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Ask Stratus Prep

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Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 01 Jun 2012, 11:15
Expert's post
This post was

We welcome Stratus Prep Admissions Consulting on GMAT Club!

About Stratus Prep:

Located in New York City since 2006, Stratus Prep is a premier MBA Admissions Counseling firm committed to helping clients achieve their dreams of going to business school. Stratus Prep has served thousands of clients from over 3 dozen countries.

Our three-pronged approach provides each candidate with a counselor who will be their “coach” throughout the process, a team of admission experts to help support the process and an account manager to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. This approach has helped students gain admission into all of the top schools worldwide for undergraduate and graduate work including: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia Business School, Fuqua School of Business, The Sloane School, as well as dozens of others.
Numerous major publications have sought Stratus Prep’s expertise on admission to graduate schools and test prep, including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Fortune, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek and US News and World Report.

We believe that every student deserves a personalized approach, efficiently developed and strategically tailored to make their application stand out amongst the thousands of other applicants from around the globe. We are committed to helping every client present their best self in order to stand out amongst the crowd.

Use this forum to ask any and all of your MBA admissions questions, and to learn more about us and how we can help you reach your dream MBA program.

What Makes Stratus Prep Unique:

  • At Stratus Prep, you work with two admissions counselors so that you have both a partner in this process and an objective, external evaluator at every step along the way (not just at the very end when it’s too late to address any areas for improvement).
  • By assigning you two counselors, Stratus Prep also ensures that your application package will appeal to readers/interviewers with diverse personal and professional backgrounds.
  • Stratus Prep have a proven, robust, proprietary admissions strategy methodology that will guarantee that you are most effectively marketing yourself to the schools of your choice (we believe getting into the top schools is about much more than simply drafting well-written essays). This strategy ensures critical alignment between all the facets of your application.
  • None of Stratus Prep’s MBA Admissions Counselors have full-time jobs (unfortunately such moonlighting is all too common in this industry). MBA Admissions Counseling is the main source of income for all of our counselors so you are their #1 priority.
  • Our counselors, most of whom are former consultants, bankers, and corporate marketers, are available in person, by phone, and via email to assist you any time.
  • We strictly cap the number of clients/schools each counselor works on so that you can be sure to get the individualized attention and quick turnaround times that you deserve.
  • All of our counselors are graduates themselves from top 5 MBA programs with significant admissions experience.
  • Our team treats every MBA application that we work on as if it were our own; we will not rest until you and we are satisfied that there is nothing else you could possibly do to improve your chances of gaining admission to the schools of your choice.
  • We are the only MBA Admissions Counseling firm to release school-by-school success rates

More Information:

Stratus Prep’s MBA Admissions Counseling Methodology
Stratus Prep’s MBA Admissions Counselors
Stratus Prep’s MBA Admissions Counseling Results
Schedule your free half hour consultation

As a special GMAT Club offer, Stratus Prep is offering you a discount:

$500 off Counseling Packages of 3+ Schools


Founder of GMAT Club

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Co-author of the GMAT Club tests

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Re: Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 02 Aug 2013, 11:17
Can the applications be submitted with an unofficial GMAT score? and can the official score be mailed after submitting the applications.
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Re: Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 14 Oct 2014, 18:05
I am a 36 year old Indian male. Could give me a general profile evaluation and then we can go into details and I can hire your services. GMAT - 700+

My work profile is below:
Work Experience (WE): 120 months (all in USA for Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft and Synopsys, a chip-software-design-firm)
I started with Intel, then switched to 2 startups one after another which were bought out by Synopsys (SNPS), then worked for Qualcomm, Iphone chip maker, then Xbox 360 chip.
2 years ago, started my own healthcare services venture and today run my own venture and lead 40+ staff.

Industry: Technology, then last 2 years in HealthCare
Function: hardware chip design and marketing- product differentiation, sales experience; single handedly developed software used in my health care venture

Undergraduate Degree: GPA: 3.8/4.0 B.S. (Electronic) from VJTI (A top 10 school in India - in the same league as IITs or 1 notch below IITs) - The degree was a four year course.
Graduate Degree - Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering - GPA: 3.8/4.0

Despite extenuating childhood and teenage circumstances due to family-health, constantly worked and still work everyday to improve myself and emerge pretty successful with academics and later in work sphere various roles.

Community Service: My extremely difficult childhood familial circumstances (provide details on phone) and tough-time getting jobs after masters in USA just after Sept 11th 2001 made my existing strength of seeing from other person's point-of-view=empathy MORE stronger.
Since 2005, I personally helped 100+ students get $100k jobs - can provide names/emails to admission committee. chintanpurohit dot blogspot dot com

My plans after MBA, in the order of preference, are to start another venture of my own and/or pursue academia - economist after few years.

That was my detailed profile overview. Coming to the questions:
1) Considering my profile and my GMAT score, what are the chances of getting into chicago-booth, harvard, wharton, tuck, kellogg ?
2) I can retake GMAT; get higher 750+ score. I have had extremely difficult childhood and have motivations for evangelizing disease awareness and then establish rehab and treatment options in emerging economies?
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Stratus Prep Admissions Consultant
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Re: Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 15 Oct 2014, 07:42
Hi chintanpurohit,

Thanks for reaching out! I am happy to set up a conversation and call, but I prefer to work via email.

I will PM you to continue the conversation.

