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Reporting DUI/DWI ?

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Joined: 14 Sep 2011
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Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 14 Sep 2011, 08:49
Hey guys have a question about reporting DUI/DWI - would love your advice/experience with this

If convicted of a DWI in the state of Massachusetts (a misdemeanor) (sentence was: license revoked for 1 year and attending a youth alcohol program because underage), must I report this when asked in application forms?

The question is asked in different ways such as "If you have ever been convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to any felony or misdemeanor (excluding minor traffic violations) please report below" or "Please explain any criminal conviction, criminal charges sustained against you in a juvenile proceeding, and/or court-supervised probation."

But HBS's app says that "Under Massachusetts law, you may exclude from your answer any first convictions for the misdemeanors of drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic violations..." - Would it mean I am able to exclude my DWI from my answer to this question in any state because the DWI occurred in Massachusetts? OR does it mean that I can exclude the DWI ONLY when answering this question in the state of Massachusetts?

I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue. Thank you in advance greatly.
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 14 Sep 2011, 10:02
I would say you have to report it. A DWI isn't drunkenness, it's drunk driving. The first time offense of drunkenness they reference would be offenses such as public intoxication or disorderly conduct.
Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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GMAT ToolKit User
Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 14 Sep 2011, 10:03
Sounds like something that needs to be reported, since it's obviously going to show up on a background check.
Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 14 Sep 2011, 10:32
I don't think a DWI fits the list of offenses that you can exclude. If it were me, I would address the DWI in the optional essay. Nothing to in-depth, just a few sentences (maybe 1 paragraph max) to lay the facts out on the table and explain briefly what you've learned from it and how you've changed.

If they find out about the DWI through a background check, and you didn't mention it in your application, it's going to look really bad!

Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 14 Sep 2011, 10:37
Expert's post
Report but yes - you can make it a strength leveraging the optional essay. (e.g. lessons learned; hard things I have gone through; what made me a better person/leader/citizen, how something silly as this (at that time you thought it was silly but not any more) is haunting me through the rest of my life...) it could make a powerful statement but don't exaggerate. If it did not have any of those effects, don't claim them.

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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 14 Sep 2011, 11:42
I don't believe you have to report it, it is a misdemeanor and first conviction of drunkeness. Here is the state law It is illegal for an employer or school to request this information. Drunk driving would be included in the term drunkeness, as it means any misdemeanor as a result of being above the alcohol level.
Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 14 Sep 2011, 11:54
Listen, we don't need to be perfect applicants... I think many people miss this. Not everyone at 21 years old knows that in 5 years they are going to apply to Columbia (CBS PLUG YA BABY!). With that being said, I would not hide from it as if it pops up on your background check then you'll be explaining why you didn't include it potentially. It's better to address that you lacked the maturity and insight and made a bad decision... then perhaps leverage this to include... I made a real poor choice in decision and through my mistake have come to value alcohol awareness and support SADD or something. Donations/Time volunteering will also be leveraged in EC's by doing this :)

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Joined: 21 Mar 2014
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 23 Jan 2015, 02:22
First check if there are any records for the same. If there aren’t any then no need to mention it. What I know from my experience as my uncle is a Los Angeles DUI attorney, if it comes up when you search things, you must mention it.
Joined: 23 Oct 2014
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 23 Jan 2015, 03:28
Why 'if and but' it?

Phone the AdCom - be honest - ask if it should be reported - accept you were being irresponsible at the time, have learnt from it and happy to confirm it if necessary - suggest you were likely going to discuss it in the essays as it was a 'life changing moment' etc. Made you aware of your responsibility for your actions and the consequences they can have on others - how you have changed your life since that point.

Your honesty up front with them would show some integrity.
Joined: 06 Apr 2015
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 15 Apr 2015, 06:05
Hello! I'm an American, applying to a few business schools in the UK (LBS, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester Business School). I am pretty sure I could be a good fit for OxBridge.

A few years ago, I was stupid enough to get a wet reckless misdemeanor in the States. Of course, I have learned a whole lot. Of course, I don't even think about drinking and driving anymore. But it doesn't change the fact that I have a criminal record now.

That being said, Cambridge specifically asks this: Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence, or debarred from a professional associations, or are you currently involved in proceedings which might lead to such outcomes?

What do I do? A wet reckless misdemeanor in the US - should I disclose it on my application in the UK? Thanks!
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ? [#permalink] New post 15 Apr 2015, 08:33
Expert's post
I would go along the lines of Jacksparrow . Look at the law of the state in which you were convicted in, and if it follows that you are not obliged to report it (i.e. first drunk driving offense, misdemeanor, etc... which changes from state to state), there is no reason I can see why you should make yourself trouble by going out of your way to report it much less write an essay about it.

Yes, they can run a background check, but this information should not be available (and martin70 gives very good advice in you checking if it is), and even if it were, if you are not obliged to report it, it would be illegal for them to hold it against you.


Jon Frank
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Re: Reporting DUI/DWI ?   [#permalink] 15 Apr 2015, 08:33
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Reporting DUI/DWI ?

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