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Company GMAX Online, registered in California
Email info@gmaxonline com
Phone 1-877-245-7416
Reviewed by Praetorian



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The GMAT prep is probably the toughest part of the application process. Full time jobs, family, social life, a long time away from school are some of the factors that make it even harder to work on the GMAT. A prep course? Sure, but most of us find it difficult to find time to attend a structured course. GMAX Online is probably one of the first companies that has developed an e-learning application for their GMAT Prep Course. I, like most guys, was very skeptical when Leanna first wrote about it on GMAT Club. I immediately deleted the topic and wrote a warning to her citing forum policy of no unsolicited advertising. My fascination for the product, however, prompted me to offer to review the product for her. Leanna promptly agreed and one month and 40 hours of review later, here I am publishing the review. We are publishing this review because I believe in the product. But I wouldn't have purchased it without knowing what the content is like. This piece of writing is meant to ease any doubts about this product. I am not going anywhere if you find that my review was misleading. Just write to me and get your money back.

Target Audience

This product will be most beneficial to test takers:

  1. who are working full time and do not have time to attend a classroom course
  2. who are beginning their prep
  3. who need a good start with tougher Math Concepts like Probability, Statistics and Counting Methods.
  4. who need a solid introduction to verbal concepts.
  5. who like to structure their prep at their own pace.
  6. who cannot afford $1000 test prep courses.

What do you need?

  1. The 2 GMAC Review Books: Quantitative and Verbal
  2. Windows (GMAX course works well on Macs with Internet Explorer)
  3. Speaker or headphones.
  4. Windows Media Player©
  5. The Official Guide for GMAT Review
  6. Barron’s Prep Book
  7. GMAX materials (you can download these documents after you buy the course)
  8. A computer with a broadband or a DSL connection for viewing the streaming video. GMAX says it has servers in Israel and California.

The Tutors

Aner, Karen and Abi. I like all of the tutors. They present the material very well and in a lot of detail. Two thumbs up!



GMAT Club Rating: A

  • Relevance: A
  • Quality: A
  • Content: A
  • Explanations: A
  • Tutors: A
  • Examples: A-

The Teachers

Image:Aner.gif Aner, your GMAT math teacher. He'll teach you quick problem solving techniques.
Image:Karen.gif Karen, your GMAT grammar teacher and learn how to ace the sentence correction questions.
Image:Abi.gif Abi, she'll give you clear strategies for solving the reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions. Plus - she'll teach you how to write great essays!

Company Background

GMAX was founded in 1994 in Tel Aviv, to serve those potential MBA students who needed very high GMAT grades. GMAX had and has a unique perspective about the GMAT: that the test is not what is normally thought of as a psychometric test, in which certain tricks and strategies can be used to overcome even the hardest problems. GMAX recognized that the GMAT was a knowledge-based exam, and that students needed broad knowledge for a high grade. From the first course, in 1994, of 14 students, the grades earned were so high that other students started calling for available courses. Soon GMAX had to open preparation courses for the TOEFL, GRE, and SAT as well. We moved from a single classroom, rented by the hour, to three classrooms, and then to seven. Finally, we moved to our own premises, but soon needed more classrooms. The grades keep astounding us, as students continuously get grades of 680 and higher.

We have always worked by teaching each segment from the ground up. Many adults have forgotten a lot of the material they learned in high school and earlier, and need a review before they can progress to the hardest types of questions on the GMAT. GMAX makes sure to provide that review at the start of each lesson, making it clear and understandable for every student, no matter his or her background.

The philosophy of GMAX is to stay with its students even after they finish their course, and they get the grade they need. Similarly, those students who take the GMAX Online course can use it with no time limit, and can take it even three full times at no extra charge. GMAX believes that the student should take the test only once, but take it well, only after he is certain that he knows the material fully. This philosophy and our willingness to be very generous with our students sets GMAX apart from most other test-preparation companies. And our students are very appreciative. Most of our students come to us from the recommendations of their friends!

In order to insure that each student finds his maximum level, we have two additional courses available, and three types of tutoring programs. The courses are live, online 90-minute sessions that meet once a week for 8 weeks: a master math course, and a writers' workshop. The master math course tackles difficult questions about a different topic each week. It is restricted only to good math students (80th percentile or higher). The writers' workshop is very helpful - students have their practice GMAT essays discussed and reviewed in a professional environment, and finally learn exactly how to write an outstanding GMAT essay.

