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Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates

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Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 22 May 2009, 12:56
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NOTE: Roll Call Page Managed by All Global Mods

I am starting this thread and throwing in my name as first applicant for Wharton 2010.


Wharton Fall 2010 Applicants:


Total GMATClub Stats:
Total Applicants: 96
Wharton Class of 2012 :

Bas123 (PE in Middle East) - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL Summer
cenbj (big 4 auditing / MNC Finance ) - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL Summer
drewbrees - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL Summer
ericschock (Int. PE / Consulting) WL R3 / WL Summer
happy2010 - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER
hm2009 (Indian Hi-tech / Non-Profit) - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER
jaf74 - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER
justniky (Latin America - Comp Sci.) - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER
MBAgirl2010 (Int. in US - Media / Tech) - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER
sabdogg99 - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER
Wildcat713 (asset mgmt at bank/eqty research at HF) - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER

Comrade - WL R2 / WL R3
csino - WL R1 / WL R2/ WL R3
h00riz00n WL R2 / WL R3
kjumbala - WL R2 / WL R3
mbarunner1 - WL R2 / WL R3
mrmister - WL R2 / WL R3
Reality - WL R2 / WL R3
SarahMBA2010 - WL R2 / WL R3
uniquelyidentify - WL R2 / WL R3
ykostyuk - WL R2 / WL R3

EBSIFounder - WL R2
hpz - WL R2
mTORC1 - WL R2
sara0009 - WL R2
Toymba - WL R2
thisisgettingtome - WL R1 / WL R2

canadasms - WL R1
entrepreneur2015 - WL R1
oompm - WL R1
SBChargers - WL R1
ozgeuyanik - WL R1
shurugall - WL R1

aditi123 - WL R2 - withdrawn
GoalMBA2010 - WL R2 / WL R3 / WL SUMMER - withdrawn
Frontline - WL R2 / Withdrawn
kokkiri - R2 / Withdrawn
Icarus - WL R1 / Withdrawn
42 - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
cletuscassidy - WL R1 / WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
sarmlove - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
sm332 - WL R1 / WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
Jivana - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
mavaali - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
MBAjourney - R2 interviewed /Ding
goobersmooches - R2 interviewed / Ding
zuleron R3 Interviewed / Ding
phillymba2012 - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
pulandasu - WL R2 / Ding
pma - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
mattkc - WL R2 / WL R3
nath99 - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
InLikeFlynn - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
Hope2012 R3 / Ding
fahim305 - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
guptaji - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
vino - WL R2 / WL R3 / Ding
wtbwhartonadmit - WL R2 / Ding

Round 1 GMATClub Stats:
Total Applicants: 80
Class of 2012: 0
Interview Invites: 49
Admits: 16
Waitlist: 14
Dings: 22
Unknown: 30
Deadline: 10/1/2009

Wolfie2011 - Admit
nola25 - Admit w/ fellowship
gammacad - Admit w/ fellowship
pilot - Admit w/ JW fellowship
crapface - Admit
laurenbcn - Admit
warriorM33 - Admit
mbahopes2009 - Admit
gnz1 - Admit
snakesonplanes - Admit
SuperIndo - Admit
JordinT - Admit/Fellowship/ Withdrawn
gregarious - Admit / Withdrawn
HCGirl10 - Admit
infanteed - Admit
fmv07 - Admit / Attending

latammc - WL R1 / Dinged
river - Waitlisted / Dinged
Pook - Ding w/ Interview
praz - Ding w/ Interview
MBABoy2012 - Ding w/ Interview
bwizzle - Ding w/ Interview
jankynoname - Ding w/ Interview
asht201 - Ding w/ Interview
Kiki723 - Ding w/ Interview
BostonArmyGuy - Ding w/ Interview
sjtoby23 - Ding w/ Interview
theDreamChaser - Ding w/Interview
ezekiel2517 - Ding/Interview
queserasera - Ding
gmatbschool - Ding
n8jg4s202 - Ding
cozmo8 - Ding
thescientist - Ding
stopper5 - Ding
shana22 - Ding
xpiano1978 - Ding
popper - Ding
souryab - Ding
sc - Ding/Interview

