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How MBA Adcoms Evaluate Your GPA

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“But my undergrad school was highly competitive!” “But I worked 20 hours a week during college!” “But I was a varsity athlete at a Division I school.” “But even though it took me a couple of years, once I got it together I made dean’s list every semester!” “But...

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How Important is My College GPA After Four Years of Work Experience?

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From The Staff of MBA MBA Proudly, one of the most affordable MBA admissions consulting companies Visit MBA for our current discounts! Email:   How Important is My College GPA After Four Years of Work Experience? Some applicants to business school have achieved great success in their...

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Three Ways to Boost Your MBA Application

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The MBA Tour recently swung through Los Angeles, and Linda Abraham and I were delighted to have a table there. We enjoyed meeting dozens of impressive and enthusiastic prospective MBA applicants, and thank the organizers for this great event – nearly 500 people registered and...

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Overcoming a Challenging Academic Record

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When our client Irene first started working with her SBC consultant, she brought up an issue that was causing her a lot of anxiety. At the beginning of her sophomore year of college Irene was undergoing personal challenges and was suspended for academic dishonesty. The...

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Addressing Sensitive Issues In Your Application

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In your business school application, the essays are a forum to provide an explanation for aspects of your background that need clarification. Although it will be up to you to decide which parts of your candidacy need an explanation, you should never assume that an...

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What not to do during a class visit…, Auditing vs. Taxation, Stupidest thing you/interviewer have said in an interview, Low Undergrad GPA Success Stories, Asking your Employer for a Recommendation?

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MBA What Not to do During a Class Visit – rule #1…Do Not Participate Auditing vs Taxation - do you need a Masters in Taxation or will a MACC suffice? Stupidest Thing You/Interviewer have said in an Interview – tell your story Low Undergrad GPA Success Stories – share...

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