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GMAT Study Guide - a prep wikibook

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This is a stub project that builds a free wiki GMAT Study Guide

Rationale for a free online wiki guide to GMAT:

  1. unlike other free math resources, the guide will focus on GMAT
  2. unlike prep books, the guide will be free and immediately available
  3. unlike GMAT Club forums [1], the guide will bring the material together in organized form
  4. unlike GMAT Club tests, the guide will help to learn the concepts and best practices
  5. by being linkable to it will serve as a reference
  6. since it is online, it will have not just text but learning objects (software)
  7. since it is a wiki, everyone can contribute a little or more than a little

Project Maintainers: User:Tino, User:Dzyubam

See GMAT Study Guide Roadmap - what we are working on.

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