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ARINGO has helped hundreds of people with GMAT scores below 720 get accepted to the top MBA programs by bringing out the real person behind the application. Founded by a former Wharton Admissions Committee Member, we know what the top business schools are looking for, and we will help make sure that your strengths will emerge in your application.

Admitted to INSEAD
February 26 | 2014
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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: ARINGO School Packages
Consultant: Lainie Cogan

Before I contacted Aringo I was already sure about my first choice school (INSEAD), so I looked into the number of successful applications they had for INSEAD and contacted them. They replied immediately, which was an important factor that made me choose Aringo. Especially because I was only two months from the round 2 deadline and I had just started the online application. My TOEFL was pending and I wanted to retake the GMAT. In addition, I was unsure about what documents I would need from my university and how I would get them since I was living far from my home country.

I was stressed and in a hurry and Lainie and the Aringo team managed to work on time with quality during the entire process.

Finnaly, I have been accepted into INSEAD and I am sure that without Lainie’s criticism and perfectionism it would’ve been really hard to achieve my dream, if not impossible.

Thank you Aringo!

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Booth Weekend MBA
February 02 | 2016
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This review is for: ARINGO School Packages
Consultant: Tim Potter

Before I scored my un-anticipated 710 on the GMAT, I never thought a school like Chicago Booth (even the weekend program) was within reach for a student like me. I came out of the undergrad Industrial Engineering Bachelor of Science program with a 2.9 GPA - due to some adversarial personal issues I experienced early on in my academia. So let's sum this up - I was a guy with BIG professional aspirations, a poor undergraduate GPA - albeit a great story about how I overcame my adversity and grew into a better person in my later college years, a 710 GMAT (91st % - largely thanks to the verbal section) and about 6 years of relatively solid work experience with some extracurricular volunteer work and interests. I had no clue how to go about framing and writing my essays for school, all I knew was that if I could do it in the best way possible, I MIGHT stand a chance at making something great out of my career and completely moving past the challenges I had academically in undergraduate. I MIGHT stand a chance at getting into a top 5 school like Chicago Booth. Aringo was the answer to closing and effectively addressing this gap. I worked with a consultant as part of a comprehensive school package, who not only knew the right things to do, - but also had a lot of confidence in me as an applicant for Chicago Booth. I will readily admit that I did not realize all of the room for improvement I had in terms of writing essays. My consultant had all of the right suggestions in terms of wording and how to incorporate very beneficial strategies that tied my essays together with the rest of my application nicely. I have 0 regrets about my decision to enlist Aringo's consultancy and am so glad I did. I have recently learned that I have been accepted into Chicago Booth's Weekend MBA program and couldn't be more excited to start! Couldn't have done it without them - I would recommend this service to anyone else for getting into the school(s) of their choice.

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My Aringo Experience
January 26 | 2016
     By Anonymous 57 11
This review is for: ARINGO School Packages
Consultant: Yigal Walt

I believe the experience with a consulting company can be a very individual. However, even more important than the company itself, is your personal consultant.

Your consultant will have much more impact about the process than the company. Hence, we should really review consultants and not admission companies.

I worked with probably one of the best consultants Aringo had to offer at the time.

Yoga was super responsive, fast, accurate, and most important, was always there for me.

He replied to my emails within hours, made very useful edits to my essays and had tremendous tips that helped throughout this entire process.

I'd recommend him any day.

As for Aringo, I know that ownership and management changed not so long ago, so don't believe that I should post a review about the company as I'm not familiar with the new execs.

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1 Commented by Aringo on May 28, 2016
Hi Tal,
Thanks for posting a review! We are so glad you worked with us, and got into NYU!
Just a note however that ownership and management have not changed - we have added a few people, but we're all still here :)
Thanks again for the review!
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     By Anonymous 7 6
This review is for: ARINGO School Packages
Consultant: Chaya

"After scouring the different sites and reviews, I finally decided to give Aringo a try for a free initial service to understand the admission-consulting process and how it can help me. I chose to try Aringo because they seem to have a good track record in the most competitive pool to which I belong to, "The Indian Male" and have highly qualified consultants in the team.
I got a call from Chaya, Aringo' CEO. The half hour call was truly enlightening.
We started with a small introduction of Aringo's services. Then she explained me about how the process of application is all about marketing yourself as a product that the B-school is willing to buy. She patiently heard about my intentions for the call, answering my queries and giving insightful suggestions. She took examples from my profile and explained how I can project a weakness as a strength in my application all the while acknowledging it as a drawback to the Adcom. She made practical points about how to be realistic in my application process. The half hour call had a cheerful air in it and made quite a positive impact on me, leaving me wanting more. She was willing to be flexible in Aringo's approach for me. I would certainly recommend Aringo's services going forward. I will update the complete services once I start working with them soon.
P.S: For Indian applicants, She does understand our capabilities well and that these rates are little high for us. Aringo was willing to offer discounts when necessary and tailor suit a plan for me as required."

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: ARINGO School Packages
Consultant: Ann Chao

I got into two out of four schools I applied. From start to finish, Aringo consulting service was really helpful through my application process. Without Aringo I don't think I can get to this far. My consultant especially, helped me discover my own strengths and personalities in the application, and offer useful opinions and views on the application essays. In addition, Aringo cares and interests in its client.
I highly recommend the Aringo consulting service and Ann to anyone who is looking for help on their application essays. The combination of hourly package and complete school package is a great deal to purchase.

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Booth here I come!
December 12 | 2012
     By triumph 9 0
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

This review is for: ARINGO School Packages
Consultant: Joy Pincus

The admission process for top MBA program is not like anything I knew before. Not only it is prolonged and exhausting, it's simply conducted in a different language. I wasn't used to presenting and marketing myself, and in this game, where you compete with many other people, who are as successful and impressive as you, Aringo's contribution is substantial.

Starting from building the strategy – how to market the story and ambitions of each candidate the best way possible, selecting the right schools for him and walking him through the application process until the interview. During this process, Aringo's added value will make the difference between success and failure. Their professionalism, dedication and the ability to see the bigger picture is what I'm grateful for. Without them I wouldn't have ended this process with 2 offers from top schools – Berkeley and Chicago!

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