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Wharton 2011 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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This Wharton 2011 MBA Application tip post is one of a series of posts providing MBA application and essay advice for applicants to top MBA programs around the world. You can access the entire series at My tips for answering Wharton's essay questions are...

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MBA Admissions News Round Up: Innovation All Around

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A recent Wharton alum and former user of resources, recently sent me information about an interesting blog he's working on. Check out Mate, I C Bill's new blog that tracks his "extended recruiting efforts." Harvard Business School, Yale SOM, Northwestern Kellogg, Chicago Booth, and Michigan...

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Specialized, Executive Training Programs Pick Up, Globally

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Part-time or short executive MBA programs are sprouting up in countries not traditionally served by business schools in an initiative to spread the availability of executive education, reports a recent Financial Times article, "Winds of change blow for business schools." Lagos Business School in Nairobi...

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B-Schools News: More Expensive Programs Yield Higher Paid Grads

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According to new Bloomberg Businessweek research, graduates from top business schools (which are also the most expensive programs) earn more straight out of school and down the road than do grads from lower ranked, less expensive schools. And they don't just make a little more…but...

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Johns Hopkins Launches New Global MBA Program

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This August, Johns Hopkins will be opening the doors to its new Global MBA program at the Carey Business School, headed by inaugural dean Yash Gupta. According to the Bloomberg Businessweek article on the subject, Gupta "seeks to reinvent the modern MBA." He explains that...

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New MBAs Offer Mixed Reviews on Job Market

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A Wall Street Journal article, "State of the Job Market for M.B.A.s," explores the ups and downs of the post-recession job search and how recent MBA grads are coping. While graduates from top business schools like Wharton or Northwestern Kellogg are seeing a positive pick up...

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All MBA, All News: An MBA Admissions News Round Up

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Wharton will host the first official "MBA Peer School Forum," a gathering of top MBA student government leaders. The three-day President Summit will focus on "inter-school cohesion and collaboration" as well as initiatives that will "bring positive impact to business and society." The event will...

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According to a Haas School Newsroom press release, UC Berkeley Haas will be offering ten scholarships this fall that will be matched by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program in an effort to attract more veterans to its top MBA program. The...

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Ready for a Round Up?

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Well you're in luck…we've got one right here! Understandably so, "[t]he public is increasingly displeased with colleges often being run like businesses," reports a recent Daily Pennsylvanian article entitled "Cost of higher ed upsets public." In fact, according to the National Center for Public Policy and...

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Extracurricular Activities on your B-School Application, H/W/S Selection Criteria, H1/F1 Conversion/ General Student Visa Questions

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MBA Extracurricular Activities - which ones should you talk about? H/W/S Selection Criteria - learn what they are looking for in their applicants H1/F1 Conversion / General Student Visa Questions - how to convert your visa and other answers

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