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  1. Among people experience migraine headaches, some experience
  2. According to the table above, the number of fellows was approximately
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  4. If the sum of the 4th term and the 12th term of an arithmetic progress
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  7. If on a fishing trip Jim and Tom each caught some fish, which one
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  9. How many of the boys in a group of 100 children have brown hair? (1) O
  10. If x, n, and y are all positive integers, is x^n divisible
  11. 0.99999+0.11111=?
  12. For democracy to survive, it is imperative
  13. If x + y = 10, is x = 4? (1) y is not 6. (2) y is 4.
  14. If x + y + z = 6, then do any two of the three numbers x, y, and z sum
  15. A rectangular lawn of length 200m by 120m has two roads running along
  16. Tuck (Dartmouth): Class of 2018 - Calling All Applicants!
  17. An alloy of copper and zinc contains copper and zinc in the ratio 5 :
  18. If the three points A, B and C with the coordinates (4, 2), (3, 1) and
  19. Understanding Stanford GSB’s Take On Demonstrated Leadership Potential
  20. Understanding Stanford GSB’s Take On Demonstrated Leadership Potential

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