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Ross vs. IESE

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Ross vs. IESE

  • 51% [34]
  • 48% [32]
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Ross vs. IESE [#permalink] New post 15 Mar 2008, 20:00
Hi all,

First of all I would like to congratulate all admits (including myself). I am admitted to both mentioned schools and would like to hear your opinions regarding both of them. My career goal is MC or general management.
I understand that here most people are going to US schools so it may be hard for them to elaborate on EU school. Nevertheless, I would like to hear your opinions.
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Re: Ross vs. IESE [#permalink] New post 15 Mar 2008, 20:02

If MC is your goal, I would venture to say that not many schools are better at it, than Ross. IESE doesn't hold a candle to Ross, unless of course you want to work for regional consulting companies in Spain with whom IESE may enjoy a stronger position.

This, from someone who doesn't know a lot about IESE.

All the best with the decision.
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Re: Ross vs. IESE [#permalink] New post 15 Mar 2008, 21:02
Want to work in Europe or US after school? That's the #1 deciding factor.

Without knowing your preference, I'd choose Ross.

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Joined: 26 Feb 2007
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Re: Ross vs. IESE [#permalink] New post 15 Mar 2008, 22:01

I think that you are right. But I dont want to limit the discussion only to location.
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Re: Ross vs. IESE [#permalink] New post 16 Mar 2008, 17:09
I live in Lisbon, and here IESE has some "influence". The school is the best in Iberia, with a very strong reputation in Spain, and from what I've been talking to people in London, it has consistently increasing placement there, usually when the role requires Spanish (or if you prefer Castellano) and is linked to Iberian Business.

When I started researching for schools IESE was there on the list. Some of the reasons is that I really like the "Spanish way of life", I think that having a 2 language course is great, and for me Barcelona is the best city :-D . I really like Barcelona, and so does my wife.

However, if you want to go to USA, you will probably have a hard time with a degree from University of Navarra, whilst with a University of Michigan's you may have a chance in Europe. Disclaimer - that's an educated guess from someone who's living 3 years in Iberia. Of course that consulting firms hire from both Ross and IESE.

I fell that overall Ross has a stronger reputation, actually all US schools have. My boss and one of my recommender are INSEAD alumni, and both told me to go to USA schools, as they believe that MBA is an American product. I'm not telling here that Europe schools aren't good, actually their reputation are rapidly growing, but still the best professors are in USA, the best network, resources and business driven culture. On the other hand, European schools are ahead on multi-cultural issues such as language requirements, which I believe will be very important.

To make a long story short: I'd go for Ross, considering that you're primarily aim is not going to work in Barcelona or Madrid after graduation...

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Joined: 26 Feb 2007
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Re: Ross vs. IESE [#permalink] New post 16 Mar 2008, 23:28

Thank you for detailed info. Actually I have no links with Spanish speaking countries. IESE is positioning itsel as a flagship school of Latin countries and has helped to establish business schools in most of the Latin American countries.
I think that I have two options after graduation for job placement: London or CIS (Russia and Ukraine). It is very hard to place a job for imternational students in other countries of Europe due to language restrictions.
I was very impressed when I learnt that IESE has recruited Pankaj Ghemawat from Harvard. He is the youngest professor in the history of Harvard Business School and very famous for his "Why the world isnt flat" work.
I am also concerned with deepening of economic depression in USA and its impact on job prospectives for international students, which are already decreased. I am planning to take a significant loan and the job placement issue is a critical importance for me.
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Re: Ross vs. IESE [#permalink] New post 17 Mar 2008, 00:38
hey shared,

I have had the exact same choice (plus I am accepted to Tuck and Berkeley).

I have forfeited my acceptance to IESE (deadline ran out). Want to hear my reasons?

First of all, IESE is a great school. I visited in December, it was 20 degrees Celsius (WARM!), Barcelona is fantastic, IESE places very well in MC and IB (not so well in other areas!) and is improving its brand name considerably. People are warm and welcoming, student body is top notch.

Why I didnt go:

1. My dream was always to go to an American school with a real campus, and experience the campus life. IESE is in an almost suburban area of Barcelona, noone lives nearby, students are spread out all over the city. Lifestyle-wise this would be going back to my undergrad experience of living in a large city with know real student-life experience. Not what I am looking for.

2. IESE is case-based only.

3. I felt that many of the faculty are of Spanish origin with STRONG accents when speaking English.

4. I have significant scholarships from Ross and Tuck. IESE didnt show any love, despite me asking.

5. Brand name. Tuck and Berkeley have the better international brand name in my view. Plus, most American schools offer a wider choice of electives etc.

In my personal ranking, Ross is no. 3 behind Tuck and Haas.

I spoke to representatives of several MCs (two of the big 3 as well) in Germany. One of them, when I asked her which school of the above three she would recommend, said I should choose between Tuck and Haas. Others said they know Ross, but do not recruit from there actively but that they would consider me an equal applicant coming from the school.

IESE isnt really cheap, especially with the weak dollar, so in your case I would seriously consider where you want to go. First industry, then location wise. Then check which school offers the better opportunities. Go there.

Hope this helps.
Re: Ross vs. IESE   [#permalink] 17 Mar 2008, 00:38
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Ross vs. IESE

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