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Simon Graduate School of Business

Overview (by Hjort)

The University of Rochester is located in Rochester, New York. Rochester offers one of the finest academic programs in finance and accounting the United States. It is easily the equal of most of the elite schools in these fields and has trained many of the professors at the elite/ultra elite schools. It has an impressive list of recruiters including some of the best recognized firms such as GS, ML, LB, and JPM.

Rochester, New York is the 50th largest economic area in the US. Nearby Buffalo is the 53rd largest economic area.

However, Rochester seems to suffer from some employment issues. The percentage employed at graduation has generally been unimpressive even when the economy is booming. Nonetheless, impressive jobs appear to be available to high performers.

Rochester has long seemed to be on the verge of breaking out into the higher clusters but for a variety of reasons has yet to do so. For those students looking for an outstanding academic school at a relatively cheap "admissions price" Rochester remains an excellent opportunity.

Note that Rochester admits students for both September and January.

Academic Year: Quarter

The first quarter is prescribed. Electives begin in the second quarter.

There are 14 concentrations available including Corporate Accounting and Finance.

"Finance (FIN) (5 courses) The Simon School is best known for its research and scholarship in the area of finance. This concentration provides students with state-of-the-art techniques for financial analysis. Students learn to formulate and solve important corporate-finance problems and to obtain information from the many databases on financial markets."

This school is particularly well known for finance, accounting, and economics.

  • Employment
    • BW 2004 lists Rochester as having 71% employment at graduation - higher than many Near Elite/Trans Elites including Texas, UNC, USC, Vanderbilt, Maryland, Notre Dame, and Washington Olin. This is also better than UVA, tied with Cornell, and just below Yale.
    • BW 2002 lists Rochester as having 59% employment at grad - this was a less impressive showing than two year later but still better than Vanderbilt, Georgetown, and Washington Olin and just behind USC and Emory.
    • FT 2005 lists employment at 3 months of 89%. This employment value exceeds that of many of the Near Elite/Trans Elite/Elite schools including Cornell, USC, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Texas, Notre Dame, and Michigan.


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