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GMAT Preparation - Analysis of Error Log Data

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Joined: 02 Oct 2006
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Location: Singapore
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GMAT Preparation - Analysis of Error Log Data [#permalink] New post 17 Oct 2006, 09:59
Hi guys, gals,

I've been working hard to get through the first part of my prep, the OG11 for my coming first attempt at the GMAT come 1 Nov 06.

After reading the posts (thanks to all, great stuff!) I realised that a good detailed analysis of my errors through the error log would help me in determining where my attention should be focused on.

Not having a huge idea what an error log should look like, I worked on a few versions off excel. It would be great if anybody could give some feedback on how i can improve on my error log:

I essentially broke down the questions in each segment (CR,RC, PS,etc.) and made a numbered list of the sample questions from OG11, and whether I got that questions CORRECT or WRONG. Focusing on the wrong questions, I allocated a REASON for the error. And further on, I categorised the questions according to the classifications given in OG11. I also timed myself when attempting groups of questions, and logged it down.

I was then able to calculate, aboslute and percentage scores, as well as identify primary reasons for errors, and categories and sub-categories that caused me the greatest grief. I also calcuated average time spent per question.

I am wondering if this is what many of you meant by an error log? Well, what I've worked out so far has helped me realise some stuff.

Here is the data that I have collected so far:

Quant: Data Sufficiency
Total No. of Qn: 155
Correct: 118 = 76.1%
Wrong: 37 = 23.9%

Errors- Reasons
Wrong Technique = 51.4%
Careless Method = 24.3%
Wrong Data Interpretation=16.2%
Reading Question Wrongly = 8.1%
Clueless = 0%

Categories of Errors
Arithmetic = 54.1%
Geometry = 13.5%

Sub-Categories of Errors
Properties of Numbers = 25.7%
Arithmetic Operations = 20%
Inequalities = 17.1%

I also did a quick analysis of the last 30 questions of each section as I figured that these were typically the harder questions out of the lot. I realised that my average score dropped a little if I were to analyse the average grade of a smaller sample set of 30 questions.
But not to bore you guys with details, my quant and verbal sections all average a low 80+% CORRECT. Zooming in to the last 30, it went down to mid to high 70+%.

Biggest hit was in Quant- DS Section. 76.1% total average dropped to 63.3% for the final 30... eek!

Using these data sets is helping me find my weak points. But do you guys think that my analysis is not robust? One of the problems I realise is that I should also include DIFFICULTIES in certain categories in which the questions I answered correctly. But I find it hard to include it, because the list just gets very long... I even initally included CONFIDENCE LEVELS in my list of attributes (such as ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT, and WILD GUESS!). With that I forsee that I can even analyse my hit rates when I guess wildly, or how often my gut feel of confidence is actually wrong!

But i thought that was just a little too much definition for one person's set of data (and what more only over 1 month of prep).

Getting close, and I'm getting nervous too ... so any feedback, please, I'd be so grateful!!!

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Joined: 02 Oct 2006
Posts: 30
Location: Singapore
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 [#permalink] New post 23 Oct 2006, 07:10
Just finished the Kaplan Paper Test that came with the Comprehensive Program 2007 Edition. Gosh, i'm just wasted.

This is my second Simulated test, with my first being the GmatPrep PP1. Scores as below:

GmatPrep: Q46 V38 Total - 690
Kaplan Paper: Q42 V38 Total - 670.

These were done one day apart from each other. And from what I hear, Kaplan is a little tough on scores, but nonetheless, I don't like my score going down ... :(

Haven't had the time or energy to analyse my mistakes, and isloate reasons and common areas of weekness. I guess i'll only put that up if you guys are interested ...
Joined: 02 Oct 2006
Posts: 30
Location: Singapore
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 [#permalink] New post 26 Oct 2006, 10:10
:) Just like talkin' to the mirror ...

Just finished another GMATPrep test, with AWA and all.
Quick question: after typing in the essay, is there any way to review the essay that I wrote? seems like a waste that i once i click next, it disappears forever and ever ...

Anyways, i think i messed up on the quant section, time management problem. Rushed through the last 4 questions with nothing more than 20sec to make as educated a guess as possible.

Scored Q44 V40 with total 690.

The same as GMATPrep test 1. Rather disappointing that I have not improved. This in spite of covering the entire OG Quant, and started on Kaplan 800. Only change is moving my verbal score up little, at the expense of quant. Not good. Seeing as to how my verbal is in the 90%tile range, I think i need to focus on quant.

I figure if i get my score up to 700, i'd be pretty satisfied. so just gotta push on just a little bit more ...

will see how it goes with my last 5 days ...
Joined: 01 Apr 2006
Posts: 98
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 [#permalink] New post 30 Oct 2006, 10:46
Just an observation, from reading many posts on this, you might simply need a wider range of problems to solve. Check the forums for additional questions, or use the OG supplements.

I believe, that eventually, if you have done enough questions, (I have done about 800+) you KNOW what your weaknesses are. I am finally getting it down, as whcih questions are hard for me and which are easy. If you are guessing, learn the technique. If you get it right with a lot of work, learn to do it faster. In my opinion, most GMAT questions should be relatively easy because they are so familiar and you have solved like-problems 100's of times. That is, until you get to the actual test!

Your test scores are solid. Just practice. You will do great!
Joined: 02 Oct 2006
Posts: 30
Location: Singapore
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 [#permalink] New post 02 Nov 2006, 00:20
Hi josh, thanks for the post.

Yeah i went a little anal on the analysis, but it did help me show some trends even though the sample size was rather small.

But I think if if you are gunning for a high 700+ plus score and have a couple (maybe 3) months of practice time, you really could get in a large sample size enough to laser tune your weak areas.

And yes, variety of questions are important too. I tried scapping for a assortment of questions, and one of the best source for nore challenging questions was right here in GmatClub ! I went to the quant section, and tried helping other people with their problematic questions. I saved time in going through piles of 'easy' questions to get to that one tough question. It was defintely a source of practice for the tail end of the prep phase.

Just did the Gmat actual test yesterday and score a 700. And 2 days before the actual test (and also very apparent to me DURING the actual test), was that time management was my primary area.

By then I had already had a good grasp of the concepts needed to solve the quant questions, I just needed to do it in enough time and with enough confidence.

THanks Josh,
  [#permalink] 02 Nov 2006, 00:20
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GMAT Preparation - Analysis of Error Log Data

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