, where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, number of clients/products and results achieved. (250 words) Note the emphasize on quantifying results. Numbers speak...

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INSEAD 2010 MBA Essay Questions

By - Jul 8, 12:22 PM   Comments [0]

INSEAD has posted its Fall 2010 Essay Questions, which are almost unchanged from last year. I am posting them below: Job Essays Please give a detailed description of your job, including nature of work, major responsibilities; and, where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, number...

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Report From AIGAC Conference: Buzz vs.Substance

By - Jun 22, 09:42 AM   Comments [1]

The AIGAC conference this year was fantastic. The first day consisted of presentations from Pete Johnson of Haas, Christie St. John of Tuck, Cassandra Pittman of INSEAD, Wendy Huber of Darden, Soojin Kwon Koh of Ross, and Bruce Delmonico of Yale’s SOM. During the second...

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The European MBA Alternative

By - May 1, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

Mobility has long been a by-word for MBA graduates, so amidst the current economic woes and uncertain MBA job market, more and more applicants are considering an MBA outside the US. In fact, a study this month by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation shows that...

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European B-Schools In Demand

By - Mar 20, 10:08 AM   Comments [0]

This was a week for articles about the demand for European business schools like London Business School, INSEAD, and IMD among US applicants seeking both MBA and EMBA degrees. Here is a sample: An MBA With Savoir Faire from The Wall St. Journal. BusinessWeek’s Special Report: “B-Schools...

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New Job Prospects for MBA Grads

By - Mar 12, 10:11 AM   Comments [0]

In “New Horizons for MBAs”, the Financial Times, reports that many MBA students are looking outside of traditional “MBA jobs” for work. Due to the current recession, job opportunities in financial services and investment banks are far more limited and MBAs are looking to use their...

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