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Carlson School of Management

Overview (by Hjort)

Minnesota (Carlson) is yet another NEF school in the midwest worthy of a closer look. It is located in Minneapolis and named after the benefactor who gave some $25 million to the school in 1986.

  • Rankings
    • US News 2008 ranked Carlson #25 in the US - tied with Georgetown, Georgia Tech, and Maryland
    • FT 2007 ranked Carlson #45 worldwide - above Rice and Purdue, just below Carnegie Mellon
    • FT 2005 ranked Carlson #52 worldwide - above Penn State, Texas-Austin, and Ohio State.
    • FT 2003 placed Minnesota #81 worldwide, just below Georgia.
    • EIU 2003 ranked Minnesota #39 worldwide and #26 in the US, above Rochester, Purdue and Indiana and (in

the US) just below USC (Marshall) and UNC.

Class of 2009 Profile

  • Class size - 93
  • Average GMAT - 661
  • GMAT range -middle 80%- 610-720
  • Average GPA - 3.38
  • Average age - 28
  • Average years of work experience - 4.5

Enrollee Impression (by Rummey)

I have been admitted to Carlson for the Fall 2005 semester.

I did my undergrad at the University of Minnesota, which contains the Carlson School of Management. I have been in the Carlson building a few times.

Unique classroom designs and very nice lecture halls... all to be expected I suppose. The campus is 100% wireless internet compatible.

The admissions process was very nice. I started by having an admissions interview with the Director of Admissions. This interview was about an hour long. Around Late october Carlson also had an Open House for the MBA program which was very nice. This attracted a large group of potential MBA applicants. The program lasted all day long and presented all the information you could possibly need. They provided a light breakfast and lunch with a speaker.

The application itself was as to be expected. The essay questions were chosen well and the application fee was reasonable.

If you live in Minnesota then you would be a fool not to chose Carlson, IMO and I would even encourage people from other states to check out Carlson. It has been climbing in the ranks and is currently at 21st by US News. I have not started classes yet, but their curriculum seems great. They have many things that I'm not sure I would see at other schools.


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