In addition, GMAX specializes in helping students prepare their application essays to market themselves properly to the schools of their choice. Since no two students are alike, neither are the essays. Each essay is developed fully with the input of the individual student in a joint effort that, so far, has always created a successful application package.

In short, GMAX has earned its reputation by being aware of the needs of the student, and by satisfying these needs. We have grown by word of mouth, from student to student. People who need a high grade seem to find us. May it continue.


You can access the course for 90 views with no time limits. This ‘repeat’ feature gives you a lot of flexibility. With the online course, you can stop, pause, rewind the lesson or simply skip a lesson and come back to it later. The software works for Macs (with Internet Explorer) as well and GMAX sells this course in a encrpyted CD and DVD format (plus postage and handling). The CD/DVD feature is most suitable for students who do not have as fast a internet connection. As the CD/DVD's can be copied, if the student wishes to share the "views", he or she can do so. Also, if the student does not complete the 90 views, he or she can sell the views with no licensing problems. The lessons can be viewed from any any computer. Instructors do a good job of explaining the material. GMAX has made a sincere effort to help test takers with their GMAT prep. Study this course, master the OG and a 650 or more score is very possible. Anything more than that, its all about practice, practice and practice. No Prep course can lead you to 700 and more if you don’t develop a strict schedule for practice. It is you who have to learn from these lessons and implement the knowledge effectively. If you didn’t know already, GMAT is more of a test of your nerves and time management than anything else. If you need more practice with tough problems, GMAX offers a live tutoring course dedicated to tougher problems.


  • Relevance: A
  • Quality: A
  • Tutors: A
  • Explanations: A
  • Content: A
  • Examples: A- (I would like to see more tough problems explained)
  • Overall Rating: A

How much will I score if use this product?

I am often surprised by this question. Teaching is meant to help you understand the material and to strengthen your concepts. Unless you make a dedicated effort with a good plan, no prep tool, no prep course will do magic for you. Ask any 700 scorer and you will get this answer from them. We like this product because it really helps strengthen your fundamentals. GMAX has several other products for high scorers.


When you login to the system, you are presented with a detailed “roadmap” of your prep. It’s neatly structured with a good balance of Math and Verbal. There is a link where you can download the homework problems. Click on any lesson, download it to your computer.

Course Structure

As you can see from the table, the entire course is divided into thirteen different sessions.

Session # Lesson Session Subject Length
Session 1 Diagnostic Exam Diagnostic Exam 4 Hours
Mathematics Number Properties I 2 Hours 30 Min
Session 2 Sentence Correction Parts of Speech 1 Hour 30 Min
Verbal Strategies Reading Strategies 2 Hours 15 Min
Mathematics Number Properties II 2 Hours 30 Min
Session 3 Sentence Correction Subject-Verb Agreement 2 Hours
Mathematics Parts of Numbers I 2 Hours 15 Min
Mathematics Parts of Numbers II 3 Hours 45 Min
Session 4 Sentence Correction Pronoun Problems 3 Hours 45 Min
Verbal Strategies Critical Reasoning Questions I 1 Hour 45 Min
Mathematics Algebra I 2 Hours 15 Min
Session 5 Sentence Correction Problems with Modifiers 2 Hours 30 Min
Verbal Strategies Critical Reasoning Questions II 1 Hour 45 Min
Mathematics Algebra II 2 Hours 15 Min
Session 6 Sentence Correction Parallelism 3 Hours
Verbal Strategies Analytical Writing Assessment - Writing the Issue Essay 1 Hour 15 Min
Mathematics Geometry I 2 Hours 15 Min
Session 7 Midterm Exam Take the 2nd Test 4 Hours
Exam Strategies Introduction to the CAT Exam 20 Min
Mathematics Geometry II 2 Hours 30 Min
Session 8 Sentence Correction Tenses 2 Hours 30 Min
Verbal Strategies Critical Reasoning Questions III 1 Hour 15 Min
Mathematics Combinations and Permutations 2 Hours 45 Min
Session 9 Sentence Correction Conditional Sentences 2 Hours 15 Min
Mathematics Probability 2 Hours 30 Min
Mathematics Statistics 2 Hours 45 Min
Session 10 Sentence Correction Comparisons 3 Hours
Verbal Strategies Analytical Writing Assessment - Writing the Argument Essay 1 Hour
Mathematics Charts and Graphs; Sequence and Series; Functions; Concept Questions 3 Hours
Session 11 Sentence Correction Small Details I 2 Hours 15 Min
Mathematics Motion and Mixture Problems 2 Hours 45 Min
Mathematics Review Math Before Final Exam Open
Session 12 Sentence Correction Small Details II 2 Hours 15 Min
Mathematics Work Problems; Overlapping Groups 2 Hours 15 Min
Sentence Correction Review Grammar Before Final Exam Open
Session 13 Final Exam Final Exam - Take the 3rd Test 4 Hours
Timing Practice Timing for the Computer-Adaptive GMAT Open

