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MBA Admissions Consulting
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Ask myEssayReview [#permalink] New post 23 Aug 2012, 11:53
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Dear GMAT Club Members,

It is our pleasure to welcome myEssayReview to the GMAT club Forums

Want to get into your dream school without spending thousands of dollars; TRY myEssayReview!!

Spend only $699 (exclusive GMAT Club pricing) for 1-school package that includes free oral feedback on your résumé and 1 review of two recommendation letters with 4 detailed critiques and edits of your essays. Learn More

About myEssayReview

Founded in 2011, myEssayReview is a simple, dedicated, effective, and personalized B-school essay-review service that prides itself in helping applicants gain admission into top B-schools worldwide.

When you work with myEssayReview, you don’t just work with a good consultant, you work with the best– Poonam, the founder of the company and one of the 33 certified Individual Admission Consultants worldwide. Poonam’s dedication and commitment to her work has made 90% of her students come back to work with her again for multiple schools.

You may contact Poonam at for a free profile evaluation and also for your queries–with no financial obligation.

Please join us in welcoming Poonam Tandon, founder of myEssayReview, and wish her Good Luck!

Dear all,

I am excited to be a part of GMAT community, and I sincerely hope to be a helpful resource for MBA applicants.

I founded myEssayReview with the belief that all applicants possess unique perspectives and life experiences that set them apart. Therefore, I consistently aim at translating their uniqueness into compelling and persuasive admission essays. I take this business very seriously and work full time as Admissions Consultant for B-school applicants. I take pride in saying that 90% of my students got accepted into top schools such as LBS, Chicago Booth, Darden, UCLA, MIT, W.P.Carey, UC Davis, West Virginia, Babson, and SCU. The admits for Darden and UC Davis were accepted with 50% scholarship, and the one for Babson was granted 100% fellowship. My students have been accepted into programs such as LBS MiF and Chicago Booth even with below 700 GMAT scores. I have also helped many students get admitted to schools that had initially rejected their candidacy.

I am a Ph.D. in English with three decades of teaching experience in both India and the US. As an English teacher, I have helped thousands of students write their academic and personal statement essays. Over the past decade, while teaching literature, grammar, and essay writing in various high schools and colleges in the US, I worked with hundreds of students on their personal statements that have earned them admission in prestigious colleges with fellowships.

How do I work?
After signing up with myEssayReview, you will begin with a 30-60 minute telephonic meeting for brainstorming ideas/stories to be discussed in essays wherein you will be provided a review of your first draft of essay and free oral feedback on a resume to help make needed improvements for highlighting your accomplishments and skills. This will be followed by up to 4-comprehensive critiques and edits until a polished, refined product is created that showcases your candidacy in the best possible manner. During the entire essay-review process, I will work with you to highlight those aspects of your personality that you yourself were not aware of. Most candidates get so excited when they look at the final draft I email them and tell me that they couldn’t believe their essay would come out so well.

I believe that every customer deserves the best. Hence, I do not segment the packages into Silver, Gold, or Platinum. I will provide you the same level of service regardless of whether you purchase a single essay or a 3-school package.

I would go above and beyond to ensure that your application showcases your candidacy in the best light.

My life-long association with students in India and the US has provided me with a unique insight into strengths and weaknesses of applicants from diverse ethnic backgrounds which helps me in guiding them accordingly. Working with me will remind you of your experience of working with your most favorite teacher who had a genuine interest in ensuring your success and was always willing to go an extra mile to ensure the same.

I am so looking forward to being in this unique “classroom” of GMAT Club that has offered me an opportunity to communicate with students from all over the world. Please feel free to send me your profile for a free evaluation. I will be more than happy to fulfill your request and answer your queries regarding essays, resume, and recommendation letters, etc.

Lastly, I am not a Harvard graduate, but I am proud to be one of the 33 Individual Consultants of the prestigious organization AIGAC (Association of International Graduate Admission Consultants). So when you work with me, you can be rest assured that you are working with one of the few certified consultants in the world.

Looking forward to working with you all,

Poonam (Founder and CEO of myEssayReview)
Sign up with myEssayReview (only $999 for 1-school package) and get a free review of up to 2 recommendation letters.
myEssayReview - A personalized and dedicated essay-review service
Image Image Image Image

Services Provided

myEssayReview offers a variety of essay-review packages to choose from.