NCMBA2012 - Interview
alfalfa - Interview
zaphod - Interview
livingonarazorsedge - Interview
damack1oh - Interview
atldude - Interview
fingercrosser - Interview
DS1486 - Interview
forzviol - Interview

Total Applicants: 167
Interview Invites: 110
Admitted: 27
WL: 37
Dinged: 53
Unknown: 50 (if you are one of them, please mention your status in the thread)
Deadline: 01/05/2010

2012dreams - Admit $$$
Aenigma - Admit
ArtKai - Admit
awang1283 - Admit
bunny27 - Admit $$
cesc4 - Admit
curiousapplicant - Admit / Attending
DavidKard - Admit
DCMBAapp - Admit $$
Diaspora2006 - Admit $
dindin - R2 Admitted / Withdrawn
drmang7 - Admit
DuckPond - Admit
dyc2005 - WL R2 / Admitted
gregarious - Admitted/Withdrawn
jennipuh - Admit
jjxl - Admit
JoeB - Admit $$ / Attending
KarBare33 - Admit $$
KatUT11 - Admit $
LB20 - Admit $ / Attending
MatthewF - Admit $$$ - full
mba2012abc - Admit $$$
mba2012lfh - Admit $$
mbagirl2012 - Admit $$
meridian17 - Admit
nlt22 - WL R2 / Admitted
oivey - WL R1 / Admitted
RonMexico - Admit $
sweetpea - Admit
TorontoGirl - Admit
ttocsik - Admit
USF1 - R2 Waitlisted /Admitted
vcom - Admit
Xerion - Admit / Withdrawn

20lvo - Ding w/ Interview
bcnmba - Ding w/ Interview
bsyde - Ding w/ Interview
chilly - Ding w/ Interview
Codex - Ding w/ Interview
CTR - Ding w/ Interview
elosorusso - Ding w/ Interview
HBS2011 - Ding w/ Interview
hoping2010 - Ding w/ Interview
kinokosarada - Ding w/ Interview
kkyellowjacket - Ding w/ Interview
machg400 - Ding w/ Interview
madeinafrica - Ding w/ Interview
Meggieski - Ding w/ Interview
powerka - Ding w/ Interview
Rainforest - Ding w/ Interview
robertrdzak - Ding w/ Interview
SalarymanJ - Ding w/ Interview
whartonalltheway - Ding w/ Interview
Yankees2008 - Ding w/ Interview
2012mbahopeful - Ding
aa5786 - Ding
aabbccddee - Ding
adude - Ding
baxter - Ding
coadman - Ding
cwhite1020 - Ding
drew031482 - Ding
egy - Ding
felgonza - Ding
Ginetta - Ding
gkumar - Ding
goldenspaceship - Ding
greytmba - Ding
javaexe - Ding
KBCalifornia - Ding
kevintay - Ding
LUGO - Ding
mba12tech - Ding
milias - Ding
mohater - Ding
nishantg - Ding
nutmba - Ding
phboom - Ding
planet51 - Ding
pochcc - Ding
RepeatedRefresher - Ding
RoyMcAvoy - Ding
SCBooth - Ding
stler645 - Ding
sweatshirt - Ding
vodkacran - Ding

2009mba2012 - Invited to Interview
Applicant1978 - Invited to Interview
AppsNuts - Invited to Interview
blitz85 - Invited to Interview
brooks - Invited to Interview
edman688 - Invited to Interview
hankpunk - Invited to Interview
hwkbc - Invited to Interview
jasonjason - Invited to Interview
mba2010please - Invited to Interview
mbadreamgirl - Invited to Interview
mclarenslr500 - Invited to Interview
mittalankur - Invited to Interview
nq108 - Invited to Interview
pd19823 - Invited to Interview
poshmaster - Invited to Interview
prakyrules - Invited to Interview
repo - Invited to Interview
rj1161- Invited to Interview
Skysurf - Invited to Interview
theburgh - Invited to Interview
ZedLep - Invited to Interview


Total Applicants: 5
Interview Invites: 2
WL: 1
Deadline: 03/09/2010

skiingfool101 - Interviewed

Last Year's F'09 Wharton thread:

Essay Questions:
Essay 1 – (750-1000 words) As a leader in global business, Wharton is committed to sustaining “a truly global presence through its engagement in the world”. What goals are you committed to and why? How do you envision the Wharton MBA contributing to the attainment of those goals?

