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Any Normal People Here?

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Author Message
Current Student
Joined: 19 Jul 2009
Posts: 311
GMAT 1: 690 Q44 V41
GPA: 3.75
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 22 Oct 2009, 19:06
Wow I didn't quite get a 700 and 3.8.

I had a 690 and 3.75 (albeit from a city college).

Where do I stand?

Edit: Hope that didn't come off too arrogant. I'm more impressed with someone's work history. Mine sort of stinks.
Joined: 24 Oct 2011
Posts: 95
Location: India
Concentration: General Management, International Business
GMAT Date: 11-29-2011
GPA: 3.5
WE: Web Development (Computer Software)
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 03 Dec 2011, 09:08
All the best for guys preparin GMAT. Suggest me any tips.
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Joined: 11 May 2009
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GMAT ToolKit User
Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 03 Dec 2011, 15:47
This post received
Hello guys,

I have read this post and though I could share some of my own experience to motivate you.

When I was in high school, I was an awful student. Looking at my high school grades, I feel embarrassed (WELL below average in my country). On the other hand, I was a good athlete (international competitions) and was extremely close to get into some Ivy League schools based on my athletic achievements. A lot of coaches wanted to get me. However, it all ended up in me getting dinged which was probably the biggest disappointment in my life. I was extremely close but I ended up not getting in because I was short like 50 points on the SAT (the one that has max 2400 points). I did not have the time to retake the test so that was it. I also had enormous pressure from my parents to get in college ASAP.

As a potential international student for a US college this was a huge blow for me. I heavily depended on that money that only big schools could afford to grant. So at some point, I thought my chances of going to US were gone but out of the blue I got into a small private liberal arts college. I got a full athletic scholarship. At first I was kind of uncertain as to whether I want to go to an unknown school. After some thinking I decided to join the school.

I can tell you that this was the best decision in my life. Why? There are many reasons.

I realized that to get into a "big game" you have to go step by step. My lack of commitment in high school cost me a lot, even though I knew I had the smarts. So as a freshman in college I told myself that I need to start all over. Get heavily involved, get high grades and make no excuses for not achieving your goals. I was able to excel wherever I participated, though many time I thought dying feels easier. My point is that from a below-average high school student that had no extracurricular other than athletics, I became a whole new person. Because of my changed approach, my life dramatically changed.

Now that I graduated, I have got a nice job offer starting in January/February and I am actively working on my plans to get into a good MBA program. Just in a few years, the hard work has finally started to pay off. Slowly, but I can see it coming. If I do not get into a good MBA program I will get into the best I can get. I know I will adopt the same approach (or even tougher) when I start my grad school.

As you can see, not going to a top school does not mean that you cannot significantly change your life. Sure, it is always nicer to graduate from Harvard than an unknown school. But going to Harvard will not guarantee success to you, it will only increase your chances. For example I know a guy from Harvard who cannot find a job that they deserve. True story. On the other hand, I was passing rounds at the top US banks (I ended up not getting jobs, but the remaining candidates were like 5 years older and had more experience). As you can see, graduating from unknown school will land you nice interviews if you excel. Getting excelled is your decision to make.

If you do not get into a top school, it does not mean anything. What matters is, what are you going to do when you are in school. My coach said this many times in practices: "The higher the stimulus, the better the adaption." Are you going to study a few extra hours or watch your favorite movie? Are you going to try your best to obtain a leadership position at the school so you can learn something more? I could give you hundreds of examples but you get the point. Get out of your comfort zone and work on your future :wink:

Finally, from my experience, I believe that the key to finding success is having enough information. Be tireless when you are researching schools, jobs etc that interest you because it will affect your life. This forum is amazing and while I have a few dozen posts so far, I am reading posts for almost three years. I started looking for the information in my sophomore year to be ready when the time comes and stumbled upon gmatclub. I cannot even explain its impact on me. I am sure it can happen to you if you stay committed.

