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EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW

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EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW [#permalink] New post 27 Aug 2009, 03:24

When I entered this forum I wondered why nobody mentioned these preparation books. After a while, I read that there was some spammer around and admins had to ban him/her. I think that was right, however I bought a few books of this series and I think that they can be useful for some test takers, that's why I think it's worth to have at least an objective (user) review.

The Series
The following books complete the collection:
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Arithmetic
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Algebra
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Word Problems
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Geometry
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Applications
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Logic & Stats
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Basic Workbook
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Advanced Workbook
Ez Solutions Math Practice - Math Strategies

Each book has around 150 pages.

The Outside
I normally wouldn't care of the cover and other superficial aspects of a book, but I want to write a line about these aspects of these particular series. First of all, it's incredible the way in which they use the "brand" "EZ", everything is "EZ": "EZ Rules", "EZ Tactics", "EZ Tips", "EZ References", "EZ Facts", ... God, how awful! It's annoying you from the first page.
The covers are just like those home shopping networks in style, direct and short messages that tell you the great benefits they provide, I'll just give you away the bottom sentence as a example "Get Smarter - Perform Better - Score Higher - Succeed... It's that EZ!!". You know.. I think the potential buyers of these books are clever people, I'm not sure these kind of techniques are the best marketing approach.


The Inside
The content is well organized and thorough. I'd recommend these series to those aspirants who don't have a genuine math background. These books cover all the topics needed in the prosecution of a good gmat score, however the practice questions provided are not gmat-like style, so I'm afraid you will have to combine them with the OG.
The explanations are clear and concise, and they provide solved examples in order to illustrate the techniques. Sometimes, the explanations are even too much thorough, so it is a good option for people that start from the scratch.
Each book is divided in various sections that cover a different topic, for instance: Algebra: Algebraic Expressions, Factoring, Linear Equations, Unsolvable Equations, Multiple Equations, Quadratic Equations,...
At the end of every section there's a set of practice exercises that gathers from 20 to 50 questions of different difficulty level.

I didn't buy the Basic Workbook and neither I'd recommend it to anyone, unless you are really a failure in quant skills. The practice exercises of each book are enough to refresh the basic concepts and to build basic skills. Conversely, I'd earnestly recommend the Advanced Workbook; again, the questions are not gmat-like style, but there are challenging questions for all the topics covered by the gmat.

One advantage of this series that is really helpful in order to improve your skills is that working your error log becomes really straightforward. When you identify your lack of skills in a determined area of knowledge, you just have to pick up the corresponding book and work the exact area in which you need to improve.

In Short
The Best
- Well organized.
- Thorough explanations of all the topics covered by the gmat.
- Plenty of practice exercises to build your basic skills.
- Ideal for those with a non-quant background that begin from the scratch.

The Worst
- You will hate the words "EZ".
- Too thorough for those who have already basic skills.
- A single book is not expensive but the complete series are.
- It requires plenty of time to complete all the lessons and exercises.
- Some explanations regarding the solved exercises could be more detailed.

Well, that's all for now.
If somebody is interested in these series and wants more information just msg me ;)

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Re: EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW [#permalink] New post 27 Aug 2009, 15:46
I bought the advanced Math. I actually didn't finish it, but did a few chapters. It seems like it started getting tougher later on. However for a long time I thought it was very easy with nothing advanced about it. I also didn't like the format which isn't GMAT like. It's not even the lack of answer choices, it's just that it seems that a lot of it was straight up equations and stuff, which you rarely get on the GMAT.
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Re: EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW [#permalink] New post 03 Nov 2009, 16:53
I actually bought a few of the books in the EZ solutions series, I went through the Ez Solutions Math Practice - Algebra and Ez Solutions Math Practice- Logic and Stats. Personally, I did not like them I thought that they were good at teaching me Math but not GMAT Math, and there is a difference. I actually bought 2 of the other books in the series and did not even open them. I ended up buying the whole Manhattan Gmat Series, and find it very helpful although I have only been through the Number Properties book. Another way I realized that the EZ solutions series is not very good is because I have been trying to sell my books for 2 months on Amazon. I would say forget Ez Solutions and go with MGMAT.
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Re: EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW [#permalink] New post 04 Nov 2009, 01:36
Expert's post
trzaskm wrote:
Another way I realized that the EZ solutions series is not very good is because I have been trying to sell my books for 2 months on Amazon. I would say forget Ez Solutions and go with MGMAT.

:lol: Great comment

P.S. Sorry about the money tied up.

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Re: EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW [#permalink] New post 21 Jan 2010, 11:24
Please avoid EZSolutions! I bought the series after I read a review on Amazon. From that review, I was convinced. (I didn't then know that they had employees going around on-line posting reviews.) Anyway, I did all the books and took extremely good notes on a word-processor . What is heartbreaking about my tale is not the ~$200 I spent on the series but the two months of 20 hour weeks studying it. Wanting to save the OG as the last thing I would do, I did not have the experience then with the GMAT to realize that the books don't remotely speak in the real GMAT language. After completing the books, I found that I really struggled answering questions--I just was lost. I somehow, luckily, came across MGMAT by looking on blogs such as this one. MGMAT is not perfect, but it's got me understanding real GMAT questions and thought processes. Also, GMATClub tests are very good. Hopefully, no one starts any study program without taking time on the OG first to determine what they're really facing. I don't mean to totally diss EZSolutions--I think they're useful for the individual who really is not aquanted with the basics of math or someone who wants to know all kinds of facts about math for the sake of knowing them, but I don't think the writer(s) of the series really understood the nuances of the GMAT in an organized way.

Look on-line and get a bunch of reviews--GMATClub is definitely legit in its reviews--and you'll get a good feel for what is really worthwhile. Unfortunately, it's those who are not routinely reading these posts and others who most need my advice.

"You can go far if you only try."

Re: EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW   [#permalink] 21 Jan 2010, 11:24
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EZ Solutions Test Prep Series GMAT REVIEW

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