Cut to the Chase

Don't have time to read the review? View the sample video clips!

Prior to clicking the links to preview the lessons, you'll need to ensure that you have the following:

  • Broadband internet connection of at least 500k ADSL. (Dial-up internet will not work.)
  • Speaker or earphones
  • Windows Media Player 9 (download from here)

Here is a demo:

GMAX Online Demo

Detailed Review

GMAX Online requests that you buy the three tests for $25 dollars available at GMAC’s website. These are disclosed Paper tests offered for sale at GMAC’s website. Here is the link to those tests: [1]

Take the first paper test as a diagnostic test under testing conditions, which means use of scratch paper, pencils, quiet environment.

GMAT Club is presenting a detailed review of the first few sessions. If you would like specific information about a session, you can always email me, team@gmatclub com.

Session 1 / Part 2: Number Properties

This is where the fun part begins. You can see your tutor, Aner, stand in front of the white-board and teach. You can maximize the screen so that the text on the board is clearly visible. It’s pretty cool!


  • Basic introduction about numbers, such as integers, whole numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers etc.
  • Next, it proceeds to discuss signs (addition, subtraction, division). The tutor explains what these terms are called on the GMAT. For example, multiplication is called product. Etc. Then two problems from the OG and the Math Handout are discussed. Next, Aner moves on to a detailed explanation of prime numbers followed by an explanation.
  • Detailed explanation of factors, prime factors, how to calculate prime factors and divisibility rules, with examples.

At the end of every problem or concept, the camera zooms in close to the white board and lets you take a really close look so that you can easily take notes. This is a feature in every lesson.

Content Rating: 5/5

Session 3 / Part 1: Parts of Speech

Karen is your instructor for Sentence Correction.


  • Words that acts as Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Nouns

The topics are explained in a lot of detail and even a non-native speaker will feel at ease with the style of instruction. This lesson will help you to understand the basics of the English grammar. I learnt a few things myself!

Content Rating: 5/5

Session 2 / Part 2: Reading Strategies

Abi is your instructor for Reading Comprehension and Essay writing. She has a British accent and speaks well. She starts off by giving a brief introduction about the Reading Comprehension on the GMAT. She recommends reading OP-ED articles from websites like Scientific American, New York Times etc. I also recommend from Economist and the Wall Street Journal.

A comprehensive lesson of the types of questions that are asked in Reading Comprehension and how to solve them. Abi breaks the analysis down into logical steps and develops a nice strategy to solve RC problems.


  • Main Idea question
  • Specific Questions (According to the passage… etc)
  • Purpose Questions ( “The author mentions X in order to” type questions)
  • Inference Questions
  • Attitude Questions
  • Guess and Go Questions ( Least /NOT/Except )
  • Roman Numeral Questions

At one point, Abi asks you to solve an RC problem from the Official Guide. You are given 10 minutes. Pause the lesson and solve the example using the steps that Abi explained. After 10 mins, go ahead and start the lesson. Then, Abi goes on to explain that problem using the method she explains above. This process continues and you are given another RC passage from the Official Guide and given 10 minutes to solve.

At the end of the lesson, you are asked to solve homework problems. Pretty Impressive!