I hope that you perceived my tone as positive. I am trying to share my experience in the hope it motivates you. Find your course and hang in there. You can do it!

Set your aims high, carpe diem

Joined: 23 Nov 2011
Posts: 20
GMAT 1: 710 Q47 V41
GPA: 3.4
WE: Design (Advertising and PR)
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 03 Dec 2011, 17:06
If you're smart enough to tell that people are patronizing you when they say that your low GPA and GMAT are just fine for getting in to stretch schools, then you can and you should do better. If not, then your low GPA and GMAT are just fine..

Nice Marmot.

Joined: 06 Sep 2011
Posts: 93
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 03 Dec 2011, 18:01
I try to use the fact that everyone is scoring so high on this site as inspiration to achieve a score that will help justify my crappy undergrad GPA rather than wonder why everyone is so much smarter than me. Didn't quite get to where I want and need to be on first attempt, but I know I will on next attempt, and this collection of nerds :wink: will be a huge part of my success.
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 03 Dec 2011, 18:43
Expert's post
Just to put things back into perspective - the 50th percentile is 540 on the GMAT, so anything higher is above 50th percentile, so you ave better than average/majority. However, the debriefs are dominated by the 700+ guys but it absolutely means it is a norm. Don't get discouraged or give up. GMAT is not an indicator of your intelligence or capabilities.

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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 04 Dec 2011, 12:25
Its a long que but even i am no exception with low gpa....And want to score big infact superbig on gmat.....

I guess thats the only way to show adcom that someone with low GPA is not dumb...and even that person deserves to be in top ranking univ.....and have a successful carrier ahead...

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Joined: 09 Jan 2012
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 12 Jan 2012, 09:49
I'd like to join this thread by adding I am also normal. I have a lower GPA and look to balance it out with a stellar GMAT score. I'm first in my family to go to college, and it wasn't later into my 4 years that I realized the importance of everything/how it all fit together/how to truly study/how to keep myself in a learning environment, etc.

Growing up, there was always the importance of actually going to college, but because none of my family had ever been there, there was no game plan for what to do once I actually got to university. Later, once I had my self-realization of what was going on around me, I took it upon myself to start developing a skill-set from friends who had these resources and families with educational backgrounds. I read a few books on how to best excel in college, and eventually became president of a leading student organization for international consulting. I decided to go back after my first undergraduate degree and got a second degree with a minor. My grades were much higher. I made better use of classroom time, built relationships with my professors, and had a better experience in those additional semesters than before.

I'm normal. I want to Dominate the GMAT.

"Continuos effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential." - Winston Churchill

Last edited by rdevorse on 15 Jan 2012, 01:51, edited 1 time in total.
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 12 Jan 2012, 10:51
Its not a question of smarts at all as far as scoring 700 is concerned. Anyone with enough patience can get that score. If you are a bit above average in either verbal or quant a 750 is very possible. The question is whether you want to put the hours. When you read the posts of people who score 700+ scores - see how much effort they have put. Many 2 weeks super high scorer stories are either false or unrepresentative. I was reading one debrief - the guy had prepared 8 months to get a 750. So yes these people are absolutely normal - they just put more hours than others.

The question is not can you rise up to iconic! The real question is will you ?

Joined: 05 Sep 2011
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 14 Jan 2012, 03:08
golfpro20050 wrote:
Any people that don't have 3.8 gpa's and 700 on their gmat? Anyone around a 600 and a 2.6 like me? Any plans?

yes, i don't have 3.8+ cgpa and don't think i can get the magical figure of 700 in gmat. you are not alone buddy
Joined: 08 Dec 2013
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Re: Any Normal People Here? [#permalink] New post 08 Apr 2014, 08:13
hi all,
i score gmat with a low score of 480 but i have a good cgp of i have any chances of getting into a good college.
Re: Any Normal People Here?   [#permalink] 08 Apr 2014, 08:13

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Any Normal People Here?

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