Essay 2 – (750-1000 words) Tell us about a time when you had to adapt by accepting/understanding the perspective of people different from yourself.

Essay 3 – (500 words) Describe a failure that you have experienced. What role did you play, and what did you learn about yourself?

Essay 4 – (500 words) Choose one of the following:

a. Give us a specific example of a time when you solved a complex problem.

b. Tell us about something significant that you have done to improve yourself, in either your professional and/or personal endeavors.

Application is available now

GMAT 750 (Q50/V41 AWA 5.0)
Stanford Harvard Kellogg Wharton Darden and Haas
For pictures from Haas Kellogg or Stanford check out ... ityVisits#

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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 04 Feb 2010, 00:43
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Applicant1978 wrote:
If I applied in mid dec and still don't have an invitation will it be reasonable to assume that I won't have one?

Posted from my mobile device Image

Stop posting the same questions and READ what people have replied with.

I will narrow it down for you

part of email from Wharton Adcomm wrote:
Due to the nature and complexity associated with the admissions process there is no particular order in which invitations are released.

There is NOTHING to conclude on UNTIL Feb 18. Go about your life.

Strategy Discussion Thread | Strategy Master | GMAT Debrief| Please discuss strategies in discussion thread. Master thread will be updated accordingly. | GC Member Write Ups

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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 11 Jun 2009, 05:29
This post received
Adcoms don't "look" for anything in the essays, that's for sure. There is no right/wrong answer - they just want to know who you are after reading your essays. If you are trying to tell them what they want to hear, you will be in deep trouble.

And somebody must have influenced you and your career, somebody completely different than you. There is not just cultural difference in the game. Someone on the "opposite side" might have presented you his point of view - 'look I know that you sales people think that the main thing is X, but for me the most important thing is Y'. Even someone in the street could have told you something that seemed totally insignificant in that moment, but you realized later the true value of his/her wisdom. People different from us have tons of problems, joys, hopes, wishes... How they deal with that and how someone of them influenced the way you solve your problems or enjoy the fruits of your endeavors?

Your example with government might be good start point, just don't be so negative in your essays :wink: You could present what was their point of view in certain situation, what was important for them but insignificant to you, how they tried to solve the problem and what did you think about it. How their standpoint was different from yours and why? And most important (this is THE most important thing in every essay, not just this one), what have you learned from that situation?

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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 11 Jun 2009, 15:56
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atwater wrote:
It's a tough one for sure.

To me essay 1 is more like a mix bag of the standard career goal essay and Stanford's "what matters" one. I would say focus is definitely on future plan but career progression could help explain how the goals have been shaped along the way.

Another interesting observation of this one is since it mentions Wharton's goal, are we going to align ours with Wharton too?

Any thoughts, guys?

I would not try to guess what the adcom wants to hear from you. Instead, I would decide on what I want the adcom to know about my personality, career, interests, etc. It is good to take Paul Bodine's book and follow his advice on how to approach the application. The key is in deciding on what exactly your strengths are, defining examples of such, understanding your weaknesses and finding ways to address them in your app.

It is crucial to view all (ALL!) components of your application holistically. In other words, it helps to research all the components of the application, and decide on how each of the parts will be used and what part of the overarching statement will be assigned to each of them. Simply speaking, think strategically, define the functions of the application components, maybe evaluate their weight and assign tasks to them.

In this way, depending on your plan, you may want to mention your hobbies briefly in essays 1, 2, and 3, (or in none at all) and then focus on your unique hobby that may be an illustration of something that you think will help you be ahead of the pack.