1. Essay Review Service:

    Essay Packages:
    • 1 Essay (up to 4 edits) $249
    • 2 Essays (up to 4 edits) $399
    • 3 Essays (up to 4 edits) $549
    4 Essays (up to 4 edits) $699[

    Multiple School Packages:

    • 1 School Package $999
    2 school package -$1399
  • 3 School Package - $1799
    4 School Package- $2199
  • 5 School Package $2599
6 School Package $2899[

*School package covers all essays (up to 4) required by a school (2-4 edits) , resume construction ( 2-4 edits) and one review of up to two letters of recommendation. [/list]

2. Resume Review

  • 1 Resume (single edit) $100
1 Resume (2-4 edits ) $ 249

3. Recommendation Letters Review

  • 1 Recommendation Letter (single edit) $100
  • 1 Recommendation Letter (2- 4 edits) $249


MyEssayReview - A personalized and dedicated essay-review service

Image Image Image

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MBA Admissions Consulting
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Re: Ask my Essay Review [#permalink] New post 05 Sep 2012, 09:28
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Hi all,

These days most of you are busy putting together your thoughts/ ideas for your essays.Here is an article I wrote some time back that may provide you helpful tips in drafting your essays.
Here it is:

How to Write Compelling Admission Essays?

“Why was I dinged?” is the question that often confuses and torments some applicants when they do not receive the coveted acceptance letter from the schools they had applied to . Well, one of the key reasons of getting a rejection letter is – poorly-written essays . Undoubtedly, essays are a critical part of your application package that gives the Ad Com a sense of who you are, so you need to invest your time to reflect on your life for your unique personal and professional attributes and then illustrate those qualities by real life examples.

My article titled ” Application Essays : Mistakes you should avoid “ discusses some common mistakes made by applicants with their admission essays. Here are some suggestions to address those mistakes.

1. Start Early :

Do not procrastinate. Start early, so you have enough time to plan, draft and revise. Essay writing is an acquired skill and you need TIME to attain perfection in this skill. If you are a working professional and are planning to apply to 5-6 schools, you need to start working on your essays at least 3-4 months before the deadline. In order for you to provide the Ad com a complete picture of your unique personality by answering all the essay questions effectively and precisely , you need to do introspection for the personal and professional qualities that define you and your life experiences that illustrate those qualities and then think of ways to connect those stories to your essay themes. This planning takes ample time and sow ill the next stages of writing , namely drafting, revising, and editing, so it is advisable to start working on essays well ahead of time.

2. Provide real-life examples:

Essays are NOT extended resumes, so do not elaborate and EXPLAIN your resume through your essays. Answer your essay question through real -life examples and let your voice come through your essays. B-Schools want to know you through your essays, so do not hesitate to share your personal experiences/stories that illustrate your personal and professional qualities unique to you. In order to make your essays convincing and persuasive, you must connect your essay themes to your life experiences. Therefore, do not shy away from providing specific details about their life experiences because you do not want to be impersonal while writing your Personal Statement or Personal essays. Below is an example of an interesting beginning in response to a question about ‘life outside work environment ‘wherein the applicant begins to narrate about his/her love of cricket.


“It had been a hectic week of planning promotional material for new project launch, and I was looking forward to watch a sensational cricket match between India and Sri Lanka with a bunch of friends over the weekend.”

3. Answer all parts of the essay question :

Break down all parts of the essay question and try to give equal footage to all of them. If the question has three sections, answer all of them. Prepare an outline before writing. Rewrite and make sure you have satisfactorily answered all the sections of essay question.


Question no. 4 in the Personal Statement of MiF LBS has 7 parts, and the applicant is likely to miss 1-2 parts of it. In order to avoid that, I recommend numbering all the parts of the question and then answer them one by one. After making sure you have satisfactorily answered all the questions, delete the numbers.

4. Be Specific:

Read the essay question carefully and answer it precisely The ‘how’ part of your answer is as important as the ‘what’ part. This is what will bring out your personal and professional qualities.

Example #1 if you are discussing your accomplishments or failures / setbacks, do not forget to describe how you navigated through different situations and what you learned from them.

Example # 2 : While answering ‘Goals’ question, it is not enough to discuss your academic qualification, your career history, your short term goal, and long term goal only. The Ad Com also want to know what passion drove you to your chosen field, how you pursued your interest/passion and progressed along your career path, why you believe that with your current skill set and potential , an MBA is the next logical step in your career path, and most importantly, how an MBA from X School is your best bet at this time to help you achieve your goals.

