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Kelley School of Business

Overview (by Hjort)

Indiana offers the third Near Elite program in the state of Indiana along with Purdue and Notre Dame. Bloomington, Indiana is about one hour south of Indianapolis and four hours from Chicago.

Indiana Kelley is well regarded in many fields including general management and marketing.

Academic Calendar: Semester (Punctuated)

The first semester consists of prescribed coursework punctuated by special programs such as the academy week. Electives begin in the second semester of the first year. Students select a major in the second semester of the first year and focus on this major. Students can also select a second major or a minor.

The major have required courses are well as selective courses (e.g. choose 4 of the following 8 classes). Many of the majors also have "tracks" within the major. For instance, the Management major includes tracks in strategic management, consulting, and international business.

The center of the distribution of the incoming class tends to be in the 3.30 and 650 range.

There is also an Accelerated Admissions Program for college seniors which offers admission on a deferred basis (students in this program are expected to work full time before entering the MBA program).

  • Rankings
    • FT2003 ranked Indiana University #45 worldwide, just above Purdue and Washington University.
    • EIU2004 ranked Indiana #54 worldwide, just below Purdue and just above Vanderbilt.

CEO + CFO of Whirlpool are Kelley. CFO of FedEx. CEO of Nestle NA.


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