I think assigning a narrow function to an essay topic (as in "fit essay", "goals essay", etc.) is only helpful within the broader framework of your application strategy. Instead, you may want to stress your fit in several essays, each giving a new interesting angle of this "fit", same thing goes for your career goals. After all, all of your essays, recos, test scores, and all other components of your app will be viewed as your answer to "Why MBA? Why Wharton? Why now?", not just the goals essay.
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 22 Jul 2009, 10:19
This post received
My Wharton Visit


I had the chance to visit Wharton this past April, the 3rd of 6 campus visits that I made during the spring. I registered for my visit ahead of time online, but it's worth noting that the registration was only for the general visit and did not allow for the selection of classes to visit or for other activities. I stayed with a friend who lives west of Philly (and also works in Center City) and I took the train in with him to the 30th Street Station. From there it was about a 10-minute walk to campus and a few more minutes to get to Huntsman Hall.

-- Quick Side Note: At this point, walking onto campus, I began to feel extremely anxious/nervous. Though I had already visited two schools prior to this visit, well, this was WHARTON. I had built Wharton up in my head as my dream school, my number one pick, the ideal program for me, etc., and it hit me: "Sh*t ... what if this place sucks?". The thought that I might hate the program made me fret a bit, but I calmed myself down, appreciated the beauty of the campus, and headed towards Huntsman. (Read on to learn if it did in fact not suck) --


I arrived about 10 minutes 'til 9am, perfect since I had wanted to make it to an early class visit. Unfortunately, I entered the "wrong" side of the building, and spent a few minutes wondering how to get to a room on the 4th floor when the elevator only went up to #3. This was helpful in that I got to see a lot of the small group meeting rooms and some other areas of the building, but also discouraging since I thought my inability to make it to the 4th floor meant I was failing some sort of Wharton admissions test. Anyway, once I found a different set of elevators on the other side of the building, I made it to the admissions office a few minutes after 9am.

After being greeted by a receptionist in the office, I was then greeted by a current student who was in the lounge area. I signed in and he handed me a schedule of available classes to visit that day. Since it was too late for a 9am class, I asked about some of the available 10:30am classes, and then we just talked for a while. (I put "just talked" in bold because, as you'll read, that was an unexpected but invaluable part of my visit) A few other visitors trickled in, we introduced ourselves, etc., and talked with the several current students that were now in the lounge. These current students/hosts who inhabited the admissions lounge area were volunteers who were there just to talk with us and answer any questions that we had about anything dealing with the program, clubs/activities, life in Philly, current job outlook, etc.
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 22 Jul 2009, 10:20
This post received
Class Visit

Several of us prospects went with one of the student hosts to Marketing Management Strategy with Professor Bell. Before class started, as I sat down and observed, the students appeared extremely friendly, joking with each other and talking about various non-class-related topics. The students were also wearing (for the most part) jeans and t-shirts; this was not the class of suit-wearing finance drones that I had for whatever reason expected*. Their casual and engaging personalities transitioned extremely well right into the class itself; it was very impressive to me.

This class session centered on strategy for products in declining markets, and was one of my favorite class visits among all that I have had. The way that the students interacted with each other and with the professor made me want to jump right in on the discussions. I really got the sense that the students were interested in the material and that their relationship with Professor Bell** was solid, and I’ll definitely try for this class if I end up at Wharton. He even threw in some :shock: calc formulas in at the end when discussing some of the related models, which I appreciated.

At the end of class, the professor allowed some students to show a short video clip advertisement for the Summer Public Interest Fund (SPIF), which is a student-financed fund that allows students to pursue public sector and nonprofit internships and still receive a summer salary. The video was student-made, funny, and actually a bit vulgar (link: I joked with one of the student hosts and asked if that level of vulgarity was normal, to which he replied, smiling, “Absolutely.”

*I somewhat expected to encounter only these crazy type-A finance people who wore suits just for fun. Instead, the students came from a huge variety of backgrounds, and I had some great conversations with a few that had interests similar to mine.

