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1st attemp 690, 2nd attempt 680..suggestion required!!!

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Joined: 03 May 2006
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1st attemp 690, 2nd attempt 680..suggestion required!!! [#permalink]

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New post 24 Jun 2006, 11:46
I took GMAT for the first time on March11,2006. Was not aware at that point of time that from 2006 maths was becomig tougher...but still managed a 690 ( Q-50, V-33, 5.5). My practice test scores ranged in 650-700..was frsutrated since expected 700+ and hence started again....after 1 month gap....
Today I again took the test and got 680. ( Q 51, V 30). AWA yet to know...
I noticed a sharp my first attempt, my english was not that good and hence I got the paper very easy since I have later inferred that it was because I had got wrong probably the first 4/5 questions in a row...

This time, I worked for english like anything. Didn't leave any stones untunred: not only practice but also analysis...
OG (2 times), Kaplan 800, CR bible, Princeton, Manhattan SC......
Today, I was careful for the first few questions so that I don't repeat history and the level of difficulty kept on increasing...and increasing.... and i struggled to finish the test..I just don't know why this happened..I thought that I was performing well and so I was getting more and more difficult questions...but soon after the situation seemed out of control..passage lenth 50-60, very tough questions...CR/SC all seemed ok but all so long...I thought I was peforming well and kept on....but at the end...a 30.

I feel ashamed to let u know my practice test scores but I realized well that I have improved a lot in english. only gmat couldn't realise that....

princeton 1 : 51, 38 710
princetone 3: 48, 42, 720 (don't have the record for 2/4)
manhattan 1: 49, 36, 700
manhattan 2: 46, 38, 690
manhattan 3 : 51, 40, 740

gmat prep : uninstall and install :
took 6 tests : quant 51 in all, verbals: 42, 42, 38,46,46,47,48.....
I am not lying believe me!....but today I just couldn't understand the adaptive nature of the test!..when I did so poorly(which I came to know after the exam) how could the difficulty level keep on increasing???????

I am into tech consulting, 3.6 gpa, will have 4 yrs experience when apply... will have stories of fast rising, becoming a team lead within 6 months of joining as fresher... coordination across branch offices in different parts of globe of a consulting major...officially acclaimed public speaker, from international organization...some non profit activity during college days for community improvement.....partner award winner for best Process Improvement publication of the year...some writing experience in national daily...

I intend to target quant based schools like chicago gsb, columbia, london business school, mit sloan, i stand any chance?

I am hesitant to take gmat again since I don't want to become even more frustrated and waste my time which i could have devoted fro application...

I am thankful to u guys,..without this forum a 50 in 1st attempt and 51 in second attempt in math woukld have been a myth!....

Any suggestions on retaking gmat/school names mentioned!...

Please help..u guyus are great...gmat challenges..did all...they are superb!

Thank u so much...its all about my bad luck....nothing more...
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Joined: 25 Apr 2006
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Location: Washington, DC
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New post 24 Jun 2006, 15:55
I think you should retake if you want to have a shot at the top schools... with a 59% and 69% in verbal, I doubt they will let you in. It seems like you've been doing well on the verbal practice tests, so I say you give it another shot and see if you can at least get the verbal to a 36 (81%)... with your incredible quant score, that would get you in I suspect. Seems like you should be able to do that without too much trouble. Also, one thing I did during my prep period was read alot - - I tried to read dense books and business newspapers to keep my mind sharp for the verbal -- would highly recommend doing that as you prep again. Don't give up though. Good luck.

GMAT Club Legend
GMAT Club Legend
Affiliations: HHonors Diamond, BGS Honor Society
Joined: 05 Apr 2006
Posts: 5926
Schools: Chicago (Booth) - Class of 2009
GMAT 1: 730 Q45 V45
WE: Business Development (Consumer Products)
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New post 25 Jun 2006, 18:56
I'm not clear on which score has which verbal...

But... a 30 verbal is low. I dont have the %'s in front of me, but if the guy above is right, its 59% ? I would urge you to consider a retake if you are aiming for the top schools.

Manhattan SC book can help a lot.

Plus, it seems like you just had a bad day ... your prep scores indicate a higher ability - a 46 or so would likely put you in the 730 to 750 range.

The real question is...

Where are you looking to go?
Joined: 03 May 2006
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New post 25 Jun 2006, 19:40
In my first attempt, I got 33 in verbal which is 69 percentile. In the second attempt I got 30 in verbal which is 59 percentile. I also think that I need to retake...Manhattan SC is gr8, I did it I have explained, I couldn't understand the adaptive nature since the level of difficulty of the questions kept on increasing. I think i started off well but soon fell under time pressure..with 30 mins left and 28 qs to go....