Content Rating: 5/5

Session 2 / Part 3: Number Properties

Aner takes over and starts off with Number Properties


  • Consecutive Integers, Consecutive Evens, Consecutive Odds. How to calculate average ( or arithmetic mean) of consecutive integers
  • Remainder
  • Square Roots
  • Absolute Values (This is a problem area for many guys and Aner explains it in detail. Three problems from the official guide are explained in depth.)
  • Squares of Integers

Again, Aner uses examples from the Official Guide and the Math Binder to explain most of the topics listed above.

Content Rating: 5/5

Session 3 / Part 1: Sentence Correction, Subject Verb Agreement

This topic is probably the most important and most frequently tested on the GMAT. Master this topic and save yourself a lot of time.


  • Singular Subjects (very nice explanations – Karen explains this for about 30 minutes followed by examples from Barron’s). You will learn how to decide whether a subject is singular. Very informative!
  • Plural Subjects - Once you understand singular subjects, it becomes a bit easier to understand this topic. Again, a very useful lesson. Karen again takes about 30 minutes to explain this topic. Examples are taken from the official guide to make the explanation even more useful.

This topic is followed by detailed explanations of examples from the Official Guide.

Content Rating: 5/5

Session 3 / Part 2. Parts of Numbers

Instructor: Aner.


  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Reciprocals
  • Comparing Fractions ( for example, is 12/17 > 5/13)

This is a basic lesson in Parts of numbers. If you have been out of school for very long, it might be useful. Sometimes, our most stupid mistakes are in topics like this. We take these for granted and these topics have a way of reminding you that we are important. :-) Many times, on the GMAT, you are required to convert one form into another. For example, fraction into percentages. Pretty simple concept, but might be useful just to refresh.

Content Rating: 5/5

We have provided you with a good overview of how the course is structured, what the interface looks like and how the tutors teach. For keeping the review concise and yet useful, I will skip directly to the final section in our review. Here we review lessons on Permutations and Combinations, Probability and Statistics. I find that many guys have problems in these areas. If you need a review of a specific session, just email me the Topic and I will write the review on the forum.

Session 8 / Part 3: Combinations and Permutations

Instructor: Aner.

If you are doing well on the quant section of the GMAT, it is likely that you will come across combination and permutation problems. This is probably one of the most important topics on that GMAT, if you are looking for a 46+ score on the Quant. Learn this, Master this, you will need it. When I started studying this topic, the most difficult concept was to understand the difference between permutations and combinations. While the definition makes the difference obvious, it is sometimes hard to decide which one to use when you are presented with a problem. While I understood it finally, I took a lot of time to do so. Hopefully, this lesson will accomplish this in under 3 hrs.


  • Dice problem (the most basic example)
  • Fundamental Counting Principle
  • Factorials

Aner uses many examples from the Official Guide to explain the concepts. We are very satisfied with the lesson content, with the examples used and with the style of teaching.

Content Rating: 5/5

Session 9 / Part 2: Probability

Instructor: Aner.

Probability is a very important topic and a problem area for many guys. If you are doing well on the Quant section, expect to see some problems on probability. If you study combinations and permutations first, this lesson will be easier.


  • Definition of Probability and explanation
  • Some simple examples to explain probability in detail
  • Many examples (I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail in every example). The explanations really help to understand the concept.

My only comment here is that you don’t need to know formulae to solve problems. Formulas are good, but they can be a handicap when the problems are twisted just a little bit. My approach is to always start with the basics whenever I come across a probability or a combinations/permutations problem. Believe me, ETS has a reputation for posing very interesting problems. The problems won’t be hard, but you have to be good at concepts to solve them in 2 minutes or less.

Content Rating: 4.5/5

Session 9 / Part 3. Statistics

Instructor: Aner.


  • Terminology explained. Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation etc.
  • Good examples to explain the statistic concepts tested on the GMAT

The content also covers Normal Distribution. While there is no harm in knowing a bit more about stats, I have not seen problems on Normal Distribution on the GMAT.

Content Rating: 4.5/5


I would have really liked to have this convenience of e-tutoring for my GMAT. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product. We love innovations. GMAX has certainly taken a leap in the area of GMAT Prep and this is our way of supporting them. We only endorse good products and reviewing GMAX’s product was certainly worth my time. I didn’t miss the live interaction with the teacher and was comfortable with the streaming video and audio. We hope you have much more information about this product now. We highly recommend this product to anyone who needs help with GMAT. How much you score depends on how you prepare.

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