**Professor Bell covered a lot of material in the class, but it was impressive to me how he tied certain concepts directly to recent research conducted by fellow Wharton professors. Obviously he is biased, but then again Wharton does have the “most cited business school faculty”.
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 22 Jul 2009, 10:21
This post received
Lunch with Students and the Non-Tour

For lunch, some student hosts took us out to these “Food Trucks” on campus, just outside the building. I guess this is a Philly thing, but I thought they were a great way to hit up lunch with everyone. There were several of these trucks (envision ice cream trucks) that offered a variety of cuisines: Mexican, Asian, Greek, Pakistani … the list goes on and on. I grabbed a soda and a chicken sandwich (yes, boring) and headed back in the building with everyone.

We were dropped off in one of the classrooms where some more student hosts met with us and talked with us for close to an hour. The topics varied wildly and it was a great opportunity to ask questions and to listen to the experiences of the students, both first and second years. I was amazed by not only the number of clubs* with which the students were involved, but also by their cavalier attitude to the associated time commitments. They kept themselves busy and they enjoyed it; impressive to say the least.

After lunch, some prospects went to another class visit, but the rest (myself included) went back to the lounge to wait for a host to take us on a campus tour. Unfortunately, we ended up waiting for nothing, since the assigned host had something come up, and they couldn’t find a replacement to take us out**. However, this was an absolute blessing in disguise. The few of us that were stuck waiting for the no-show got the chance to, yet again, sit and talk with current students. For close to 90 minutes we just talked and talked about the school and everything. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful this was throughout the day. I loved that Wharton kept the admissions lounge stocked with current students.

*It seemed like every guy I talked to was in the Rugby Club. There are a bunch of guys on the team and you don’t have to have prior experience to join. They all raved about it … something I’ll definitely consider.

**The visit program as a whole did come off as a bit unpolished, and although it worked out great for me, this is definitely an area where they could improve. Still, I’m not going to downgrade a school just because the visit program didn’t follow a formal and precise format.
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 22 Jul 2009, 10:22
This post received
Info Session

At 3pm all the prospects (~8 of us at this point) gathered for an info session. This info session was nothing like those of any of the other schools that I visited. There was no PowerPoint presentation, no handouts (though they were available in the lounge), just talking. I’m not sure if this is their normal way of doing things, but I liked it; why waste time going over facts and figures that everyone there should have already read on their website? Instead, the AdCom member talked about her Wharton perspective (as a former student) and then started taking questions. Most of the questions at this point were specific to the admissions process, with a few about career stats, etc. (Of note was the fellow prospect who brought a parent with them to the info session. I thought this was somewhat odd at first, until the parent kept asking question after question while their kid remained silent … then I thought it was really odd …)

Halfway through the info session, the AdCom member was replaced by two current students. They discussed their backgrounds, clubs they were involved in, and their interests. When the conversation shifted towards their job prospects and the general state of job offers at Wharton, one particular comment from one of the students stands out in my mind. The student said something to the effect of:
“What we’re seeing is that a lot of the top employers of the past have lowered their numbers, so whereas they in the past might have hired 30 interns, this year they could only hire 15. What’s important to note, is that they are still coming to Wharton. In many cases, these companies not only reduced their total number of job offers to all schools, but also their total number of schools to which they visit; some companies may only visit 2 or 3 schools in this type of economy. We’re lucky enough to be considered one of those top schools.”*
In general, I got the sense that the students at Wharton weren’t really hurting as much as I had thought, but rather many of them had to rethink their desired industries to better align with the current economy.

*An impressive oddity that I noticed throughout the day was that not one student talked about any business school besides Wharton. Even when asked what other schools they had considered or how their friends at other schools were compared to them, no one mentioned a single other school. At some of my other visits, students straight-up said “I considered schools B, C, and D, but I picked school A because those other schools aren’t as good”. The message from Wharton students was simply “I chose Wharton because it was the best fit for me, and that may not be true for everyone.” Very cool.
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 22 Jul 2009, 10:23
This post received

As I left the Pub and walked through campus on the way to the train station, I reflected on the day at Wharton (8+ hours at that point) and on my worry from the start of the day: “What if this place sucks?” Well, at that point and to this day, I can say with absolute certainty that, for me, no, Wharton does not suck. More eloquently stated, I was and am extremely impressed with everything that Wharton has to offer, and the experience that day went beyond even my sky-high expectations. On paper, Wharton is what it is, a top-notch MBA program. In person, the students there showed me that it is indeed a top-notch MBA program for me.

