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Personal Statement Fatal Flaw #1: Lack of Substance

By - Feb 19, 14:36 PM   Comments [0]

Writing about nothing tends to bore, like a trite sitcom or movie with no plot. They lack substance and so will your essay if it isn’t based on: • Substantive self-reflection. • Use of specifics, examples, and anecdotes. • Willingness to reveal your thought processes and feelings. So start...

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3 Essential Components of a Personal Statement

By - Sep 12, 13:11 PM   Comments [0]

While listening to a podcast, I started thinking about the essential components of a strong personal statement, statement of purpose, or MBA goals essay. Basically, the adcoms want a map of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going for the statement of...

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How Personal is Too Personal?

By - Aug 29, 12:44 PM   Comments [1]

The personal statement is a terrific opportunity to share with admissions committees an interesting and unique aspect of your life. However, many applicants are understandably frightened of having to face the “camera” and speak personally about their lives while also trying to impress. So, how...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

By - Nov 22, 15:19 PM   Comments [0]

In the spirit of this American holiday, one of my favorites, I would like to share a few things with you: One of my favorite posts on this blog is a post I wrote for Thanksgiving several years ago. I like the story, and it also...

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Personal Statement Tip: Scale Back on Clichés

By - Oct 29, 01:37 AM   Comments [0]

An essay can turn instantly sour when you stop saying what you mean and start using generic, meaningless clichés. The best way to eliminate clichés in your writing is simply to go through and cut out any phrases that have lost their meaning or significance due...

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Personal Statement Tip: Vivid Verbs

By - Oct 19, 14:06 PM   Comments [0]

Which of the following conjures a more vivid image? The candle burned all the way down and then went out. OR The flame danced and swayed late into the night. Finally, when it could glow no longer it took its last breath and died. Let’s face it – verbs...

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Free Essays that Stick Webinar Recording Up and Running!

By - Jun 1, 10:50 AM   Comments [0]

A few weeks ago Linda presented the packed-to-capacity presentation of Essays that Stick for AIGAC’s Graduate Admissions Summit. The first-run, “sold-out” webinar was followed by a second heavily-attended presentation. People just couldn’t get enough of Linda’s helpful tips and advice on how to create application...

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News Flash!! Essays That Stick This Wednesday

By - Apr 29, 05:04 AM   Comments [0]

Since last week’s presentation of “Essays that Stick” for the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants did not have enough room for all who wanted to attend, I decided to offer this thought-provoking webinar again for those who missed the previous event for whatever reason...

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From Example to Exemplary # 5: Revise and Polish Your Essays

By - Mar 12, 08:30 AM   Comments [0]

Lesson #5 of a five-part series for drafting exemplary essays. You’ve got your first draft ready — this is a great milestone! Now it’s time to revise and edit; outstanding essays are not sprung into the world on the first draft. Here’s how to edit...

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From Example to Exemplary #4: Let’s Get Drafted!

By - Mar 11, 13:12 PM   Comments [0]

Lesson #4 of a five-part series for drafting exemplary essays. Now that you have a clear sense of what makes an essay effective, and have reflected on the questions that have helped you develop your theme, it’s time to start writing. Before you begin, write an...

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