Progressive Technique not Old School
February 08 | 2013

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At first I was skeptical about GMAT Pill. I searched around to see what was out there in the market. I decided since I prefer to do things the old fashion way I would go with Princeton Review. Thinking that it was the right fit for me, but I was wrong. I took their classes, bought all the books and studied around the clock. Even though testing was so painful and very boring and my mind had wandered from time to time. I thought Princeton would help me combat this. They sure didn't. Not until I had to switch my technique of learning.

After getting very low scores several times I was desperate. So I turned to GMat Pill. I am a pretty stubborn person when it comes to changing my ways but I had to change if I ever wanted to get a better score. Usually taking tests is like pulling teeth or taking bad medicine. But ever since I switched to GMAT Pill it increased my appetite to want to learn,challenge, and question myself instead of just following along. Their platform has a very down to earth tone and so simple and easy to follow along. It's like a light just turned on and everything clicked. I never understood the English language ex. verbs, past tense, grammar and sentence structure. Zeke Lee has explained it in a way that I totally understand now. He has open the path and I can feel that I have the potential of succeeding in a an effective and productive way.

I regretted taking the old fashion route. It's time to be progressive and not waste my precious time. The value of the package is a great value as well which was the cherry on top for me.
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