I hope you all found my write-up helpful. I know I didn’t elaborate much on specifics pertaining to admissions hints, etc. The reality was that the students didn’t go beyond the typical “they look at the entire app holistically” or “make your essays shine” advice that you’ll hear from every school. If one thing did stand out, the “loudest” advice given was to “be yourself”, but again, that’s what everyone says.

If you guys have any questions about the visit process or anything specific to my visit, I’m happy to answer what I can. Still, I absolutely recommend seeing the campus for yourself, and even venturing into Philly if you’ve never been.

Edit: Well ... I didn't get in ... and it sucks ... but I still stand by everything I said above and I wish the rest of you good luck.

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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 02 Feb 2010, 10:29
This post received
pd19823 wrote:

Got an invite yesterday via email.

Asian / Female / 770 / Intl undergrad w. honors / 4 yrs mgmt consulting at a top tier firm

interview advice, anyone?

Congrats, guys!

Here are the questions from my rd 1 interview and background for context:
F/Top Public/3.6/760/3 yr WE at top IB

- Spend a few minutes introducing yourself
- How do you like banking vs. investing
- Long-term/short-term goals
- Why MBA/why now/why Wharton
- One leadership experience
- What would you do if you and a peer are competing for the same thing
- What do you bring to Wharton ("don't say your professional experience")
- Why would your cohort want you here?
- What extracurricular do you want to participate in? ("Don't say xxx that's related to your experience". I think he was really drilling for my interest in the school here)
- How do you define success. Another follow-up question based on my answer
- What do you do for fun
- Questions for him

That seems like a lot of questions, but it went by really quickly. W posts your interviewer's name on the website prior to the interview (should be under your interview information, just check it a day or two before your actual interview), so I was able to look him up and gain a sense of his background prior to walking into the interview. I also really enjoyed chatting with other candidates and first-year volunteers in the waiting room. Some people like to avoid the waiting room. I actually found it helpful to have lots of those 3-min convos about background/undergrad/why mba/etc, as it helped me to get used to "talking" about it vs. "rehearsing" it. Hope this helps!
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 18 Feb 2010, 07:45
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I will...and then I will check it again, and then I'll check it again. Guess what I'll do next...yep, you got it, check it again

I'll likely refresh my email 100 times before 5pm today...this is painful. But at least with Wharton you get an email either way, even if it is a bullet to the head. Which is better than what HBS does....put you in a one-window room and starve you to death, all the while hanging a piece of meat right outside the window and telling you theres a 5% chance you could get it
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 19 Feb 2010, 08:52
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Jivana wrote:
sara0009 wrote:
I read soemewhere that it is around 40%...and in another forum that it is around 35%. May i know what is the source of the 50%.


All these numbers you see, here, there or somewhere else..are approximations, not written in stone. The 50% is my approximation!

FYI, rumors have it that Wharton is interviewing fewer people and accepting a higher percentage of the interviewees. Previously, Wharton interviewed about ~50% of the applicant pool and accepted ~30% of the interviewed applicants. Perhaps due to the leadership change, Wharton is supposedly interviewing ~30% and accepting ~50% post interview.

I don't have an ADCOM quote etc, but I found this post on BW to be quite interesting.

From a poster named drbad, and this was his/her only post on Feb 17th. It sounds a like an ADCOM person who got frustrated with many applicants' infatuation with stats. Take what you will out of it.

<<I'm continually surprised that this message board continues to place an emphasis on numbers and generally ignores the most important criteria that top schools look for in their candidates, namely: ability to secure a good job post graduation, leadership potential, and potential impact on the academic and social community.

