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640 to 750

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640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 21 Dec 2011, 12:11
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I just finished the GMAT today and got a 750 q50 v41, which I am very happy with. I began studying sometime in the middle of August with the GMAT Bible for CR and the OG guide for everything else.

My first practice test I took about one week prior to my first actual test and I scored very well getting a 740 with a q 49 and v 41. When I was analyzing my results I noticed on the verbal section of the 7 questions I got wrong 6 were from SC. Once I realized this I overnighted the GMAT bible SC guide and literaly read the whole thing in the two nights prior to my first test attempt.

This was a horrible mistake. Trying to cram for the GMAT DOES NOT WORK.... I ended up getting a 640 q 47 v 32 or 33 or 34 I forget. Anyways I began work fulltime the following monday and before realizing what client I was going to be on scheduled to take the test again over thanksgiving break. Unfortunately I was thrusted right into my busy season and was working around 40 hours a week. For this reason I rescheduled my test to today December 21st. After finally signing off last week I realized I had the GMAT in 4 days.....

I decided **** it. I'll just show up and take it and if I do poorly I will take it again. I literally studied for maybe 8 hours total the 2 days before choosing only to refresh myself on the math basics and reread the GMAT bible SC guide.

The night before I did not get a goodnights sleep. I showed up and I took it and thought I had done well but was not going to overexcited (I promised myself this). So as you can guess and at the end of the test I was very happy to see my score.

I guess if I had any strict rules that you can learn from me, they are..

1. Don't Cram
2. Take the test again if you do poorly (You've got nothing to lose except 250 bucks)
3. Don't worry
4. Don't take the test in the evening (you wear out)
5. For Questions on the test you know you won't get, make an EDUCATED GUESS. I only feel I guessed on one question but I knew about a minute in I wasn't going to solve it in less than 3 to 5 minutes.


I also read WSJ and the economist during the months between test which I think helped in RC and CR.

I have not edited for grammar or spelling and was much more meticulous while taking the test this morning. Thanks to everyone who posted on this site it helped tremendously and good luck to everyone else. See you at the 'Yard in a few years.

Glenji Poisson
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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 21 Dec 2011, 12:38
Congratulations for the score.
Would you please answer some questions?
1. Which items have been tested on SC?
2. What was the difficulty level in CR and RC? Was it more difficult than the difficulty level of OG?
3. What about the difficulty level of math section?
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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 21 Dec 2011, 16:19
SC: The SC toward the end had multiple (2-3) errors in the sentences. I would focus heavily on parallel structure and make sure both nouns and verbs are parallel in construction; On the more complex problems it was harder to see the solution immediately so I took a bit longer on these problems (2 minutes to just over 2 minutes). Additionally there were many questions involving Subject Verb agreement. I also saw a few on verb tense and 1 on proper semicolon ussage. I also noticed for the harder questions understanding the context of the sentence was essential to picking the correct solution. This is something I had not really noticed during the practice tests.

CR: I thought this was pretty easy but this happened to be my best strength going into the test. My best advice would be read words carefully and make sure you understand what the question was asking.

RC: I saw 3 passages all of different lengths. All were pretty easy for me to read. I did notice though that on the harder passage they asked more about inferences and you needed to pay close attention to the detail. My method was to read the passage very carefully and then answer the questions. For many of the questions (Main idea, Purpose of the paragraph) I knew the answer immediately. The inferences became more difficult with the level of the passage and understanding minute details really made the difference in answering these harder inference questions.

Math: The problems get harder as it progresses. However I was suprised I would get a hard question proceeded by what I thought was a mid 600 level question. I did get a hard probability/combinations and a couple hard geometry. The DS were definitely the most difficult part and they do appear to trick you. Know there is a difference between integers and numbers and before you select C make sure you closely look and test if the answer might be B (Item 2 is sufficient by itself). I had two where I almost clicked C and then realized that B was the correct answer. (I feel this issue is not as prevalent with item A because most people look at A more closely than item B)

The OG is by far the best for questions. If you can do every problem for the math I would say you should get at least a 47 if not a 48. Know your basics but be willing to think outside the box. I think that is key with the math. With the harder questions they want you to panic b/c you haven't seen it before but in all reality if you know everything in OG guide you have the tools to answer the question.

The Verbal is pretty much the same. The only thing I though was more difficult were some of the harder RC inference questions and the harder CR questions where understanding context was essential.

Hope that helps and I have not edited for Grammar. Best of Luck!
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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 21 Dec 2011, 19:59
Congratulation. You get the great score :D

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Giving me + 1 kudos if my post is valuable with you :)

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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 21 Dec 2011, 23:00
Great Score .. congratulations
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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 25 Dec 2011, 23:16
great score...congrats .

Fire the final bullet only when you are constantly hitting the Bull's eye, till then KEEP PRACTICING.

A WAY TO INCREASE FROM QUANT 35-40 TO 47 : a-way-to-increase-from-q35-40-to-q-138750.html

Q 47/48 To Q 50 + the-final-climb-quest-for-q-50-from-q47-129441.html#p1064367

Three good RC strategies three-different-strategies-for-attacking-rc-127287.html

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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 26 Dec 2011, 23:27
Amazing 110 jump! Congrats!

If you learn to do things that you need to do - then someday - you can do things that you want to do.

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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 27 Dec 2011, 05:00
Congrats :-D
Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Re: 640 to 750 [#permalink] New post 27 Dec 2011, 22:57
Congrats :)

good Luck for your applications.
can you specify your targeted B-school?
Keep posting.

kudos me if you like my post.

Attitude determine everything.
all the best and God bless you.

Re: 640 to 750   [#permalink] 27 Dec 2011, 22:57
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640 to 750

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