All the best,

Stratus Prep
(212) 307-1788

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Re: Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 10 Jan 2015, 01:28
great journey..
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GMAT 1: 680 Q49 V34
WE: Manufacturing and Production (Consumer Products)
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Re: Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 03 Sep 2015, 03:22
Female candidate,25 yrs
B Tech in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology , Kurukshetra GPA-4

GMAT-680(M-49 V-34)

W.E- will complete 4 years in July 2016

WORK EXPERIENCE:I was selected as one of the 12 students from different NITs across the country to the Pepsico Graduate Engineering Trainee Program . In the duration of a year of training in the manufacturing side of the business I was the first person responsible for the glass bottling line in one of the facturies . Managing and exceeding the expectations in this role I moved on to another factory in Pepsico itself where I was responsible for the leading the Juice Glass Bottling line. In both of these roles I lead a team of around 20 line operators , and we achieved a Net Efficiency Gain in the lines by approx 5 %.(Duration 1 year)

Post this I moved in the Project management side of techops . Here I was involved in the designing and procurement of the the line and utility machinery for a green field factory . (Duration 1 year)

In my current role I am leading the Productivity and Performance Projects for all the 10 manufacturing plants . Herein , I am the first person person responsible for exceuting , tracking , monitoring & controlling the 15 field projects in various factories . These projects include focused Efficiency improvement of some of the beverage lines , Manpower reduction on some staions on the line etc.

Also , I am the Diversity and Inclusion lead for all the Pepsico Manufacturing facilities .

Part Time Profession : I am an Indian Classical singer and have been trained for 6 years and hold a Sangeet Visharad . Currently I have my own Sufi Band and we do gigs in clubs in and around Delhi .

Reasons to do an MBA-Want to expand my area of expertise and gain holistic knowledge of how organizations work.Want to specialize in Operations . Post-MBA, looking for a Strategic kind of role in the Ops/Supply Chain side of a business

I'm not sure as to which schools would be a good fit for me.I want to work in Asia/Europe ,and hence,looking at these bschools.

Your first step to your dream MBA

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Re: Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 11 Nov 2015, 02:32

I've just given my GMAT and got a score of 670(47Q/35V, IR 7).
A bit more about myself:
I'm an Indian male, age 24 years. I have lived outside India for the major part of my life (in the middle east).
I have a bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics form NIT Warangal ( Rank 8 college in India ) with a CGPA of 6.3/10, graduated in 2013.After which I worked at Bank of America as a Tech associate in India for 18 months. Here I was the offshore point of contact for an agile project. Worked in the role of Business Analyst in gathering business requirements and developing test cases working extensively with the developers and business partners. Got a silver award for my work in this project.

I then started a company with my friend called Urbserv which is a online/mobile app that allows you to book a handyman around the clock at your convenience. We launched in March and have received around 1000 orders till now.While working on the startup our aim was to create an app for cooks and cleaners on the go and improve their living conditions by the profits we generated from this but to change the idea because of security laws that govern this kind of work and the investors werent interested because of this.

I then moved to Riyadh,Saudi Arabia after working for a few months in the startup and started working as an Assistant Manager in a mid sized Printing and Packaging Firm(generates business of around 5 million SAR monthly ) to improve my leadership skills and to learn all aspects of running a company.Here I supervise the overall working of the company focusing mainly on operations and sales and have about 80 people reporting to me. Over the course of 6 months that i have worked here the company has improved its profit margin from 14-18%. We have used the extra money to improve the living conditions of our labour employees and in educating them. In the past 3 months we have focused on using a part of our profits in helping the under privileged by organizing volunteering activities.

During the process I have learnt that an MBA would have been very helpful.I would like to start a Social enterprise after my MBA, which aims on creating revenue generating businesses marketed with a social theme and the profits generated from these business will be used for building homes and providing food for the underprivileged in the country .In 10 years time I would like this Enterprise to improve the living conditions of the people living below the poverty line by building homes, proving food,education and providing proper healthcare.

To further my career at this point in time I would like to apply for an MBA program. Given my profile it would be very helpful if you could advice me to which colleges I can apply to. With colleges considered, ambitious, moderate and safe.

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Re: Ask Stratus Prep [#permalink]

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New post 04 Dec 2015, 06:21

Would really appreciate your thoughts on my odds at Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, MIT, Haas, Ross, and UT Austin McCombs (applying Round 2)

- EDIT: left my job in Oct 2015 - I was told by someone else that in such a situation, it's not worth applying to any schools with a <15% admittance rate - would you agree?

- 29-year-old Indian-American male
- TBD GMAT (taking it in 2 weeks) - assuming I will get > 700
- 3.79 GPA from H/Y/P, double major in Economics and Political Science

- Worked for 6 years in Big 4 (PwC/Deloitte) strategy consulting group, focused mainly on healthcare innovation; 2 of those years were spent in a selective (10% admittance) internal digital health incubator as a product manager for health and wellness solutions
- Promoted to Senior Associate (entry level MBA position, frankly not uncommon at my firm)

- Co-founded and chaired committee to train employees in developing habits that maximize productivity, well-being, and help them work in alignment with their values
- Selected for 2 years in a row to mentor junior consultants
- Outside my firm, lead / facilitate NYC chapter of national organization that brings in experts on behavior change to help people develop sustained habits

Goal: work in a product or strategy role at an innovative organization aimed at making people healthier or happier (health tech company or innovative healthcare provider system). (I'm also very interested in cleantech and sustainability, but have comparatively less experience in that, so won't be part of my story)

Thanks very much!
Re: Ask Stratus Prep   [#permalink] 04 Dec 2015, 06:21
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Ask Stratus Prep

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