The following opening sentence about the applicant’s passion for finance is bound to draw the reader into his/her story.


“My love and passion for finance dates back the time when I was only 13 years old and would ponder at the stock prices in the newspaper for countless hours.”

5. Demonstrate your impact:

Do not forget to state what impact/ contribution you are going t o make to the school. Whether the essay question requires you to discuss your contribution or not, make sure to briefly state what value you will be adding to the school. For example, while answering a ‘Goals’ question, it is imperative to add a concluding sentence or two about the specific contribution you will make to the school even if the essay question doesn’t require you to do so.

Example :

“I am confident that with my academic potential, team-working abilities, innovative spirit, and leadership skills , I will add significant value to UCLA community.”

6.Edit for Grammar Errors:

In case you slept through your English class ,get your essays edited for sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling errors. These errors are poor reflections on your candidacy and can jeopardize your chances of admission despite your great GMAT score , GPA and work experience.
In order to bring variety to your writing, try to write a mix of simple, compound and complex sentences . Do not write extremely lengthy sentences stretching 4-5 lines; they are bound to annoy the reader.

7. Stick to word limit :

Stay within word- limit) and try to be as precise as you can (5% over or below word limit is considered ok). Admission officers have thousands of applications to review, so they don’t like to be frustrated with essays filled with overly lengthy paragraphs or sentences that they need to read 2-3 times to make sense of. They want to evaluate you for your ability to make your point in a concise manner. Also, exceeding word limit reflects your unwillingness to follow the guidelines.


To sum up, when writing your application essays, make sure to give yourself sufficient time to brainstorm, draft, revise and edit your essays. I strongly recommend giving yourself at least 2-3 months’ time to be able to create compelling essays for one school only . You should think through the essay prompt and provide specific answers substantiating it with relevant real life examples that help to set you apart from other applicants. Do not skip any part of the essay prompt, and stay within word limit. And lastly and most importantly, make your essays error- free , precise and easily comprehensible.

MyEssayReview - A personalized and dedicated essay-review service

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Re: Ask myEssayReview [#permalink] New post 30 Mar 2013, 12:12
This post received
Do yourself a favour - start your essay writing process NOW and connect with my Essay Review TODAY!

Even though I belong to the non-IT cluster of India and have a unique profile, I knew that my chances of getting an admit from a global B-school were slim because of my non-competitive GMAT score. The only way I could turn the tables around was to take expert guidance and write impactful essays.

I did my research and shortlisted 4 B-school admission consultants (including my Essay Review) in the initial round. Next, I spoke to all the consultants (or their representatives). After talking to the consultants, I ranked all the 4 consultants and finally decided to enrol with my Essay Review because of 3 reasons:

- The fact that I would be working with the CEO of the company - Poonam (and not part-time writers or freelancers or representatives)
- Competitive rates of my Essay Review compared to the other consultants
- The “How I Work” operating model of Poonam (

After my telephonic discussion with Poonam, I was convinced that I was making the right choice and decided to purchase a three-essay package from my Essay Review.

We started our journey with Manchester Business School. Poonam’s initial suggestions for the first essay were mind-blowing and set the ball rolling for all the remaining essays. These suggestions were simple, yet super-effective. They allowed me to channelize my thoughts in the right direction, select the best stories and showcase my candidacy in the best manner to the school.

Most importantly, Poonam provided very valuable insights on how to structure the essays. I loved the way she guided me on how to structure essays to develop a coherent structure. For example, she suggested that I should segment the essay into multiple sub-segments and build a structure around each sub-segment keeping in mind that the question is answered holistically. This was a great advice and I followed this advice diligently in all the essays.

The turn-around time of the edits was perfect and very similar to the timelines in which the fast-paced corporate world operates. All the critiques/edits and reedits were provided within 24 hours as promised on the website and as per our initial discussion (before the start of our assignment).

I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of my Essay Review. It has a very lean and smart operating model. No fuss, no hierarchy. Poonam is the single point of contact and this makes a huge difference. She will guide you at each and every step. She is the director of your movie and knows each and every scene about the actor (the student in the case). She will ensure that the movie would entertain the audience (the B-school in this case) and would be a blockbuster.

The overall experience with my Essay Review was very good and I would definitely recommend its essay editing services to potential B-school applicants.

