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SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT RULE #1: And is the only word in

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SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT RULE #1: And is the only word in [#permalink] New post 19 Oct 2012, 09:53
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RULE #1:
“And “is the only word in English that can make a subject plural.
• John and Mary went to the market.
RULE #2:
Many other words besides “and” can add to a subject. These are called Additive Phrases.
• along with Martin.
• as well as his friends.
• together with tie.
• including China and USA.
• in addition to surgery.
Additive phrases do not form compound subjects and are thus singular.
• Wren, along with Martin, is going to New Delhi.
• Joe, as well as his friends, is going to the beach.
• A recent string of burglaries, in addition to poor building maintenance, has inspired the outspoken resident to call a tenants meeting.
RULE #3:
A subject may include phrases like “Either, Or, Either…..or, Neither……nor”. Such phrases link two Nouns. Find the Noun nearest to the verb and make sure that verb agrees with this Noun.
• Neither Ron nor his friends are going to the beach.
• Neither his friends nor Ron is going to the beach.
When words Neither and Either are alone in a sentence they are considered singular.
• Neither of his friends is going to the beach.
RULE #4:
Always eliminate phrases and clauses when deciding about the S-V agreement.
A few common types of middlemen and warm – up phrases used in sentences:-
1) Prepositional Phrases: The discovery of new medicines was vital to the company’s growth.
2) Subordinate Clauses: The man who robbed banks was nabbed by the police.
3) Other Modifiers: Tired of practicing, the students decide to walk out on their dance instructor.
RULE #5:
A Number Vs The Number
The phrase “The number of” takes singular verb and the idiomatic expression “A number of” takes a plural verb.
The number of hardworking students in this class is quite large.
A number of students in the class are shirkers.
Note: A number of is an idiomatic expression equivalent to some or many.
RULE #6:
Majority, Minority and Plurality are either singular or plural depending upon their context i.e. whether they indicate individual parts or totality itself.
Of phrase will indicate whether the verb is singular or plural.
The majority of the students in the class love watching cricket.
In the parliament, the majority is with the ruling congress.

RULE #7:
Indefinite Pronouns are considered singular and require singular verb forms.
Examples: everybody, everyone, everything, somebody, something, nothing etc.
SANAM (some, any, none, all, most) PRONOUNS: - *of phrase* determines the verb.
• Some of the money was stolen from the bank.
• Some of the documents were stolen from the office.
“Not one” is always singular.
• Not one of my friends is here this weekend.
One of the (plural noun) + that/who + (plural verb)
• This is one of the cars that belong to Brad.
• Any of the members who disagree may leave the committee.
One of the (plural noun) + (singular verb)
• One of the chairs is broken.
Each of the students (SINGULAR)
The students each (PLURAL)

RULE #8:
Subject Phrases and Clauses are always singular
• Having good friends is a wonderful thing.
• Whoever rented these movies has to take them back before midnight.

RULE #9:
Always check for subject word order.
Just around the corner are a book store and a shopping mall.
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Re: S_V AGREEMENT : QUESTION KILLER [#permalink] New post 20 Oct 2012, 04:57
Great job, look forward to more from you
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Re: S_V AGREEMENT : QUESTION KILLER [#permalink] New post 20 Oct 2012, 05:22
Thanks mate, I have been struggling with "along with", "either ..or..", etc. This is a great overview of the problems. Keep it up!

You want somethin', go get it. Period!

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Re: SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT RULE #1: And is the only word in [#permalink] New post 13 Sep 2014, 10:42
Hello from the GMAT Club VerbalBot!

Thanks to another GMAT Club member, I have just discovered this valuable topic, yet it had no discussion for over a year. I am now bumping it up - doing my job. I think you may find it valuable (esp those replies with Kudos).

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Re: SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT RULE #1: And is the only word in   [#permalink] 13 Sep 2014, 10:42
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SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT RULE #1: And is the only word in

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