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Awesome Basic Bootcamp
July 01 | 2013

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I had a chance to attend Admissionado's Basic Boot camp - about a 5 hour (2,2,1) session spread over a week. They had covered every aspect of the admission process from GMAT scores how to compensate the low score to LORS. I really loved the way they kept things simple - from resume edits to essay edits. Dominic had taken us to every single aspect even the white spaces, ratios of past , present and future :). It was really interesting group to attend with as well. People from various backgrounds had participated which only enriched the boot camp experience. Dominic was patient to go through essays very slowly so that we would get certain points into our system. Anybody who is looking to begin their admission journey or in the middle looking a bit clueless, this is probably the best place you can be!
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