Yes, I have received an admit from Manchester Business School. So even if you have a not-so-great GMAT score, focus on your essays. How can you do that? Seek expert guidance from Poonam. Do yourself a favour - start now and connect with my Essay Review today!
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Thanks... [#permalink] New post 12 Nov 2013, 17:11
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MBA Admissions Consulting
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Getting Ready for Fall , 2014 [#permalink] New post 30 Apr 2014, 15:34
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Expert's post
With all the Round 3 applications submitted, it is that time of the year when I revel in the success of my students who so enthusiastically shared with me the news of their success. Also, it’s time to begin preparing myself for the next application season. As I take this year’s case studies with me into the next application season and build on those, I would also like for you to gear up for the Fall.

We all know that MBA application process is a time -consuming and challenging journey. If you are planning to apply in Round 1, NOW is the time to begin this journey. By planning ahead and starting early, you can make this process not only rewarding but enjoyable as well. You will thank yourself later for starting early.
Here is the step by step plan you can follow before the schools begin releasing their questions in June/July.

1. Conquer the GMAT:

First and foremost, get this biggest hurdle in your journey out of your way. GMAT is the biggest parameter you will need for making a list of your target schools. Most of you must already be preparing for it, and this sure will make your life easier later. For example, if you take your GMAT now, and do not get your desired score, you still have time to retake it before you begin focusing on other parts of the application package (school selection, resume, essays, and recommendation letters). Tackling both GMAT preparation and essays, recommendation letters, resumes with deadlines drawing close, and that too with the work pressure hanging like Damocles sword on your head, will put you under tremendous pressure, making it extremely challenging for you to produce quality work. Currently, I am working with a candidate who is simultaneously working on essays as well GMAT prep, along with his professional commitments. Obviously, he is not able to give his hundred percent to essays and requires frequent ‘wakeup calls’ from me for emailing me updated drafts of his essays. By planning ahead and allowing yourself sufficient time, you can avoid this unnecessary stress.

2. Begin Your School Selection Process:

You have got the GMAT out of your way by earning your desired score. Now begin researching your target schools. With proper planning, research and initiative, you can definitely pick out schools that will align with your credentials and aspirations. For school selection, you will have to consider many factors e.g. geographical location, loans, scholarships, key projects/courses, employment reports, and companies that are regular recruiters over the years. You should keep in mind the following criteria during your school selection process.

 Look at MBA rankings:

Based on your profile (work experience, industry, GMAT, goals, interests etc.), you should look at MBA rankings (US News, Financial Times, Business Week, etc.). This will give you some understanding of a group of programs that are strong in your field and where you are also competitive. Also, you will be able to categorize them into dream schools, reach schools and safety schools.

Find your ‘Fit’:

Do your research and decide on which schools are the best ‘fit’ for your credentials and aspirations. You should research faculty, curriculum, student groups, clubs, and organizations that match your interests and goals. You may also try to read everything published by the schools. Try to find answers to the questions: “Will this school help me meet my objectives (in the areas of education, networking, and career)?” “What will I contribute to the school community?” “Will I be a good ‘fit’ for this school?” and so on. Based on this research, you should be able to shortlist some schools.

Talk to Alumni and other experienced people:

Along with your research, you should also start reaching out to people with MBA experience: colleagues, friends, current students and alumni, etc. This will help you determine if their perspectives and experiences align with your findings or not. But make sure to talk to multiple Alumni because individual feedback may be biased. You can use the relevant information in your Goals essay and later in the interview to answer the question ‘why our school?’

 Visit Schools:

Attending MBA fairs, school information sessions, and school visits will provide you relevant information on your shortlisted schools. Attend a class or two, meet with a faculty, talk to students, and take a tour of the campus. In other words, get a feel of the school and see if you want be a part of this community or not. Again, while answering “Why our school?’ part of the Goals essay, you can cite interesting aspects of your visit (e.g. class visit, meeting with faculty, information session etc.) to demonstrate your preference/ interest for this school.

 Visit Forums:

Discussion forums are wonderful platforms where you can post your specific queries about school search or any other question regarding MBA admission process and get expert advice from admission consultants. Also, you can share your views/ experiences with other students who are active on these forums and are also finding their way around like you. I would suggest that you create a separate word document for each shortlisted school and write down the aspects of each school that you like (e.g. specific classes and professors, student groups, companies that recruit there etc.) and how that program will help you reach your career goals.