Distilling down your chances for admission or an interview to a few raw numbers is absurd. As many have pointed out, adcoms look at applications holistically. While GPA and GMAT might be indicators of classroom ability there have been numerous studies showing they don't correlate to future success, which is at the heart of what admissions committees are looking for. Put yourself in an admissions chair and ask yourself these questions: does this candidates career goals align with his abilities and his background; how will this person really get involved at Wharton based on their background and interests; and does this person have the personality, charisma and maturity to lead global organizations or make a global impact (directly off of essay 1). If you answered these these questions in your essays you should be more than fine, more so than the candidate who looks good on paper but is looking at Wharton as another, albeit incredibly powerful, credential for their resume and is uninterested in contributing to their classmates' experience. Stop stressing about the numbers, the 80% range is certainly large enough to include everybody on this thread.

I have different information for some of the questions here. 30% of candidates receive interviews. Prior to interviewing, the full application has been read by the admissions committee and all interviewees are considered strong candidates for admissions. After the interview, the admissions committee removes all the interviewees that did poorly and makes decisions on the class.>>
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 25 Mar 2010, 12:10
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Just a heads up

I just had a call this morning with the Director of Admissions of Wharton, and they are in the final stages of making their decision (that's what she said~ they are now putting in decisions online- and will be making calls shortly) so hold your breath- it's coming

that was two hours ago btw..and I'm an R1 admit in case you're curious

Good luck everyone
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 26 Mar 2010, 09:39
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In with $ too...I am shaking I can't breathe.
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 08 Apr 2010, 12:04
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For roll call purposes, recently decided to withdraw my R1 admit to pursue other opportunities. Hope that this translates into good news later on for someone waitlisted here. Good luck to all!
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 12 May 2010, 10:01
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ericschock wrote:
got on WL at Booth. (R3 applicant).

it could mean a ding for wharton... since wharton is more selective... :-(((

Or can I not speculate like that?


I got W/L at Notre Dame and accepted at Wharton
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 09 Jun 2009, 05:56
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Roll Call Page Updated

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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 11 Jun 2009, 16:38
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xerox wrote:
highhopes wrote:
There is a million ways of answering the question.

Exactly. Everyone should find his/her own way. NEVER talk what they want to hear, NEVER show them what they want to see. You have to be yourself, to show who you are, to let them know you.

The only one essay that has to have some kind of "form" is Goal essay. Again, you have to find your own way and to write whatever you find appropriate, but this essay has to contain some elements:
1. Past and current experience
2. Short term and long term goals
3. Clear connection between your experience and your goals
4. The missing link - how school can help you achieve this.
5. What can you contribute to the school.

All other essays are written in the open form. Set the stage, discribe the event and don't forget to mention what have you lerned. And... don't forget the word limit.

My GMAT experience
My retake experience - GMAT dropped from 720 to 690 - advice for retakers
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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 22 Jul 2009, 10:23
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I visited Wharton on a Thursday for a reason: MBA Pub. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but almost every student host throughout the day had asked all of us if we were going; clearly this was an important part of their week. We (the prospects) received free passes (I think there is a yearly or semester fee to join) and were escorted to the “pub”, which turned out to be sort of a converted campus building. There was a sea of assorted beers, and free pizza that arrived in waves every now and then (swarmed upon my pub-goers and gone in less than 30 seconds).

At Pub, there were quite a few students there, all chatting it up and unwinding from another week of classes. We of course stood out in our business casual attire, and many students saw us and came over to offer a greeting, say a good word about the school, or even stay a while and answer our questions (not that we had many at this point, but still, it was nice). I got the feeling that everyone I talked to loved the school, though maybe they were somewhat influenced by the cold beer in their hands.

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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates [#permalink] New post 24 Oct 2009, 10:30
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kkr wrote:
Does wharton send out invites in a bunch for the same pool?I am an indian applicant and wondering if similar applicants have started receiving invites.

i'm invite yet!

don't think any go out on weekends but i'm not entirely sure.

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Re: Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates   [#permalink] 24 Oct 2009, 10:30

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Calling all Wharton Fall 2010 Candidates

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