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Two Ways to Reveal Leadership in Your Applications

By - Feb 25, 09:12 AM   Comments [0]

Leadership is one of the of the most valued attributes in admissions. In this short video, Linda Abraham discusses two main ways you can show the adcom that you are a leader. For more tips on revealing leadership in your applications, check out: •  Leadership in Admissions,...

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Understanding Stanford GSB’s Take on Demonstrated Leadership Potential

By - Aug 22, 12:42 PM   Comments [0]

Of course Stanford GSB seeks demonstrated leadership potential – don’t all b-schools? And naturally you’ve got leadership, or you wouldn’t be applying to Stanford. Wait. There are some unique nuances to Stanford’s conception of leadership that are essential to understand in order to portray it effectively...

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What Should I Write About? Making a Difference

By - Aug 4, 12:49 PM   Comments [0]

In my non-admissions life, I once went to a lecture given by a biographer whose work I admire. In the course of his talk he mentioned that while writing about genius has merit, writing about typical folks and their extraordinary achievements is more valuable. The...

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The Habit of Leadership

By - Jul 18, 10:00 AM   Comments [0]

Thank you, Harvard Business School. IMHO, that’s what applicants should think when they visit the program’s website and find “habit of leadership” on its “Who are we looking for?” admissions page. It’s common knowledge that HBS values leadership, but with this phrase, the adcom succinctly expresses...

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Resilience: Moving On

By - May 5, 13:21 PM   Comments [0]

Warning: This post will be a little more personal than most of my posts, but there is a lesson here for applicants. Please let me know by posting a comment, if occasional posts like this one, are OK with you. It’s been an interesting few weeks. Starting...

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4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future

By - Apr 5, 11:00 AM   Comments [0]

Schools want to see that the applicants will actively participate in and contribute to their student bodies and alumni communities, not to mention the greater community and society. Yet grandiose, declarative statements and promises to be a superlative do-gooder are unpersuasive. So how is an applicant...

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3 Ways for MBA Applicants to Overcome Weaknesses

By - Feb 26, 08:08 AM   Comments [0]

Planning to apply to business school this fall or next? Nine or more months out is the perfect moment to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. There's still time to make improvements that will help you stay competitive with peers also striving...

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Writing a Powerful Leadership/Achievement Essay

By - Nov 21, 03:05 AM   Comments [0]

  In honor of the first birthday of MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, by Linda Abraham and Judy Gruen, we are posting a series of excerpts from the book throughout November. This post is excerpted from Chapter 6:...

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MIT Sloan Fellows 2011 Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

By - Oct 15, 11:55 AM   Comments [0]

MIT Sloan Fellows 2011 Essay Questions Statement of Objectives: What are your immediate and ultimate professional objectives for attending the program. Specifically, please indicate how your objectives fit with the purposes of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership and indicate what you...

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Responsibility + Followers = Leadership

By - Sep 14, 11:56 AM   Comments [0]

If you're applying to business school, you know how important it is to highlight your leadership skills. In the admissions world where so much relies on "It depends…," it can universally be agreed upon that leadership is an absolute, desired quality. But what exactly is leadership?...

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