I am sure all this home work will prepare you well and give you enough confidence to finalize your list of 6-7 target schools.

3. Build Your Resume:

Now that you are ready with your list of target schools, it’s time to work on constructing your résumé. MBA résumé is very different from a job résumé, so you will need a significant amount of time and effort in building it. MBA résumés are brief and concise stories of your skills, interests, experience and key accomplishments. Here I would like to quote Ross Admission Director Soojin Kwon, “For me, the résumé is just as important as your essays. Think of it as a trailer of the movie about you.” By making an engaging trailer ( résumé ), you are building Ad Com’s interest in your movie ( essays and recommendation letters).

4. Reach out to recommenders:

It’s also time to approach your recommenders. If you are applying to many schools, your recommenders will need time to work on those recommendation letters. They are busy people, so you may want to apprise them of this favor you would expect from them in the near future. I would encourage you to request a meeting with each of them to discuss the key themes you would like to showcase in your application. Also, your recommenders need to understand that they will not be using the single template for multiple schools because schools have their own set of questions that they expect the recommenders to answer with specific examples from the applicants’ work life.

5. Brainstorm stories for Essays:

After having accomplished all this, you may be wondering “My target schools have still not released essay questions. What do I do now?” Well, before B-school roll out their essay questions, you may begin brainstorming your ideas/stories for essays. Even though B-schools change their essay topics from one year to another, there are going to be concepts that are the same among business schools. For instance, all schools will expect you to write your goals essay, so take your time to identify your short term and long term goals. Make sure your goals are realistic as well as ambitious. Also, start thinking of your greatest leadership experiences, accomplishments, your background, life experiences, your greatest strengths (and weaknesses, too) and how these will help you add value to your target school.

Some of the most common themes you can organize your thoughts on are:

 Why do you want to pursue an MBA?
 What is your career goal post-MBA?
 Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?
 How will you contribute to MBA classroom?
 Why are you interested in the program?
 What are your biggest accomplishments and why do you view them as such?

By establishing your stories in advance, you will already have some raw material in hand which you can develop, edit and tailor to individual essays for specific programs. When the candidates sign up for my services in the summer, I require them to fill out a questionnaire of 25 questions pertaining to their goals, accomplishments, background , cultural experiences, strengths and weaknesses etc., so when the essays come out, we are able to use most of this material for specific essays for their target schools.
Thus, by planning ahead, you can make your MBA application process enjoyable and productive. Of course, you can teak the above plan as per your individual needs, circumstances, and preferences; however, the key is to strategize and plan ahead.

Good luck 

MyEssayReview - A personalized and dedicated essay-review service

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Concentration: Strategy, Entrepreneurship
GMAT 1: 680 Q49 V34
GMAT 2: 710 Q50 V36
GPA: 3.2
WE: Information Technology (Energy and Utilities)
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Re: Ask myEssayReview [#permalink] New post 11 Aug 2014, 20:56
This post was
Profile Evaluation needed.
Following are my details. I am still researching about the MBA colleges.
After MBA, I am interested in working as MC.
Long term goal, Expand family business.

My GMAT score is 710.
Experience 50 months.
Age - 26
I am an engineering graduate in IT from top Indian university National Institute of technology Karnataka.
CGPA - 7.63/10

Vidit_Resume_final.pdf [123.82 KiB]
Downloaded 4 times

To download please login or register as a user

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Joined: 12 Nov 2012
Posts: 102
Location: India
Concentration: Finance, Entrepreneurship
GMAT 1: 650 Q51 V26
GMAT 2: 690 Q50 V32
GMAT 3: 710 Q51 V34
GPA: 2.7
WE: Analyst (Computer Software)
Followers: 0

Kudos [?]: 19 [1] , given: 91

Ask myEssayReview [#permalink] New post 13 Aug 2014, 09:46
This post received

Please evaluate my profile:

Pool: Indian Male/28yrs/Single/IT

Academics: Electrical engineer from IIT
GPA: 6.57/10 (not good as per IIT standards)
Extra Curricular:

1.Few positions of responsibilities(head/sub-head) in cultural/technical fests and alumni meet at college.
2.Won few awards in intra college level socio-cultural competitions.
3.Won gold in intra IIT table tennis competetion(freshers), represented my hostel in different sports activities.

