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We, GMAT Club (, collect information that you choose to disclose, such as your GMAT scores and your email address. We also collect information about you and your use of this website every time you visit, which may include site traffic statistics, page views, operating system and browser type, and IP addresses. If you are a user of the GMAT Club Tests system, we also record your performance, answer choices and time taken on every test question.

The collected information is used to:

  1. Improve the services of this website
  2. Analyze the variables statistically (without identifying you)
  3. Send email notifications that you have signed up for and requested to be sent to your email address (notifications of Wiki page edits, forum posts, and private messages)
  4. Send regular email communications and announcements about new developments at GMAT Club

GMAT Club will never share, sell, rent or disclose to third parties your personal information without obtaining your permission first (unless ordered by a Court of Law).

Occasionally we may employ member information for new unanticipated uses. In such cases we will post the policy changes here and notify you, providing an ability to withdraw your private information.


Wiki Privacy Policy

Be advised that all material posted on this Wiki is publicly viewable and can be indexed by robots. If you choose to disclose any private information on a Wiki page, GMAT Club is not responsible for its uses by third parties.

Forum Privacy Policy

In the like manner, the posts made on the forum are publicly viewable and can be indexed, with the exception of several protected forums that have access restrictions. In contrast, the contents of Private Messages are not disclosed to third parties nor accessed by GMAT Club, being sent only to the listed recipients of the Private Message.

If you choose to allow this in your forum profile, other members will be able to contact you by email through a web interface, without disclosing your email address to the senders. Also, if you choose to, you will be notified by email about incoming private messages and replies to your posts (see below).

If you choose any partner offers during the registration process, your registration information including your email address will be shared with the partners you have chosen. They may contact you about your account/offer and you will be subject to their privacy policy.

Tests Privacy Policy

Your scores and performance in GMAT Club Tests are recorded. This information is used to allow you to review you mistakes and compare your performance to other members; it also may be used to calibrate the test questions and perform statistical analysis of the response data. In all the use cases, your private performance information is made anonymous (username replaced by a numeric ID) prior to any analysis.

Email Privacy Policy

Automatically generated emails coming from GMAT Club are signed by:

If you have received unsolicited email that was (or appeared to be) sent from address, or through our mailservers, please forward a copy of that email with your comments to:

If you do not want to receive any e-mails from us, please let us know by sending an email to the technical contact address:

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