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GMAT Study Guide - a prep wikibook

index - edit - roadmap


  1. revise the outline
  2. fill in the missing (red) pages on the right
  3. revise the articles as to style
  4. let the Forum users know about the project
  5. find relevant posts (stickies!) in the Forum and copy-paste it to a wiki page;
  6. organize discussion


Stylistic guidelines:

  1. no self-statements (I / me); we is permissible but discouraged
  2. liven up the discussion by addressing the reader (you)
  3. in 1-2 sentences at the top of every page (before sections), explain what it is about
  4. use the first section(s) for the most useful material
  5. avoid formal definitions unless necessary, and always start from informal treatment
  6. link to helpful sites in the last Links section
  7. do not attribute credit in page titles or headings. This discourages participation. If credit needs to be attributed, use the bottom of the article for that purpose, e.g. 'This article is largely based on Document by User (link), and has benefited from the work of User, User and User'
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