Now, I am targeting top schools but which are quant based, like sloan, chicago gsb or columbia...I need to re take but the question is what more I need to do for english?...can U please help? should i go for the LSAT books?..this time I felt that I was improcing in verbal but got even lower than the previous time..the practice tests are all exhausted...getting 38+ consistently had given me a good confidence..but now, I know how it feels like... the happiness for 51 in quant is all gone..can u people please guide me ahead!

Thanks in advance....thanks for the reply..with 90+ visits and only one response, till now, I was really feeling extremely down!
Joined: 21 Sep 2003
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New post 25 Jun 2006, 19:59
ikaytas wrote:
Thanks in advance....thanks for the reply..with 90+ visits and only one response, till now, I was really feeling extremely down!

Hey buddy. I am also one of those 90+ viwers confused about what to advise.
I don't have a great verbal score either (80%). I was getting 38-40 in practice tests and only a couple of times did I get 41.
My problem was more of time management and stamina. I did 3 GMATPrep and 1 MGMAT test in the last 3.5 weeks which is not enough to become accostumed to the 4 hr gurelling test.

If time management for CR and RC is ur problem I suggest you get the Next 10 Actual official LSAT book. I really liked this book. CRs are more difficult than GMAT ones and RCs are more complex. The questions are same as the ones you find in CR1000/RC1000 but this book provides OAs (but No OEs).

You got 50/51 in Quant which tells me that you are defenitely smart. It may be a question of strategy. Review Rhyme's Stick post in this forum and develop ur own strategy. Most important aspect of GMAT is to develop a foolproof POE strategy. You CANNOT just select an answer because you think it is RIGHT. You have to selct an answer because you have proved that other 4 answers are WRONG!

And don't hate any section or type of questions. There's always something to learn from each section. Try to have fun learning new things each day of ur prep!

Good luck!

"To dream anything that you want to dream, that is the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do, that is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself, to test your limits, that is the courage to succeed."

- Bernard Edmonds

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Joined: 03 Jan 2005
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New post 26 Jun 2006, 08:41
First of all, 690/680 are great scores, congratulations!

As for your verbal score, I do think that there's room for improvements if you still have the heart to do it. This kind of things do happen. I still remember when I took TOEFL before I came to the US, I did poorly on grammar. I worked on it diligently for a month and upon retake, I got the exactly same score as before but full credit for listening (go figure). It may be chance, or it may mean that your preparation is still not enough for you to get on the next step. From your account, it seems that you did not manage your time very well this time, struggling to finish and so on. It is a myth that the first 5-10 questions are more important than the last few questions. If you got all the last questions wrong it can very well drag your score down. I find that it has no use to try to assess how you are doing based on your feel of the difficulty of the questions. It may be actually better to not to notice the difficulty of the question and just keep doing what you should be doing, allocating each question appropriate time.

As for preparation for retake, I think SC may be the fastest way to improve. When you had the "click" and knows how to attack these kind of questions, then move on to CR, and prepare RC in the background, letting it build up by itself.

Good luck!

Keep on asking, and it will be given you;
keep on seeking, and you will find;
keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you.

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Joined: 30 May 2006
Posts: 76
Location: United States
Concentration: Marketing, International Business
GMAT 1: 690 Q V0
GMAT 2: 670 Q46 V36
GMAT 3: 610 Q44 V28
GPA: 3.46
WE: Sales (Consumer Products)
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advice? No , more like suggestion [#permalink]

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New post 12 Jul 2006, 17:02
i thnik u shoudl retake it it seems to me that american schools , be it at the college level or the graduate level liek to see well-rounded applicants, the points disparity between the two scores will not cut it , esp for the top schools.

my two cents
Joined: 12 May 2006
Posts: 4
Location: London, England
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New post 24 Jul 2006, 08:26
you seem to be a bit over excited about the verbal section. You are obviously very good at the quant section but the two sections are completely different. You can do very well by being very good at math for the quant but the verbal takes a more measured is more about feel and language appreciation than learning logic. I would urge you to read Kaplan 800 book which I found very useful (I got V 46 = 99%) and read financial journals etc.

Best of Luck for any future tests.
  [#permalink] 24 Jul 2006, 08:26
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1st attemp 690, 2nd attempt 680..suggestion required!!!

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