High School: won few olympiads at state level and national level. Represented school at national level painting competetion

Work Experience: 6years (2 years in BFSI, 2.5 years in Automated trading firm, 1.5 years in big data analytics firm)

Work Profile:
- No international experience but coordinated among teams spread across different demographies
- Worked mostly in high-tech domains

Area of interest : Finance, strategy, consulting, high-tech

Gmat: 710 (Q 51 V 34 ) IR :8

Volunteer Work: Few at organizational level for underprivileged kids (for 2 years). But currently not involved in any NGO/CSR activites.
Founded a start-up for artists( as I am passionate about the use of technology in arts)

This was my 3rd attempt at GMAT. Although I could have done better, esp. in verbal , I am in no mood of a retake now. I am pretty much exhausted by my work load and family life.

Target B-schools : Chicago booth/Kellogg MMM/UCLA/Duke/Cornell/Darden/Ross/Tuck

Thanks in advance for your help.

C'est la vie

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MBA Admissions Consulting
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Ask myEssayReview [#permalink] New post 16 Aug 2014, 11:54
This post received
Expert's post
Hi Vidit,

I am sorry for the delayed response. With Round 1 deadlines 4-8 weeks away, it is busy time of the year.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your profile details with me. Here is my assessment of your profile:

Academic Capacity: Good ( 700+ GMAT score + 7.63 CGPA)

Work Experience: 4 years at BHEL. You have not provided any details of the position you have been working at , and the promotion/promotions you have received during these 4 years. So I do to get an understanding of your career progression. You also have worked as a consultant in your family business for one and half year on part time basis until December 2013.

Accomplishments/ leadership Experiences: Your resume shows some accomplishments and also some leadership roles you have handled

Extracurriculars: Your ECs are impressive.

Career Goals: You need to be more specific about your short term career goal. Your long term is to expand your family business. so why did you stop working for your family business?

Overall, on the basis of the details you have provided, I would say ,you have a good profile.

Good luck,

MyEssayReview - A personalized and dedicated essay-review service

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MBA Admissions Consulting
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Re: Ask myEssayReview [#permalink] New post 16 Aug 2014, 11:57
Expert's post
Hello Mshrek,

I am sorry for the delayed response. With Round 1 deadlines 4-8 weeks away, it is busy time of the year.

As you are aware, you belong to the most competitive applicant pool. Here is my assessment of your profile:

Academic Capacity; You have good GMAT, but average GPA

Work Experience: Six years of work experience is good but it doesn’t tell me anything about your career progression

Accomplishments/ leadership Experiences: Again, you have not provided any details of your greatest hits at work.

Extracurricular/Volunteer work: You participated in ECs in college, and also have some community service involvement in the past. Currently, you are not involved in any community service activities

Career Goals: You have not provided any information on your goals.

Target B-schools: Without having more details of your work experience, it is difficult for me to comment if you will be competitive for your target schools or not.

Good luck ,

MyEssayReview - A personalized and dedicated essay-review service

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Status: Retaking GMAT
Joined: 30 Mar 2014
Posts: 77
Location: India
Concentration: Technology, Human Resources
GMAT 1: 600 Q48 V25
GPA: 3
WE: Information Technology (Human Resources)
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GMAT ToolKit User
Re: Ask myEssayReview [#permalink] New post 03 Sep 2014, 21:39
Just gave my exam yesterday and got 600.
Not shocked as I was getting scores between 580 and 620 in MGMAT and GMATPrep tests.
Last GMATprep i got 670 Q50 V31.

My Experience of GMAT:
I felt that Quant was really easy and similar to GMATPrep. But verbal was tougher than GMATPrep and MGMAT tests.
SC was tricky, CR was the toughest and RC was medium. Just 1 RC was hard, rest 3 were medium.

Although I am planning to retake it in 2 months and apply in R2, but please let me know which schools are mod, ambi, etc. and other than these schools if there is any school which suits my profile and GMAT score.Below is my profile snapshot:

10th: 78%
12th: 85%
B.Tech. : 69%
5.5 years of work exp in IT company(Ranked as 14th in Fortune 500 companies list), headquartered in US.
Male Indian IT Guy
Not associated with any NGO though i run my own website for health awareness and cancer prevention and promote it through facebook.
I used to run my own website and I am an ethical Hacker and used to run my own website for ethical hacking but its closed now. not sure if it will help me or not.
My Target schools are Schulich, University of Illinois Urbana Champaghne, Carlson, Fordham, UIC and Depaul.

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