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This review is for: Marvel Admissions Comprehensive Package | Consultant: Christine Lin

By the end of 2013 I started doing extensive research with various admissions consultants. After speaking with other admissions consulting firms, they didn't sound enthusiastic about the schools I wanted to apply to given my GMAT score. My score was more than 100 points lower than the average for the schools I wanted to apply to. I was fortunate to find Marvel Admissions and spoke to Christine. She asked me many questions to understand my capabilities, experience, interests, and challenges I had to overcome. And based on our conversations, I immediately decided to work with her. There was no comparison to the level of professionalism and expertise that Christine demonstrated in relation to the other consultants I talked to before. She was able to quickly assess and recognize my talents and knew how to overcome the weakness in my profile.

For me it was very important to clearly articulate my leadership capabilities, professional accomplishments, strong work ethics, and intellectual capabilities. Through working with Christine, I gained new insights on my strengths, leadership style, and career goals that will benefit me throughout my career beyond the admissions process. The admissions results so far are that I have been admitted to 3 out 4 schools and with scholarships in all! I was shocked when one of my top schools admitted me and with a scholarship after applying in round 3. I’m still waiting for the 4th school’s decision; but I feel good that I have presented myself authentically and confidently, thanks to the guidance that Christine provided.

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